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Review: Our Secret (Redwood Shifters #3) by Lily Harlem

our secretTitle ~ Our Secret (Redwood Shifters #3)

Author ~ Lily Harlem

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 5th September 2017

Genre ~ Erotic Paranormal M/M Romance





Book three in the Redwood Shifters series

Even when love is forbidden, it can’t be denied.

Davey is a loner and that suits him. His own company, whether in his dog body or human form, is his comfort zone. He’s never happier than when roaming his forest territory.

Until one day he finds himself trapped, injured and at the mercy of a huge mountain lion. There’s no way out—he’ll have to face what’s coming, jaws, claws and all.

But the big cat isn’t all he seems and before Davey knows what’s happening the very real mating instinct has bitten him hard. But feline and canines are sworn enemies—they can’t be together. Or can they? Will the new lovers ever be able to reveal their secret to the Redwood Pack, or is it just too dangerous? Can their love conquer all?


Sue’s Review

This is a story of forbidden love that can not be denied. It is a quick-paced novella comprising of 20K words and told entirely from Davey’s point of view. Part of the story runs parallel to the plot in book 2 and, although some of the events are repeated, this is probably my favourite in this series of short stories so far.

Davey is a dog shifter within the Redwood pack.  Lawson is a solitary mountain lion who has been wandering their territory. Both men are loners who prefer their own company, but are brought together by a mishap when Davey is searching for Julie’s trail in the woods. Instead of facing the enemy, though, Davey encounters his true mate. He doesn’t realize exactly what it is at first, but knows he’s never reacted to anyone else like this before. He can’t wait to see the man again and the second time he shifts from dog to human.

Once in human form the attraction is instant for both men. Neither of them had been attracted to another, nor expected to ever meet their mate. Lawson is a hunk of a man. Absolutely beautiful in Davey’s eyes. Perfect. But it’s more than a physical attraction that draws them together and makes him want Lawson like no other. The insta lust/love works well within this short story because of the fated mates concept. It also means there’s no need for lengthy 'getting to know you' and relationship development scenes. They manage to spend time alone and are not embarrassed by their nakedness or virginity. Everything comes naturally to them. Lily writes their sensual loving scenes well and clearly portrays the chemistry that has already sparked between them.

The tension builds when the pack detect the scent of the mountain lion and begin to hunt for the perceived threat. Davey has to work out a way to introduce the lion to his pack of dogs without getting his lover killed in the process. It’s either that or leave his beloved pack altogether, which he doesn’t want to do because they are his family. One thing for sure is he can’t walk away from Lawson now.

This is another enjoyable steamy read from Lily Harlem.  Her writing not only provides vivid descriptions of the settings and characters, she also makes full use of all the senses to help place the reader within a scene. She portrays the character’s range of emotions well; from fear and excitement, to love and arousal.

This could be read as a standalone story, but it is probably best read as part of the series, so you are aware of the other characters in the Redwood shifter pack.

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