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Review: Mr Warren’s Profession by Sebastian Nothwell

mr warrens professionTitle ~ Mr Warren’s Profession

Author ~ Sebastian Nothwell 

Published ~ 9th June 2017

Genre ~ Historical M/M Romance, Victorian





Lindsey Althorp, the only son of a wealthy baronet, has never worked a day in his life. Aubrey Warren was born in a workhouse and hasn’t stopped working since.
When Lindsey wins a textile mill in a game of cards, he falls at first sight for the assistant clerk, Aubrey. Lindsey is certain that Aubrey is the Achilles to his Patroclus, the David to his Jonathan. Yet Aubrey, unaccustomed to affection, refuses to be a kept man—though he isn’t immune to Lindsey’s considerable charm.
Buoyed by Lindsey’s optimism and fuelled by Aubrey’s industry, the two men strive to overcome the class gulf between them. But a horrific accident reveals a betrayal that threatens to tear them apart forever.


Freya’s Review

The year is 1891, Mr Aubrey Warren is a ledger clerk in a Manchester Cotton Mill. Mr Lindsey Althorp is the man who won the mill in a card game. During his first inspection, Lindsey encounters Aubrey, is enchanted with him and endeavours to engage him in conversation. Unfortunately, they come from significantly different backgrounds and live in a time where the classes do not cross boundaries – at least not in the public eyes of society.

There is more to this tale than a case of lower-class meets upper. Among other things, it’s a story of innocence being unblinkered, and different handling of situations depending on class. Aubrey may be a clerk, but his meagre beginnings were far less respectful, and this is a side arc of its own that influences Aubrey’s actions.

With Aubrey being the less influential of the two men, one would assume that he is also the least experienced of the pair. Not so. It is Lindsey who is surprised at his attraction to another man and needs his eyes opened to the world around him. This aspect is another arc of the story. On the other hand, Aubrey knows where his sexual preferences lie. Years of self-denial made Aubrey a desperately passionate man – need eclipsing all else. Therefore, despite his misgivings and suspicions of Lindsey’s intent, he engages the man. The two then travel a problematic road between the classes which had me enthralled from cover to cover.

For varying reasons, peers of Lindsey’s take it upon themselves to protect his reputation. After all, the law of the time, made it illegal to lay with another man. Throughout the story, there are characters to like, hate and be suspicious of – both male and female. There then follows a web of, blackmail, conspiracy, and death – from all the classes.

This is a story that is easy to savour over several nights with the TV off, and a mug of hot chocolate by your side.

The more I read, the better the story got. The expectations, proprieties, and differences between the classes, mixed with the need for Lindsey and Aubrey to be together provided plenty of drama throughout the story, and lump in the throat moments – especially in the latter parts.

Mr Warren’s Profession had everything I like in a novel, regardless of genre. It contained, drama - both emotional and physical - multiple characters with varying personalities, angst, love, lust and two men needing to overcome the odds to save their souls. There was more than one moment when I held my breath hoping for the best. What an historical drama – Marvellous.

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