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Book Brief: Everyone Has Secrets by Edward Kendrick

everyone has secretsTitle ~ Everyone Has Secrets

Author ~ Edward Kendrick

Publisher ~ JMS Books

Published ~ 7th April 2018

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Mystery





My name is Brant Colton. I'm a blackmailer -- a good one -- and I make no apologies for my chosen career.
One evening, at a very private club I belong to, I spotted a young man who piqued my interest. Why? Because he, Lorne Raynell, wasn't taking advantage of what the club had to offer. It took time, but I finally found out why. He was intent on finding out who murdered his brother.
The rest, as they say, is history. Our history.


Freya’s Book Brief

Finding secrets is the aim, blackmail is the game.

Brant is a blackmailer and adrenaline junky. When he meets Lorne at an exclusive club, the man promotes the fuck off vibe, backed up with dry sarcasm. Regardless, Brant manages to get him to talk. When he discovers Lorne is after the person who murdered his brother, Kyler, Brant gets involved. The prime suspect is Kyler’s boyfriend, but when they meet Gavin, the man isn’t what either man expected. The three become men on a mission.

Lorne comes across as sharp but innocent, the other two – not so much. There’s an attraction between Brant and Lorne, but they need to stay focused on the investigation. Also, given Brant’s profession, having a serious relationship is something that would significantly complicate his life, so he steers clear. Brant’s heart is telling him one thing, his head another. This aspect added a not unexpected, but most enjoyable arc to the story.

I liked all three main characters. But as this story is told in the first person, it is Brant that the reader gets to know best. He’s a naughty boy, with a good side. An irresistible combination.

I found the text easy to read, and overall, I enjoyed the story. However, as it is rather fast-paced, in many instances, deep emotion gave way to moving the story along. As a result, there were some quickly reversed decisions/actions that left me with WTF moments. A couple of areas left me with questions, and there was a duplicated action, involving the removal of a moustache. I also found a couple of spelling errors.

I can imagine many readers will like the pace of this story. Blood and gore, as well as sex, are glossed over – an aspect some will appreciate. Personally, even though I’m not a ‘guts’ junkie, and I don’t want a story full of sex, I enjoy the feelings, angst, and atmospherics that accompany such scenes.

Despite my reservations regarding some areas of this story, there were many parts too, that I greatly enjoyed like the blackmail, the hacking and the dynamics between Brant and Gavin.

If you like a story that moves along, with people of good heart, best intentions, and practicality over heart issues, this could be for you.

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