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Review: A Hotter Fire (Assured Elites #3) by Parker Avrile

a hotter fireTitle ~ A Hotter Fire

Author ~ Parker Avrile 

Published ~ 7th February 2018

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Assured Elites pairs hot gay celebrities with their ideal match. But have they found the case that spoils their perfect record?
Pop singer Mikel loves brilliant older men. He's having trouble meeting his celebrity crush, but he knows the matchmaking service can put the two of them together. So why do they insist he try a date with the hot doctor instead? This Curt guy with the silken hands is miles out of his league.
Top-flight neurosurgeon Curt can save lives, but he can't seem to find that fabled work/life balance. His coworkers take matters into their own hands and sign him up with Assured Elites. A fun date or two with a young pop star could show Curt there's more to life than long hours in the emergency room.
Everybody knows Curt and Mikel are made for each other. Everybody except them.
A Hotter Fire is a steamy romance that features an age gap, a doctor with gifted hands, a million-dollar toy, and a mysterious store that can disappear in a cloud of fog at a moment's notice. Always a guaranteed happy ending, and absolutely no cheating or cliffhangers.
Each novel in the Assured Elites series deals with a different couple. Feel free to start anywhere and to read them in any order. The trilogy includes A Fiercer Heat (Book 1), A Higher Flame (Book 2), and A Hotter Fire (Book 3).


Freya’s Review

This story puts dating agencies onto a whole new level. Way more involved than ‘hey here are your choices, take your pick’. Assured Elites is the CIA of dating agencies. They know more about a person than they know of themselves. In fact, a person can only find them, if they want to be found. Hence, if accepted, the agency can pair a person with their ideal match.

Curt is a thirty-eight-year-old neurosurgeon. He has his job, loves his job, is dedicated to his job - above all else. Everyone around him believes he needs a break from his job. To force Curt to get a life outside the hospital, they sign him up to Assured Elites, and make him take a sabbatical.

Mikel is a twenty-three-year-old, pop star who wants one person – fellow musician Jer John - to the exclusion of everyone else. He signs up to Assured Elites to meet the man of his dreams. Only the man the agency believe fits Mikel is not Jer John – it’s Curt.

The story is told in the first person, in alternating chapters, from Curt and Mikel’s POV’s. As a result, there are overlaps/repetitions in the story. Overall though, it well written and edited.

Did I enjoy it? Yes, I did.

A Hotter Fire is not a story that I would call, heart wrenchingly dramatic. What it excels at is mind games, manipulation, and a healthy dose of exhibitionism. Given Curt’s workaholic tendencies, I would have liked to see more difficulty settling into life outside the hospital. But that is relatively minor to the bigger arc.

Curt has a weakness for pop stars, but has sworn off them, giving them as much distance as possible. Mikel likes older intelligent men, but wants Jer John, not Curt.

The fun lies with getting the two together long enough to recognise that they are perfect for one another. There is also a beautifully written, though not unexpected twist in the story. How the twist played out was delightful.

Like I already said, this story is not one of those heart in the mouth, dramatic, broken souls and tears stories. It is more akin to taking a lovely day out, doing something special and totally enjoying it. After the final chapter, I happily said, “I’m glad I read that.”

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