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Book Brief: The King And The Carpenter by Ophelia Cox

73ed842433f2e690a1159da307238944202c0688Title: The King and the Carpenter

Author: Ophelia Cox

Release: 3rd October 2017

Publisher: MLR Press

Genre: M/M (historical)



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Sabian has found himself caught between love for his kingdom and his lover.

Prince Sabian is expected to be a good king by producing heirs. He finds this extremely difficult as he is gay and in love with the castle's carpenter, Arion. He is married off to a princess he can't stand and told to do his duty to his kingdom. Sabian hides away from his wife and responsibilities in Arion's room. When his father dies suddenly he is thrown into the limelight and expected to give his people an heir, so he turns to the old apothecaries in the forest for help. But the apothecary seems to have an agenda of his own. Sabian soon finds out that sometimes the biggest enemies come from within.


Freya’s Review

In this 40k adventure, there is a king caught between love, duty and conspiracy.

Against his will, Sabian is married to a princess he hates. He spends much of his energy trying to find ways to make producing an heir with her, palatable. Thus, he somewhat loses his way. When he’s not avoiding the Queen, Sabian is more interested in fucking his carpenter, Arion, than doing his duty for his people. As a result, a considerable portion of this tale is spent in sexual encounters.

In many ways, Arion seems more able to understand the requirements of a king than Sabian, who tends to act out of frustration and the odd tantrum. When an apothecary comes to the King’s rescue, one knows no good can come of it.

The story is edited and written well. Towards the end, when the story takes over from sex, there is an unexpected twist or two which was a delight to read. For me, though, I wouldn’t have suffered if the M/F intimate details had been dialled down. Also, there was a reference to the saying ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’, when the only animals mentioned are horses and forests. The saying seemed out of place.

King Sabian has some redeeming qualities, but I found it was the supporting cast that were the stars. If you like reading stories where a king has to break with tradition, and find a way to rule that suits him; with a substantial sexual content, then you will love this.

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Meet Ophelia Cox

Ophelia Cox is a mild-mannered woman by day, a naughty, dirty girl by night. Armed with a heady imagination and loud voices in her head, she enjoys the adventures those voices take her to- from the rugged Wild West, to the distant moons of far away exotic worlds. Ophelia dabbles in all sorts of erotic tales.
Look for her upcoming stories as they post.


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