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Book Brief: You Belong With Me…? by TIM O.Fletcher

518boD1xbxLTitle: You Belong With Me … ?

Author: TIM O.Fletcher

Released: 3rd October 2017

Genre: M/M (YA / NA / Romantic Comedy)



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Tyler Evans is your pretty average high school nerd. He takes advanced placement classes, is in the marching band, works in the IT department and is a scholarship student at one of Washington's most prestigious private schools, The St. Helena Academy.

Brad Stevenson is every thing most teenage boys wish they could be, he's gorgeous, popular, a star athlete, has more money than he knows how to spend and is dating the head cheerleader, but his life isn't as perfect as everyone seems to think.

One dreary afternoon Tyler discovers someone sitting at the window adjacent his own, crying. He reaches out in the form of a hand written note that he holds up so the other can see it from the window. This action starts a tentative but intense friendship between the two, that begins todevelop into something more serious than either expected. Into something Brad denies due to his own personal demons.

It takes a major event and a grand gesture from Tyler to prove to Brad that there are more important things in life than living up to other people's expectations; like good chocolate, bad pop music and voyeurism.

Freya’s Review

Tyler is a geek that no one notices. He’s thankful for that – most of the time. Except where a specific quarterback is concerned. Brad is the quarterback, and captain of the football team. He also has a controlling father. Tyler tells himself that he shouldn’t want Brad, but he does. When Tyler sees a different side to Brad, he becomes concerned.

Tyler is quite sarcastically well-adjusted to his position at the school and his life in general. He knows who he is, even if he doesn’t disclose it openly. Thus, the road to becoming friends with Brad is a rocky one, with initial contact being through written messages displayed in their respective bedroom windows. Followed by confusion, dejection, and likeminded thoughts.

The story is told in the first person, and some of the areas were an absolute delight to read, but I got frustrated by the overuse of brackets and the word smirked. I liked some of Tyler's comparisons of himself to Brad and where appropriate, it was good to see him stand up for himself. So often the geek is portrayed as a somewhat submissive character that suddenly finds his worth – not so here. On the other hand, Brad is suitably confused between the expectations of his father and has probably never thought about what he truly wants.

Some parts are heart melting, albeit they’re a touch in la-la land, i.e. people would probably be slightly pissed off if they’d happened in the real world. I would have been. Then again, this is fiction and if we can’t live out our fantasies here and do the unbelievable, then where can we. I know this sounds a bit cryptic, but it’s one of those spoiler parts that I daren’t disclose.

You Belong With Me is a sweet, clichéd tale that fulfils a fantasy or two. So, if that’s what you’re after in a story, you’ll find it here.

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