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Review: In the Name of Love by Edward Kendrick

inthenameofloveTitle ~ In the Name of Love

Author ~ Edward Kendrick

Publisher ~ JMS Books 

Published ~ 30th December 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Ryan is a young artist hoping to make a name for himself. When he meets a man who offers to help him advance his career, he accepts. His career takes off when Merrick arranges two shows for Ryan at a local gallery. Ryan is elated, especially when their relationship becomes more personal. What he doesn’t expect is to end up being abused, physically and emotionally, as Merrick tightens his control over the younger artist.
After a vicious beating, Ryan manages to escape, naked except for a bedspread wrapped around himself. Policeman Shaun Levitt finds him cowering in an alley. Taking the battered young man under his wing, Shaun begins the slow process of helping Ryan come to grips with what happened.
Will Ryan learn to trust again? Or will he forever look at any man who might be interested in him as another potential abuser ... including Shaun?


Cheryl’s Review

This was an extremely well written book that had me hooked from the very beginning. Talk about chilling!

We watch the story unfold from the point of view of Ryan, a poor but hopeful artist and Merrick a cold, calculating psychopath who as one goal in his life at the moment – Ryan. He was going to get him in any way he could. He bribes, threatens and charms his way into Ryan’s in a way that is reminiscent of, but far more convincing than, Christian Gray.

Ryan is no shrinking violet and considers himself to be physically and emotionally strong. He might be idealistic, but he’s nobody’s fool. And yet Merrick plays him like a finely tuned guitar. Merrick knows all the buttons to press and although he slips up occasionally, he’s single minded. The insight into Merrick’s mind and motivation, is fascinating especially for me, as a former solicitor who wondered why strong, intelligent women keep going back to abusive men.

When Merrick finally gets Ryan where he wants him, everything changes. Ryan begins to see what kind of man Merrick really is and how far under his thrall Ryan has got. But Merrick has underestimated him. He escapes and runs.

Fortunately, he is found naked and freezing to death by a big-hearted police officer who rescues him. In another work it might feel very contrived, how a police officer dedicates so much time and effort on what is essentially just another victim in just another case. However, in this case it comes across as very natural and things develop at their own pace. The devastating effects of what happened to Ryan are not focussed on too much, but neither are they ignored. Yes, Shaun might be a little too understanding and maybe threw himself in so, might feel a little soon but there is never a sense of the story being rushed or contrived.

I got sucked into this story and grew fond of its characters. Even the supporting characters very much have their own personality and part to play. There was never a time when I wanted to hurry things along or rolled my eyes at unconvincing events. I would definitely recommend to anyone who likes very gentle hurt/comfort stories and something that is heavy on plot.

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