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Empathy by Ker Dukey ~ New Review


Title: Empathy

Author: Ker Dukey

Genre: Dark New Adult

Release Date: August 27 2014


4.5 stars

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I am a brother
I am a police detective
I am a contract killer
I don’t want to love
I don’t want to feel
I don’t want … EMPATHY.
They say some people are born with decreased activity in the front central lobe causing them a deficiency in empathy. Maybe that’s true about me but whether I was born this way or created in a moment of evil, empathy was something I didn’t possess until her green eyes met mine in the mirror and I couldn’t take her life.
I didn’t want to feel, didn’t want this woman in my life complicating how I lived but she was there at every turn. Sent to haunt me for my sins. Her light so bright she provoked a shadow from everyone she touched. When a job turns bad quickly altering my life forever I’m forced to feel. When nothing is making sense I’m forced to face truths I never would recover from. When life drowns you in its cruelty you don’t know which way the current will drag you or who you’ll become once you re-surface.
I was a daughter
I was a student
I was a victim
Did I have his love?
Did I make him feel?
Did I have his empathy?
When the actions of a soulless killer forces sorrow into my veins I never dreamed the man healing my wounds would be the one to leave the worst scar. His love would scar my soul. Scars are permanent; I will never feel the relief from them. Will I learn to live with them, remember why I have them and learn never to let him close enough to inflict more? Will I eventually cover them… like tattoos coating them with new memories, new love and new starts? I didn’t know these answers because the pain was too suffocating, the only thing I knew was they will always be under the surface lingering. He had scars too, from his sins. There is nothing that can cover them, they were too deep, too ugly, too dark and they marked us both forever.

Lorie’s Review


“No-one is ever the same when evil visits, but how you let it sculpt and define you is the key to surviving it.”

WTF???? Seriously what the effing eff Ker Dukey?

Can I please get a round of applause for Ker Dukey? That was fabulously fcked up! She didn’t just merely blindside me, she ran over me, and backed up… repeatedly! Empathy is even more screwed up than I initially thought. I am SPEECHLESS!

I have no clue how Ker Dukey even managed to write the blurb for this book because it’s difficult to even write a review that won’t give a little something away.

Melody is a few weeks into her new college career and struggling to find her place. She’s not really clicking with anyone, until the sexy brooding Ryan catches her eye in class. His vibe screams fck off, not interested, mind your own business but a class project has them partnering up. Later, Melody ends up running into Blake (literally), unknowing that he is Ryan’s older police detective brother. Melody builds a very different relationship with each of the brothers. One will become her best friend. One she will fall in love with. One will kill both of her parents. And, both will shatter her heart.

“When your story is written on a piece of paper and that paper gets crumpled up and thrown into a shredder, you can piece the tatters back together although the damage remains.”

I love when a book takes off from page one. No playing around, no unnecessary background or build up. It just grabs you and goes. And believe me, it only gets faster and more mind-bending as the page numbers increase. Wow… just WOW! This book isn’t just twisty, it’s downright twisted-ED. I haven’t read anything this fabulously messed up in an extremely long time.

“When the sun sets, you can’t hold on to the dying light as the darkening shadow approaches. You either hide from it or become it.”

Once the punches come, they come at fast and furious pace. I had yet to recover from one punch to the face, and there’s another flying right at me. Everyone around Melody is C-R-A-Z-Y and the poor girl has no clue! I wanted to yell into my Kindle RUN, FAST, FAR, JUST RUN… DON’T LOOK BACK. Seriously, this poor girl... is there possibly anyone else that would like to squash her?

Empathy is a highly original darker read. I can’t tell you if it was a quick read or not. I only know that I was glued to the pages and read at a feverishly fast pace. Not only am I blown away by the story, but the writing is unbelievable, as well.

I dare you to try and figure this one out while reading. It’s like the ultimate Rubick’s Cube!

Oh, and that Epilogue???? Yah, it sent chills down my spine……


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  1. Totally agree. That epilogue has haunted me ever since!