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The Long Past & Other Stories by Ginn Hale. Includes Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway


We are thrilled to welcome Ginn Hale to Sinfully today as she celebrates the release of The Long Post & Other Stories. Go check it out!


Excerpt from The Long Past & Other Stories

By Ginn Hale

“Gaston?” Grover asked. “French and married?”

A slight flush colored Lawrence’s face. He tossed a twig into the fire.

“That was him. Gaston Jacquard.” Lawrence glanced sidelong to Grover. “It wasn’t a great romance. We were both lonely for other people and kept each other company—”

“Sure. I understand.” Grover didn’t think he wanted to hear too many of the details. Lawrence returned his gaze to the flames while Grover watched the shadows beyond the firelight. Betty and Lawrence’s stallion had both settled down to sleep.

“He died closing the rift in England,” Lawrence said quietly. “I wasn’t near enough and Honora didn’t have the strength to pull him out.”

The petty jealous thoughts winging around in Grover’s head turned all at once regretful. He wasn’t above rivalry but couldn’t bring himself to feel anything but sorrow at the thought of the man giving his life to stop the floods.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

Lawrence simply nodded then threw another pinecone into the flames.

“Everything dies eventually,” Lawrence said. “At least Gaston didn’t die for nothing. I don’t know if any of us can hope for better than that, these days.”

Now there was a bleak perspective, Grover thought. It didn’t suit him and he didn’t want it to suit Lawrence.

“As far as I see it,” Grover answered. “Ain’t a man’s death that’s so important as how he lives. Dying is just once and not too many of us have much say about it, but every day we’re alive we choose what we do. How much joy we find and how we treat other folk, that’s all up to us while we’re living. That’s what we leave behind when we die.”

Lawrence scowled, but when he glanced to Grover his expression softened.

“God, Grove, you’re still so…decent.” He pulled a brief smile. “I’m glad, you know. It gives me hope for humanity.”

“Yep, that’s what I am,” Grover said, laughing. “The hope for all humanity.” The savory perfume of fried corn and sizzling meat drifted from the fire.

“Well, the only hope for my supper, at least.”

“That’s more the size of it.” Grover used the sleeve of his coat as a mitt to pull the pan out from the flames. He set it down between himself and Lawrence.

They’d both packed their own cutlery, but they shared the frying pan instead of bothering with separate servings. Lawrence’s spoon and fork gleamed like silver. Grover’s were cast tin. Between them they cleared every speck from the pan. Grover set it aside. He’d scrub it out in the morning when the light was better.

Now he watched stars wink to life as the last of the sun’s light sank below the mountain horizon. The constellation of the Big Bear shone bright overhead, while the Little Bear edged up from the east and the Swan soared above the ragged peaks in the northwest.

“The stars are different in China. The spring sky is a blue dragon and the winter is a black turtle.” Lawrence lifted his ivory hand up as if to blot out the shining North Star. “Though now the protective spells raised over the cities block it all out. It’s just black.”

They were both silent for a few moments.

“Will you tell me what really happened in China?” Grover asked. “When you were supposed to have died?”

Lawrence studied him for a moment, and Grover half expected him to refuse but instead he reached out, pulled both their bedrolls over and leaned back on his own.

“It’s a long story. You might as well get comfortable.”


The Long Past & Other Stories

Ginn Hale 

long past front cover1500Publisher ~  Blind Eye Books

Published ~ October 3, 2017

Genre ~  Alt-history, steampunk, weird west



1858 –Warring mages open up a vast inland sea that splits the United States in two. With the floodwaters come creatures from a long distant past. What seems like the End Times forges a new era of heroes and heroines who challenge tradition, law, and even death as they transform the old west into a new world.
In the heart of dinosaur country a laconic trapper and a veteran mage risk treason to undertake a secret mission.
A brilliant magician and her beautiful assistant light up stages with the latest automaton, but the secrets both of them are hiding test their trust in each other and pit them against one of the most powerful men in the world.
At the wild edge of the Inland Sea, amidst crocodiles and triceratops, an impoverished young man and a Pinkerton Detective must join forces to outmaneuver a corrupt judge and his gunmen.

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Meet Ginn Hale

Ginn Hale (1)Award-winning author Ginn Hale lives in the Pacific Northwest with her lovely wife and their ancient, evil cat. She spends the rainy days admiring local fungi. The stormy nights, she spends writing science-fiction and fantasy stories featuring LGBT protagonists. (Attempts to convince the cat to be less evil have been largely abandoned.)

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