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Unraveling Chase (Chase #4) by J.J. Scotts ~ Release Day Review, Excerpt & Giveaway


Title ~ Unraveling Chase (Chase #4)

Author ~ J.J. Scotts

Release Date ~ 25th August 2014

Genre ~ M/M Contemporary Romance



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The Chase Series (Book Four)
*Warning: Mature content*
Liam Collins was finally getting comfortable with his job as the face of hermit-author Chase Preston. But when his curiosity gets the better of him, Liam is thrown into a dangerous situation. Through the ordeal, Liam realizes that deep down...he’s in love with Chase.
After Liam somehow manages to escape fatal danger, instead of having time to recover emotionally, he’s forced to come face to face with the fact that his father has passed away.
Will Liam’s journey home give him the courage to face Chase and prevent the same heavy regrets he holds for his father? Or will Liam’s internal turmoil change everything?
This is book four of a gay erotic romance novella series. Book one (Being Chase), book two (Following Chase), and book three (With Chase) have already been released.

Macky’s Review

Unravelling Chase's been a little bit longer wait this time but at last the guys are back again, in the fourth episode of the 'Becoming Chase' serial style series and if, like me, you've been following the progress of these two men and their will they/won't they relationship, you'll have been on pins, waiting to see what the follow up would be after the last instalments slightly more emotional ending, as it finished on less of a cliffhanger than usual but still left us in a little bit of shock, albeit a more poignant one!

And that's where it picks up, as we travel home with Liam because of the news he received just as book #3 finished. It's decided he's to be accompanied by Eli, as backup, just in case anyone recognises him as Chase, under the guise that he's doing research for his books and (shock horror!) even snobby pants Landon shows a little bit of softness for once, as a saddened Liam leaves...but the one person he's really hoping to hear from has gone off the radar which causes Liam to reflect not just on key moments from his own past, and how they've affected his life, but how he's going to address his future. And that means making a decision to pluck up courage and confront the perplexing man who, he has to admit to himself, he's fallen in love with...Chase Preston. The scarred but still gorgeous man who is harder to read at times than a page with no words on it!

"I wanted to believe that Chase would have done something. Maybe called to make sure I was okay. But he hadn't. It would have been out of character for him anyway, and it was naive of me to hope for something like that...."

This time around it's like an emotional sandwich, with it's middle very nicely filled with a sizzlingly, spicy hot love scene, but I would say definitely more of a taste of reflection from the two of them in this particular segment of the serial. Sort of a story of two halves. The first set around Liam's poignant news and coming to terms with his past and the second, a look back at Chase's family discord and conflict as a young man, through his own eyes. We learn a lot more about each of their histories with their respective families, especially the fathers because in both Chase and Liam's case's, it's the rocky relationships with their dads that's shaped them into the men they are as adults and finally it becomes much clearer why Chase is as cold and unfeeling as he appears and I've got to say for the first time, even though I knew there had to be a logical reason for why he's been such an arrogant prick up to now, I really did feel sympathy for the guy, who runs hot and cold with his own feelings for our confused Liam on a regular basis. Before we see Chase's own flashback to his youth, Liam learns a little more from his older sister Nicole about some of the strife he's gone through with their horrible, unemotional, powerful father. Making him even more determined to approach the man he's fallen for...and tell him exactly how he feels.

"I realised now why Chase had kept his scar. Because it didn't matter. Who cares how you look when the people who are supposed to love you and protect you throw you away so quickly because of who you are?"

What happens when Liam plucks up the courage to do just that when he gets back to the condo they share, is something you'll have to find out for yourselves! Well...obviously I've let slip there's an awesome love scene, but after that? Once more JJ leaves us on another "Damn...where the hell is this going to go now?" moment, so I guess she's 'got me' again!!!

I'm still really liking this series and I can't deny I enjoyed this instalment just as much as the rest because I learned more about them emotionally; Chase in particular, because he's been a bit of a closed book up to now. But I have to say that without the central sex scene, this could have quite easily just felt like a collection of chapters taken from the middle of a full novel, and by that I mean it's really more of a connecting the dots moment in the progression of story, so I'm hoping that in the next book we get back to the original "Chase and Liam Show" because personally that's where I think this story works at its best...when the two of them are squaring off against each other or giving into the attraction that arcs between them, generating their trademark sexual tension that has kept me tingling since their first love/hate meeting in part one. And it looks like Liam has definitely got his work cut out for him now, with the disclosure about Chase that Ms Scotts leaves us with at its finale, which isn't particularly as cliff hangery again in the true sense of the word, but does promise things to come.......

Whatever you do though, don't try to read this as a standalone. You really do need to start at the beginning of the series or else it just won't work. Each book is a pretty quick read so catch up won't be slow going but be warned...once you start you'll probably be 'Chasing' that fix till the end! Lol...I'm groaning at that one too.

Oh and check out that cover too...**Drool!**


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I threw open the door to my room, tossed my bag through the open doorway, closed the door, and briskly walked down the hallway. The walk down the hall took both milliseconds and hours, my nerves jangling with every step, and my stomach flipping with excitement.

I could feel my heart beating through my chest as I stood in front of Chase’s door.

Don’t hesitate. Tell the truth and be understanding. I took a deep breath and knocked loudly, my hands shaking slightly with apprehension. My heart was already racing, and I could hear shuffling behind the door, but nothing else. There was more than a good chance that Chase was deep in his work, but I really couldn’t wait any longer.

“Chase?” I called, knocking again, a little harder this time. “It’s Liam.”

The silence was deafening. There wasn’t even the sound of shuffling.

“Chase?” I called louder as I rapped on the door. He had to have heard me at that point.

The continued silence was making me nervous as hell. Was he really too busy to see me? Was he waiting for me to go away? If he was working, I would’ve been able to hear at least something through the door. The quiet was strange and eerie.

Screw it. It was now or never. I put out my hand and turned the doorknob. I jolted slightly, both surprised and glad that the door wasn’t locked from the inside. I took a deep breath and quickly opened the door.

“Whoa!” I jumped back instinctively, alarmed at seeing Chase’s face less than a foot away from mine.

Rather than sitting at his desk working, he’d been standing right by the door. He recoiled slightly, likely shocked that I’d opened the door and yelled in surprise at seeing him.

Had he been waiting there?

That beautifully cruel, sarcastic mouth curved upwards. He was about to speak when I cut him off. I couldn’t wait.

“I love you.”

As the words left my mouth, I suddenly felt incredibly self-conscious. Why did I think it was such a good idea to spring it on him? What if he reacted badly? I was so set on doing this confession that I didn’t even hesitate. I didn’t even allow any buildup or anything. I just went and let the cat out of the bag.

I’d promised myself that I wasn’t going to handle this like my coming-out talk with my parents and already I’d started exactly the same way: blurting out the key line without even making an effort to candy coat it or sound more diplomatic. On the other hand, I’d also promised myself that I was going to be honest about my feelings…so maybe that balanced things out.

I studied Chase’s face, trying to get a feel for his reaction and his feelings. At first, he still had that little look of surprise, which was to be expected, but when he noticed me studying him, his features were quickly rearranged into a different look.

A look of…hurt? Confusion maybe?

Shit. I had to say something – do something. I took another deep breath. Now it felt like my heart had stopped altogether. Icy water ran through my veins and my knees were barely holding me up. I swallowed, trying to get the strength to speak, and then cleared my throat. I knew that I needed to be understanding, and I didn’t want to pressure Chase into giving a response when he wasn’t ready. I definitely wanted him to think about his feelings towards me.

I bit my tongue, not speaking – giving my words just a few more seconds to sink in before I broke the silence. Cold, shaking, agonizing seconds, but I had to wait it out. I wanted him to know I was serious. “I –” I started, but was quickly interrupted.

“You love me?” Chase cut in.

He looked…forlorn. I wasn’t sure what to make of the expression, but I wanted to answer him.

I took a step forward and raised my hands so that they caressed the sides of his face and firmly pulled his mouth to mine. Softly and gently I pressed my lips to his and he responded by letting his tongue flicker across the sensitive skin of my upper lip, then my lower.

Then, in one swift movement, Chase put his arms on my shoulders and pulled me into the room, slamming the door closed behind him. I leaned back against the wall, and he deepened the kiss, pressing himself against me.

The feeling of his body against mine, the citrus scent of him, and the sweet taste of his mouth, sent blood spiraling down to my groin. I was thankful for the wall to lean on because my legs alone wouldn’t have been able to hold me.

He groaned into my mouth, running his hands down my sides and sending goose bumps prickling over my skin. When he reached my hips he pulled them towards him so that I could feel the growing pressure of his erection pulsing against mine.

Now that I knew how I felt about Chase, my emotions made me about ready to explode right then, but I wanted this to be slow and beautiful, so I pushed him a little away from me. His eyes clouded, but then he nodded in understanding as my fingers began to unbutton his shirt. I dropped a kiss on his collarbone as the first button came undone, and then looked up into his eyes, seeing the dark passion glowing behind them as the second, third, fourth and fifth buttons gave way to my fingers and I could run my hands unimpeded over the smooth warmth of his chest.

His mouth curled at the corners, no longer looking dangerous or sarcastic; his lips were flushed with lust. His smile turned into a grin as he reached down and pulled my shirt up and over my head in one hungry movement.

“I can’t be patient around you,” he growled softly.


Series Reading Order

Book #1 ~ Being Chase 


Book #2 ~ Following Chase


Book #3 ~ With Chase



About J.J. Scotts



J.J. Scotts began writing fiction as a hobby during college. She loves writing romance stories and has taken an interest in writing m/m romance.

Other than writing and having a rather dull job, J.J. likes to go hiking and rock climbing. She lives happily with her loving husband, friendly dogs, and lazy cat in sunny California.

email her at: 

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