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Review: The Roswell Discrepancy: A Human Romance in Three Parts by A.G. Davis

theroswelldiscrepancyTitle ~ The Roswell Discrepancy: A Human Romance in Three Parts

Author ~ A.G. Davis

Published ~  23rd March 2017

Genre ~ M/M Romance, Mystery, Paranormal





After “the incident” and years of self-imposed exile, Desmond “Deetz’ Mac Innes returns to Wales. His father has died.
In the preceding years, Deetz became a skilled martial artist, slept with everyone - every which way - from San Francisco to Thailand, all the while improving his psychic powers and insightful wit.
But on his journey home, he is confronted by another problem, an old crush on his childhood best friend, Angus Reese, soon to be the 12th Earl of Glamorgan.
Amidst international intrigues and historical misrepresentations, between hozer beteshuva (“returning in repentance”) and fy anwylyd (“my beloved”), Deetz must lead a unique crew of talented reprobates, including a lusty talking dog and a vengeful chatty cat, to reveal the curious truth within the Roswell Discrepancy.


Sally’s Review

Well this was different. As you can see from the blurb there’s a bit of everything – paranormal, sci fi, Druidic magic, a spy story, a thriller, some politics and a protagonist who is a Jewish Welshman with a Scottish name reluctantly in love (because Deetz doesn't 'do' relationships) with a wildly wealthy, straight, playboy aristocrat soon to take his place in the House of Lords. These two have a history – one repeated down the generations. For the Mac Inneses have not only served and supported the Reeses of Glamorgan with their duties as aristocratic landowners and as dashing spies for a succession of Their Majesties’s various Secret Services, but in some cases as lovers and partners.

So this angsty romance also comprises sinister foreign plots, even more sinister domestic ones, politics, attacks and ambuscades, musings on spirituality and how one can fit ones faith into an increasingly secular world. And, as the title implies, aliens.

So is this a true crowd pleaser?

I'd say it depends what you want from a book. Length – yes, this is a long one. Sex – yes, there are sex scenes, including m/m/f.  Violence – yes, there's a considerable head count. Meticulous world building – well, yes, as long as you can accept it as a completely different world. It wasn't a Wales I recognised. Talking pets – they are there, but I can only assume the reason for their presence becomes clear in later books in the series. Tension and excitement – not really, I had to set the book aside several times for a variety of reasons and felt no particular wrench. Spirituality – I don't know enough about Judaism to comment but the Welsh Druidic magic would explain a lot about the Welsh Assembly's financial policies.

The most interesting and compelling part of the book is actually the one where the author's own field of work – psychology specialising in treating recovering abuse cases – is clear. Deetz is a very damaged young man, determined not to allow anyone to damage him again. This leads to a number of behaviours on his part that are jarring in a romance context but make good sense in a real life scenario. Unfortunately this becomes so overwhelmed by all the James Bond/Bourne tropes that it's more of a sub-plot that it should be.

Would I read Book 2? Well, I'm glad I stuck with this one right to the end, but it was too much, too chaotic, for my taste and I was deeply irritated by the talking animals. This first book ends on a fairly positive note so I think I'll stop here.

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  1. Thanks so much for the review! I appreciate your honest comments and, as I am working on the 2nd book in the trilogy, I will keep your thoughts in consideration.