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Book Brief: Adrenaline Jake by Louise Collins

41dN mPnaDL._SY346_Title: Adrenaline Jake

Author: Louise Collins

Release: 18th September 2017



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Jake has an addiction. Not drugs or alcohol like most of the people on his street, but adrenaline. He gambles with his life to get his fix, angering the most intimidating people he can find until they give chase.

The adrenaline highs are short-lived and leave him with a crushing drop, until one day the unexpected happens.

Dangers finds him.

He steals from the wrong man. A man ruthless and cold, who intimidates the very air he stands in. The man wants to reclaim what was stolen from him, and pursues.

The adrenaline rushing through Jake's body unexpectedly turns to arousal. Being at the mysterious mans mercy is a high he can't hope to find, one he needs as much as oxygen.

For the first time, Jake wants to be caught.

Contains M/M sex and darker themes.


Freya’s Book Brief

Set in the UK, Jake is an adrenaline junkie, mostly getting his kicks by stealing from people who could give chase. A dramatic chance encounter made curiosity get the better of Jake, and he steals something that gets him into a heap of trouble. Said event also introduces him to an enigmatic stranger who without words can reduce him to a quivering mess of lust. Several unusual encounters follow involving dark cars with blacked out windows and scenes of a mafia-style sexual nature.

The story is certainly erotic, bordering on D/s. I found the game of cat and mouse played between the main characters brought an entertaining element, but primarily Adrenaline Jake is sexually based.

This is not a long, involved story with layers of plot, but it was entertainingly titillating.

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