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Release Day Review: Table for One by Connie Bailey

table for oneTitle ~ Table for One

Author ~ Connie Bailey

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 18th December 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Exposing his body for work is no problem, but after his heart’s been broken, putting it out there again won’t be so easy.

Up-and-coming young executives Copeland Shore and William Donnelly have been friends and sometimes more for years. For Cope’s birthday, Will plans a very special dinner—at a nantaimori restaurant where the most enticing thing is the table. Dai—the naked man beneath their sushi—has both their mouths watering, but when it comes to Dai’s heart, there’s only room at the table for one, and Will gets there first.

Will’s everything Dai thinks he wants in a man… until he’s betrayed. The betrayal also ends the friendship between Will and Cope and leaves Dai shaken and unsure if he can put his trust in another man—not even when a second chance for love and happiness rises from the ashes of the broken relationship. Cope wants to tempt Dai to take a risk with him, but the pain of the past is hard for Dai to shake off… and Cope has obstacles of his own to overcome.


Freya’s Review

Since college, as well as being best friends Will and Cope have been fuck-buddies. One was the other’s go-to person during dry spells.  A few years later, they work for the same company, and although Cope is the company trouble-shooter, Will acts as though he runs everything. Everyone around, even Cope, seems to capitulate. For Cope’s birthday, Will arranges for a meal, where the plate is a naked man - Dai. Both are attracted to the young man, and while Cope is away on business, Will makes a move. Upon his return, Cope fears he has missed his chance and steps back. But, Will is an egotistical man and does something that betrays Dai and makes Cope see Will in a new light. Subsequently, Cope breaks off their friendship. After the Will fiasco, Dai chops and changes jobs, eventually bumping into Cope. But, once burned twice shy is the order of the day.

All the characters in this story have strong personalities. Cope is ruthless in business, though not so much in private. Will is relentless and a player. Dai jumps to conclusions and gives his all to everything, whether it is a relationship or forgiveness.

I loved Cope – he’s a strong alpha male with a heart and a romantic side. Just yummy. I’d like to have read a story of him in business more than some of the fluff. I digress. Anyhow, he stands up for what he believes in. Will makes a good character, and although he’s good for writing about, he’s not the guy one takes home.

Told in the third person, Dai is the controlling man. It was good to see plenty of ‘show’ in the situations rather than past tense ‘tell’. This method also made the story dialogue heavy, which in the larger sections was confusing for me as there was very little in the way of descriptive actions to keep track of who was talking. I also ground my teeth at more characters using the phrase ‘cum for me’ and the eternally hated, bitten bottom lip. Hello, room 101.

For those readers who like movie references, you’ll eat this up, as it is full of them. But, don’t worry too much if you aren’t as they contribute more to personality traits rather than the storyline.

Table For One, is a story that proves everyone has their limits and their vulnerable side. It has a classic storyline, some sweet times, and some serious lust. At the end of the day, it’s all about trust and that first kiss.

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