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Review: Omega’s Prince (Baby Makes Three Book 5) by Bella Bennet

omegal princeTitle ~ Omega’s Prince

Author ~ Bella Bennet 

Published ~ 17th March 2018

Genre ~ M/M Romance, Romantic Comedy, Mpreg





When Omega figure skater Jeff and incognito Alpha Prince Henrik spend one steamy night together at the Olympics, they find themselves with a surprise pregnancy on their hands.
Now, the star crossed lovers must decide what they want. Can Jeff give up his career in America for a family life in Sweden? Can closeted Prince Henrik come out to claim Jeff and their unborn child with a royal wedding?
An Omega too famous to find love.
As an Olympic figure skater, Jeff was known far and wide. He had no problem finding men to date, but finding men that wanted him for himself and not his fame? Not so much.
An Alpha too far from the throne to matter.
As the youngest of four royal siblings, Prince Henrik is used to living in the public eye. But as the head of the Swedish delegation to the Olympic Games, he finds himself in the spotlight more than ever. So when given the chance to sneak into the Olympic Village and attend one of their infamous parties, he takes it.
Just a one-night stand.
Sassy Jeff is more than a match for the hot, tall blond on the dance floor ...and in bed. But there's no chance of them working out. They're too different, and the Swede has a secret.
Continents apart
Jeff can't stop thinking about the hot Swede, Henrik, whoever he was. Henrik's attempts to ease his heartbreak at letting the American go by throwing himself into his official duties do him no good.
When a chance encounter reunites the lovers, it seems like fate has given them a second go at the lives they both yearn for.
Can Prince Henrik tame the skittish figure skater Jeff and prove that their relationship could work, especially with a baby on the way?
Omega's Prince is a steamy 60,000 word Mpreg gay romance with a sassy twink, hot texting, royal wedding, baby and blissfully ever after.


Freya’s Review

On a night of incognito fun, Alpha Swedish Prince Henrik beds Omega skater, Jeff, and gets him pregnant.

The Winter Olympics is the background for much of this story where two people from different worlds find life-changing passion. Henrik is the Swedish Royal doing his duty. His orientation is one of those secrets that everyone knows but does not speak of. Also, as Henrik is a minor Royal, he isn’t instantly recognisable. Jeff represents the USA in the men’s skating. He is out, proud and during the run-up to the games, has lived like a monk. Once his category is over, he goes out and shakes his booty.

Both principal characters are adorable and self-assured. Henrik is the stereotypical Viking with royal grace. Jeff has the body, the moves and a mouthful of comments that made me laugh. He supplies many of my favourite lines, such as - “He wasn’t as muscled as I had expected. Was he on the curling team?”

The story is told in the first person from Henrik and Jeff’s POV’s. As such, there is some overlap of events. The blurb mentions the words Alpha and Omega. Having read many stories from the A O universe, there was none of the pack dynamics or other similarities. Instead, for me, this tale was more, simple, Mpreg. 

The story isn’t technically perfect. There were some scenarios that were absolute gems, a few that I questioned, and I experienced the odd whiplash effect with emotions – mainly because of the quick succession of events. Early on, there is also an overuse of the word, smirked.

I love the idea of this story, and while I think some areas could have done with a little more refining, an extra mile could have been gone in others, improving the depth of the story and eeking out what was potentially an awesome arc. Occasionally, my heart was starting to get a work out when the drama was solved. Some people will love that aspect; some won’t.

While reading Omega’s Prince, review-wise, I found myself on the fence. Was I entertained? Yes. I can see many areas that readers will love. Jeff’s one-liners are superb. But, the beta in me can also, see improvements that could be made. Them’s the breaks, I guess, and things I would adjust isn’t the way it was written. At face value, this is a quirky, entertaining tale that, other than waiting to reveal identities, won’t keep you in suspense for long.

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