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Review: Only Time Will Tell by TL Travis

only time will tellTitle ~ Only Time Will Tell

Author ~ 18th February 2018

Publisher ~ Encompass Ink 

Published ~

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Erotic Romance, Time Travel





Two men, one watch…
When Alex and Charlie met, they instantly clicked. Throughout the years, their bond grew from friends, to lovers. But when Charlie's father passes away something inside him changes. Alex feared their relationship was over and knew his heart would never survive.
Things spiral out of control as Charlie’s erratic behavior leads Alex to think the worst. During an intense argument, they’re transported back in time. When Charlie comes to, Alex isn’t by his side. Frantically, he searches for him. But when he finds him, he’s surprised Alex doesn’t remember who he is.
Charlie must make Alex fall in love with him again. But what happens if he doesn’t?
Will this be the end of their relationship, or will it be game over for them both?
Only Time Will Tell is an Erotic, M/M, Time Travel/Sci-Fi 56,000-word stand-alone Romance for those over 18.


Debra’s Review

The blurb of this book is what pulled me in. Unfortunately, the storyline that was promised turned out to be only a small part of the book (about 20% on my Kindle) and was quickly resolved. I was expecting a book where time travel was a main plot and that colored my reading of the rest of the book since I kept waiting for more time travel plotline which never materialized until the last pages. For me, this was less of a time-travel/sci-fi story, and more a romance with a time travel twist. That being said, I’ll do my best to review the book I read rather than the book I wanted to read, but just be aware of where my mindset was when I was reading this book. If you are a fan of friends to lovers erotica that follows a couple from childhood to their happy ever after as adults, with plenty of varied hot sex, this story might work very well for you.

The story starts with a quick overview of Charlie and Alex, from their early friendship in grade school to their life together up until the present time, in their early twenties, and gives us a good view of the couple’s dynamic and chemistry. The men are very hot together and they have a solid relationship. Charlie’s family story is sad and he deserves the happiness he finds with Alex and his family, who couldn’t be more supportive.

On his father’s death, Charlie comes into possession of a watch that, unknowingly at first, allows him to travel through time. He then discovers some things about his father and starts to fall into the same obsessive, secretive pattern. I really did enjoy this portion of the story. Told in alternating points of view, I could feel the effect it had on the relationship between Alex and Charlie, especially on Alex who has no idea what is happening. My enjoyment continued as they travelled back in time. Although Charlie locates Alex quickly, he has a whole new set of problems to overcome. There was initially tension and worry about whether Alex would come around, the man must have looked like Charlie’s Alex, but he doesn’t remember Charlie and is set to be married to a woman. Their situation is intriguing and I was invested, wondering what would happen, but it is resolved fairly quickly in page-time.

Once they return home, other than an initial “WTF was that” conversation, it felt like the entire situation was swept under the rug. Yes, Alex now knows why Charlie was acting so strange and the two men’s love is stronger than ever, but for the most part it’s back to their everyday lives. Here, the story slowed quite a bit for me here the two plan their future together and we get a lot of the details of wedding planning and their day-to-day lives. There is some indication that there might be more to the watch story, but again, that really didn’t reappear as a plot point. It’s not until the very last pages that we get back to what happened when they traveled back in time and that some unanswered questions were quickly addressed. It’s this unevenness in the story that led me to my final rating.

Yes, I was disappointed that although billed as a time travel romance where one character has to find and make the other fall back in love with him, that plotline was only a small fraction of the story. I spent much of the second part of the book waiting for something that was never going to happen. On the other hand, I did enjoy the story of Charlie finding his happiness with Alex and his family and I thought the two characters had great chemistry. There were some hiccups with dialogue in the beginning, but it flowed smoother once the story shifted to present time.

If you are looking for a story that is heavy on the science fiction/time travel aspect, I’m not sure this will fit the bill, but if you go into it as an erotic romance with a time travel sub-plot, you might get more out of it than I did.

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