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Pre-Release Book Brief: A Scot’s Surrender (The Townsends #3) by Lily Maxton

a scots surrenderTitle ~ A Scot’s Surrender

Author ~ Lily Maxton 

Publisher ~ Entangled Publishing 

Published ~ 12th March 2018

Genre ~ Historical M/M Romance





When his brother leaves him in charge of Llynmore Castle, Robert Townsend is determined to make everything go smoothly. What does it matter if he's inexplicably drawn to Ian Cameron, the estate’s stoic steward? Robert is sure he can ignore the way the Highlander's apparent dislike of him gets under his skin. They'll muddle along just fine so long as they avoid one another. An excellent plan…until a fire forces Ian into the castle—and Robert's personal space.

Ian Cameron has worked for everything he owns, unlike spoiled Robert Townsend. And he may not have friends, but he has the Highlands and the stars, and what more could he really need? But when a guest's stolen possession appears in his room, he doesn't have much choice but to admit to the handsome and aggravatingly charming Townsend brother that he needs help. To solve this mystery, they'll have to put aside their differences. And as Ian learns more about Robert, he'll have to guard his heart…or it may be the next thing stolen.

Each book in the Townsends series is STANDALONE:
* Enchanting the Earl
* The Rogue's Conquest
* A Scot's Surrender


Freya’s Book Brief

The year is 1814. While Theo is away with his wife, Robert Townsend is left in charge of his brother’s highland castle. His duties include interacting with Ian Cameron, the estate steward – who is the strong silent type. During a storm, a family turns up seeking shelter. Their arrival triggers a life-changing turn of events for the Townsend man.

Who can resist a man (or two) in a kilt? Not me.

Ian believed Robert to be a lazy aristocrat. Robert thought Ian was cold, distant and a man who looked down on the younger brother. The difference between perception and reality was quite the gap, further complicated by the fact that each man was attracted to the other. Ian hated feeling vulnerable, hated his wayward thoughts and did all he could to regain control of them. Robert became curious and determined to find out why the other man hated him so much.

An act of thievery forces the men to work together. Private moments during the investigation cause shifts in both perceptions and secrets to be revealed.

The story, although historical, has a modern tone to it. Personally, I prefer this as it makes me feel closer to the characters instead of the degrees of separation that pure historical language can cause.

The thing that I enjoy about highlander tales is that feelings are bottled up, and when they explode, they explode forcefully and in style. A Scot’s Surrender is no exception. Add in the complications from the storm guests, and we have an immensely readable sequence of events, and emotions that had me glued to the page. Occasionally, it got a bit wordy when thoughts were intermingled with dialogue, but I couldn’t deny the appeal and my heart’s reaction to the various scenarios.

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Meet Lily Maxton

Lily Maxton grew up in the Midwest, reading, writing, and daydreaming amidst cornfields. After graduating with a degree in English, she decided to put her natural inclinations to good use and embark on a career as a writer. When she’s not working on a new story, she likes to tour old houses, add to her tea stash, and think of reasons to avoid housework.



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