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Release Day Book Brief: The Heir Apparent by Tere Michaels

the heir apparentTitle ~ The Heir Apparent

Author ~ Tere Michaels

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 9th October 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Mystery/Thriller





The heir apparent to a vast international company, Henry Walker has focused his entire life on pleasing his cold and distant father, a futile effort that’s left him no time for life, love, or making his own decisions. He has just one friend—one dirty little secret—Archie Banks. Raised on the Walker estate alongside Henry, Archie is now Henry’s driver, bodyguard… and occasional lover. Archie is loyal, but he’s about to graduate from college and has plans for his life that don’t include living every moment at the beck and call of Henry’s father. Not even for Henry.

With no warning, a shocking kidnapping leads to tragedy and chaos, thrusting Henry and Archie into a dramatic struggle that threatens them individually and as a couple. Can they find a way to heal the hurt of the past, save the company that is Henry’s birthright, and find a future together?

Second Edition

First Edition Published by Loose Id, February 2013.


Freya’s Book Brief

Henry, the heir to a business empire, has done everything he can to gain his father’s approval. Archie, his childhood friend, chauffeur, and occasional secret lover has always been there to support him. Archie is earning his degree, and a kidnapping, changes everything.

The story starts with many scenes that bring to light the life of an heir to an expectant father. It then moves onto the crime, tragedy, and realisations that Archie may not always be a fixture in Henry’s life. The events of the kidnapping leave the Walker family broken and unfocused – the fractures entering every part of their lives.

If I were to tell you what happens after, I’d be giving away too many spoilers.

The Heir Apparent is told in the third person, primarily from Henry’s POV with snippets of others sneaking in. The cast is varied with multiple people in the frame of the ‘whodunnit’, though, lovers of crime tales will have their suspicions. Henry and Archie are adorable, with Archie, especially, being a take charge man – not just of Henry, in bed. He’s that strong, quiet backup that makes himself known as and when necessary. The heat rating between the two is delicious. With each passing chapter the intrigue is slowly notched up to the point where, even after the kidnapping, lives are on the line.

I found the story engaging to the point where I hardly wrote any review notes until I’d finished. The Heir Apparent is a boardroom drama with farther-reaching effects, involving kidnapping, death, frayed tempers, jealousy, forbidden love, and some obnoxious FBI agents.

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Meet Tere Michaels 

Tere Michaels unofficially began her writing career  at the  age of four when she learned that people got  paid to write  stories. It seemed the most perfect and  logical job in the world and after that, her path was  never in question. (The  romance writer part was  written in the stars—she was  born on Valentine’s  Day.)

It took thirty-six years of “research” and “life  experience” and well… life… before her first book  was published but there are no regrets – she doesn’t  believe in them. Along the way, she had some  interesting jobs in television,  animation, arts education, PR and a national magazine—but she never stopped believing she would eventually earn her living writing stories about love.

She is a member of RWA, Rainbow Romance Writers, and Liberty States Fiction Writers. Her home base is a small NJ suburb outside of Manhattan – a city she dearly loves. She shares her life with her husband, a teenaged son—who will just not stop growing—and two exceedingly spoiled cats. Her spare time is spent watching way too much sports programming, going to the movies and for long walks/runs in the park, reading her book club’s current selection, and thinking about superheroes.

Nothing makes her happier than knowing she made a reader laugh or smile or cry. It’s the purpose of sharing her work with people. She loves hearing from fans and fellow writers, and is always available for speaking engagements, visits and workshops.



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