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Book Brief: Omega’s Doctor (Baby Makes Three Book 2) by Bella Bennet

omegas doctorTitle ~ Omega’s Doctor (Baby Makes Three Book 2)

Author ~ Bella Bennet

Published ~ 24th November 2017

Genre ~ M/M Romance, Mpreg





Keep your career, or keep your love... Who's capable of making that choice?
Steve's spent his entire life trying to placate his demanding mother. From the schools he attended, to the career he chose, everything has been about avoiding those needle-sharp comments of hers that look so innocuous on the surface, and cut so deep beneath. He never goes to see her without someone to help deflect those poisoned barbs. So when he's dumped right before his sister's wedding, he needs a new date, fast. And just about anyone will do.
Ned's an alpha who doesn't care what other people think. Impressed by the skill of the surgical nurses he saw in college, he becomes one himself, determined to make certain that no surgeon ever lacks the support they need in this most important of professions. It's only a half a step further to agree to accompany his friend's hot surgeon buddy to an event that is absolutely for sure going to be both tense and unpleasant. And when he meets the handsome omega surgeon, any doubts he might have had are laid to rest--this is a man in need of looking after.
But protecting Steve from his mother's verbal onslaught is nothing compared to the fight before them. Overcome by desire, they wind up pregnant, something that would ruin both their careers if the hospital found out. Which is just the weapon Steve's mother needs to tear them apart...
Omega’s Doctor is over 38,000 words with a HEA, ducky umbrella and three weddings.


Cheryl’s Book Brief

This is a sweet, Alpha/Omega tale. Ned meets Steve on a blind date. He also meets Steve’s obnoxious family, especially his deranged mother. The main fly in their ointment – apart from Steve’s mother – is the fact they happen to work in the same department of the same hospital, which has a policy against dating colleagues.

Although, to be fair, not a lot of pressure is put on them directly to stop dating, it hangs over them like the sword of Damocles, getting more and more present and troubling as the story progresses, especially when Steve gets pregnant.

This wasn’t the best written book I’ve ever read. The writing was quite naïve in places and could get quite preachy and stiff in dialogue. However, it’s a nice, easy read, the story is credible and the characters well rounded.

Ned and Steve are sweet folk and very cute together. I have no doubt they’ll amass quite a following.

I was disappointed in the book, mainly because I was expecting something slightly different, not so sweet. I like darkness in my stories, and even though Steve’s mother is a nasty piece of work there was no real threat and no angst.

I’m not particularly into sex scenes but the sex scenes were hot and some of the best parts of the book, showing the boys’ characters in a nice, easy way.

There is nothing wrong with the book, it just didn’t grab me. Reading is very subjective and I am certain there are a lot of people out there who will absolutely love it.

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