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Review: Memories by Ruby Moone

memoriesTitle ~ Memories

Author ~ Ruby Moone

Publisher ~ JMS Books 

Published ~ 26th August 2017

Genre ~ Historical M/M Romance





Will Marsden is a man on the run from his memories and his past. Steward of Denton Manor was a good position until Captain Dearne, the owner, lost the manor on the turn of a card. When the feckless Dearne is dumped unconscious and near death on his doorstep, Will grudgingly accepts an enormous sum of money to care for him.
Dearne regains consciousness but has no memories of how he came to be in the bed of a dark-haired, angry, but gorgeous man or how he came to be so badly injured.
When nightmares drive Dearne into Will’s arms every night, the attraction between them explodes. As Dearne battles with lost memories, he is forced to accept the fact that someone in his family wants him dead, and Will is forced to confront his past head on. Will the revelations uncovered tear them apart?


Freya’s Review

Word got to Will that the Master, Captain Dearne, gambled away Denton Manor leaving Will with no job or home. Captain Dearne was a man of the King’s Army, but not of good reputation, who Will was happy to hate from afar. Will was also annoyed because he enjoyed being on the edge of social life, able to watch but not participate – it suited his nature and his secrets.

Then Will’s world got turned upside down when he was thrown into a situation, not of his making or liking. Dearne’s frantic sister paid Will to look after her injured and unconscious brother. Someone was out to harm him.

Memories is an historical tale with much to like about it. Set around 1815, (the Battle of Waterloo is the determining factor) the language isn’t always period appropriate. For example, to party (as in to have a good time), according to the Etymology Dictionary, wasn’t used in that format until 1922. Other, terms such as sketchy were not in common use until the 1870’s. But, if TV gurus can make Spartacus sound like Shakespeare then I’m okay with an historical using more modern language. But, purists may revolt. Other than that, I can’t comment on grammar as I did not read the final manuscript.

Back to the characters and plot.

Will is not a subservient man. Out in the wilds of Yorkshire with few visitors and a rare show of the master, he had no reason to be. So, when Captain Dearne was thrown at his feet, Will was his natural self. Reading the arrogance of aristocracy butting heads with an angry groundsman made for very readable interactions. During the day they were at loggerheads, but at night Dearne could only sleep without dreaming in Will’s arms. Both preferred the other when they were asleep.

Then come the plot twists. Dearne is absolute in that he wouldn’t have gambled his inheritance away. He has limited memory loss and doesn’t remember much after Waterloo. Something more sinister is afoot. Couple that with the fact that the men lived in a time when man loving meant, at the very least, jail, plus Will’s secrets, builds for a juicy reading. Will is confused. He is positive that his growing feelings for Dearne are wrong – after all, that was beaten into him at an early age. Dearne is persistent and used to getting what he wants.

With one man trying to find memories, the other trying to run from them, and both intent on discovering the perpetrator of the crime - the whodunit kept me guessing as it could have been one of many.

Short of a couple of minor scenes where I was left with questions that weren’t answered, I greatly enjoyed this period production. There was emotion, drama, hotness and some excellent snarkiness.

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Meet Ruby Moone

RubyMooneMy name is Ruby Moone and I love books. All kinds of books. My weakness is for romance, and that can be any kind, but I am particularly fond of historical and paranormal. I write gay romance after falling in love with the genre. I have read some fabulous books by amazing authors and knew I simply had to have a go. My head is always full of characters, but when I saw a submission call from JMS Books on Facebook I decided to give it a shot. I submitted my 12,500 word Novelette for their ‘Hurt Heroes’ call and guess what? She offered me a contract! My very first publishing contract. I now have two other stories due for release and I am still dancing on air, and still writing about men who fall in love with other men.



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