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Release Day Book Brief: Ivory by J. Rocci

ivoryTitle ~ Ivory

Author ~ J. Rocci

Publisher ~ NineStar Press 

Published ~ 4th December 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Trapped by familial obligations, engaged to a fiancĂ©e he doesn’t love, and crippled by the regrets of his past, Dr. Bradley Durrant is miserable and rapidly caring less about his own health as he works himself to the bone at the family hospital. But then he meets Nashan Windham, the grandson of his late father’s scandalous old friend, and Brad’s downward spiral is derailed, at least for the moment.

Brad lets Nashan and his grandfather pull him into a world where families—blood and the ones you choose—support each other and understand that love is unconditional. Brad gets his life together again, with Nashan’s help, and he can finally accept who he is and knows what he wants, but can he convince Nashan?


Freya’s Book Brief

Bradley Durant is a doctor in trouble. His demanding mother has him engaged to a young lady that is beautiful and, in another life, would be easy to love. But Bradley is gay. He therefore sinks himself into his work, to the detriment of his health. He’s spent years building a suit of armour that no one can penetrate. It’s kept his family, the board of directors and members of the old-money society happy and the rest of the world out. Essentially, those who represent his heritage.

A large percentage of this 28k is dedicated to the world Brad lives in. The differences between his day, dealing with cancer and dying children, and the charity banquets of his mother. It highlights how unhappy Brad is, his state of depression and how close he is to using the gun in his bottom drawer. It is effectively done.

William, a man in his twilight years, enters Brad’s life and introduces him to his grandson, Nashan. The second half of the story is then one of evolving hope and Brad taking control of his own happiness.

Much of the story runs at a sedate pace as does the slow burn between Brad and Nashan. I wasn’t put off by this as someone taking a journey out of depression was never going to happen overnight.

William is a show stealer. Brad is easy to like. And Nashan is the perfect antidote to Brad’s state of mind. However, as so much care is taken over the early phase of Brad’s life, I was rather surprised with how quickly the story was wrapped up – it felt rushed, almost as if it was secondary to the main process. The accelerated pace left me with unanswered questions and scenes I’d have liked to have read. I think another couple of thousand words added to the dĂ©nouement would have left a more rounded story.

In short, this is an interesting read that focusses on the world of depression and that special something that helps claw one out of it.

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