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Book Brief: The Probability of Mistletoe (2017 Advent Calendar - Stocking Stuffers) by E.J. Russell

probability of mistletoeTitle ~ The Probability of Mistletoe

Author ~ E.J. Russell 

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press 

Published ~ 1st December 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Holiday





When software engineer Keith Trainor decides to start his own company, he knows exactly who he wants as his partner: Parker Mulvaney, his best friend from high school. But in the ten years since graduation, their contact has dwindled to nothing, and it’s all Keith’s fault. If he hadn’t tried to kiss Parker under the mistletoe at the winter formal their senior year, Parker wouldn’t have bolted. At their ten-year reunion, Keith intends to do everything in his geeky power to make amends.

Parker should have known that scheduling the reunion the day before Christmas Eve was a recipe for a headache of monster proportions. But when Keith sends a text that he’ll be attending, the evening doesn’t look so bleak. Can an unnecessary makeover, a nostalgic breakfast, an abortive shopping trip, and a whole lot of mistletoe culminate in a long-overdue first kiss?


Freya’s Book Brief

Parker, the extroverted social butterfly, is organising a Christmas reunion. Keith, his high school best friend, was attending. They’d grown apart since Parker, in their final year, bailed after Keith leaned in for a kiss under the mistletoe.

Told from the POV’s of Parker and Keith. Both attend the reunion with a different agenda. Keith wants a business partner, and Parker wants a boyfriend. The gathering itself doesn’t go well. But, Parker manages a last minute save. To further anything, personal or professional, the two must get to know each other again - close the distance the ten years apart had created.

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for this kind of story, especially when, like this, they are written well and have characters that one can’t help rooting for.

The presence of mistletoe is a Christmas giveaway. But, their journey is somewhat bumpy. It is littered with past regrets and realisations of what they gave up, as well as some, what-if’s that could mar their future.

With only 43 pages from start to end, I found The Probability Of Mistletoe to be heart-warming, and not overly sappy. In short, perfect for the holiday season.

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