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Review: Building Forever (The Rebuilding Year #2.5) by Kaje Harper

building foreverTitle ~ Building Forever

Author ~ Kaje Harper 

Published ~ 13th October 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Four years ago, Ryan and John decided they'd wait to get married until it came with full legal equality. Now, thanks to the Supreme Court, that historic moment has finally arrived. But two hundred miles separate Ryan's hectic residency from John's busy campus job. With a son in college, a daughter choosing her future, and a rambunctious Irish Setter needing attention, planning a wedding isn't simple.
Of course, even the most perfect ceremony can't solve all their problems. What does it take to build forever?


Debra’s Review

The Rebuilding Year is still one of my favorite books and I manage a re-read at least once a year, so you can imagine I jumped for joy when I saw this little surprise coming out. It was so nice being back with John and Ryan again. It’s been four years since the end of Life, Some Assembly Required, when they decided to wait until it was legal to get married. Ryan is now in his first year of a four year residency that has required him to move to Minneapolis. John is still back in Wisconsin working at the college. Their separation isn’t ideal, but they do manage visits. Still, not having your partner there in the flesh when you need them isn’t easy, especially when work is life or death or family needs arise. Having a wedding and honeymoon to look forward to makes life better, but it seems nothing comes easily for these two (other than loving each other).

The story isn’t just about a wedding. It’s about dealing with everyday life and its challenges, something that has been a theme in the series and that Kaje Harper writes very well. It pains them both to be separated and with Mark in college and Torey almost there, the possibility of John picking up and moving is there, but he wonders if it’s the right thing to do. Ryan is working crazy hours, running with little sleep for days at a time and often wondering how long John will put up with it.

The heart of these stories is the rock-solid relationship Ryan and John have built and this one focuses squarely on the two men without so much outside drama as the last book (aka no Cynthia). They communicate well and support each other unconditionally. As much as they love their children, they are not afraid to put themselves first sometimes in order to keep themselves together, so we get to see them spending much needed alone time together and just because they’ve been together for years, doesn’t make it any less sexy.

Even the best relationships have some bumps and a long distance one has some special ones. Of course there had to be a little bit of trouble here. Let’s just say the wedding day doesn’t come off without a hitch or two, but there is never a question that these two would move heaven and earth to be together.

This is definitely written for fans of the series and I would say you need to have read the previous books first. If the last book left you wondering what would happen with all the future plans, and wanting to see John and Ryan finally get their wish of making it to the altar to become legally wed, you’re going to want to read this coda.

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the rebuilding yearThe Rebuilding Year

It took losing nearly everything, to discover what they can’t live without.
A few excruciating minutes pinned under a burning beam cost Ryan Ward his job as a firefighter, the easy camaraderie of his coworkers, his current girlfriend, and damn near cost him his left leg. Giving up, though, wasn’t an option. He fought and won the battle back to health, over a painful year. Now, choosing a new profession, going back to school, and renting a room from the college groundskeeper should be simple.
Until he realizes he’s falling in love with his housemate, and things take a turn for the complicated.
John Barrett knows about loss. After moving twice to stay in touch with his kids, he could only watch as his ex-wife whisked them away to California. Offering Ryan a room seems better than rattling around his empty house alone. But as casual friendship moves to something more, and emotions heat up, the big old house feels like tight quarters.
It’s nothing they can't learn to navigate, until life adds in unhappy teen kids, difficult family members, and mysterious deaths on campus. Rebuilding will be far from easy, even for two guys willing to open their minds, and hearts.

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life some assemblyLife, Some Assembly Required

Finding love in the ashes was easy. Building a life together? Not so much.
After spending the first part of his life chasing pretty girls, love has finally come to Ryan in the form of John, a tall, lanky, red-headed landscape architect with wide shoulders and a five-o’clock shadow.
For the first time in Ryan's life, love feels easy. Hell, he even ran into a burning building for John and his son, and he’d do it again if he had to. But telling his father and brothers and classmates “I’m gay. I’ve met a man”? That’s going to take nerve of a different kind.
For John, loving Ryan is as natural as breathing. Now if only the rest of his life would fall into place. Dealing with his teen son is complicated enough, but with his ex-wife causing trouble and his daughter wanting to move in, John’s house— and his relationship with Ryan— threaten to split at the seams.
Is one month without a new surprise knocking him upside the heart really too much to ask? Unfortunately, the answer seems to be Yes.

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Connect with Kaje Harper

I get asked about my name a lot. It’s not something exotic, though. “Kaje” is pronounced just like “cage” - it’s an old nickname. I was born in Montreal but I’ve lived for 30 years in Minnesota, where the two seasons are Snow-removal and Road-repair, the mosquito is the state bird, and where sometimes in winter it can be breathtakingly beautiful. Minnesota's a kind, quiet place and it's home.

I've been writing for far longer than I care to admit (*whispers - forty years*), mostly for my own entertainment, and currently am focused on M/M romance (with added mystery, fantasy, history, SciFi...) I also have a few Young Adult stories released under the pen name Kira Harp.

My husband finally convinced me that after all that time writing, I really should submit something, somewhere. My first professionally published book, Life Lessons, came out from MLR Press in May 2011. I have a weakness for closeted cops with honest hearts, and teachers who speak their minds, and I had fun writing the four novels and three freebie short stories in the series. I've been just delighted by the reception Mac and Tony have received.

I now have a good-sized backlist in ebooks and print, both free and professionally published, including Amazon bestseller The Rebuilding Year and Rainbow Award “Best Mystery-Thriller” Tracefinder:

Contact. I’m always pleased to have readers find me online.



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