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Review: Preacher, Prophet, Beast (A Tyack and Frayne Mystery #7) by Harper Fox

f091387c1641d498d07eb8fb8c4b9ebf1f95a5a0Title: Preacher, Prophet, Beast

Author: Harper Fox

Published: 20th April 2017

Genre: Mystery / Paranormal M/M Romance



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This is the seventh book in the Tyack & Frayne Mystery series.

Lee would gladly trade all his psychic gifts for a chance at ordinary life with his husband and his little girl. Three years into their marriage, they’re settled in their new home – but the House of Joy can’t shield them from an oncoming threat with the power to uproot their whole world.

Lee can’t define it further, and even his beloved Gideon can’t unmask a monster with no face at all. Gideon is mired in problems and secrets of his own as he struggles to adjust to his new rank and the complexities of plainclothes police work with CID, and for once the devoted Tyack-Frayne partnership is failing to communicate.

Turbulent times in the world at large reach deep into the Bodmin heartland, and the village of Dark is without its guardian constable. More than Lee and Gideon can possibly know has been depending upon their rapport, and as the summer rises towards the longest day, a new and unfathomable kind of Beast is afoot on the moors...


Mark’s Review

Oh WOW! You know I love this series and Tyack and Frayne have become two of my most favourite characters. But more than this, just when I think I have read the last book in the series and console myself to fact that I have to say goodbye to these guys, Harper always gives my a whoop of joy when I see another book is out! Harper never makes any promises about writing another book in this series so there are never any cliffies to be dealing with at the end of each book, all rounded off nice and complete, but secretly I’m always keeping my fingers crossed that maybe, just maybe, we might get another story.

So you can imagine my delight when I saw this one released – WOOHOO – grabbed it like a madman and couldn’t wait to start it. Unfortunately, due to RL it has taken me a little longer to get around to it, but better late than never I guess and I wasn’t disappointed.

Gideon and Lee are now settled in their new house with their daughter Tamsyn and you would think that they can now get on with leading a normal life. But as we know nothing can be really “normal” where this family is concerned. Lee has a vision but can’t define it, but knows that something big, evil and very threatening is about to test their happy little world. He keeps this to himself even though it is a presence that is brooding in the background. I love the paranormal aspect to these stories, always within the realms of belief, but gives the mysteries an edge that keeps me fascinated all the way.

After reading the last book you would think it would all be plain sailing now but as in real life you can never rest and Gideon’s and Lee’s relationship once again is about to be put to the test. At first you think it’s all happy families but an upheaval in the order of things is about to throw the happy little band a huge curve ball. It’s this suspense until it all explodes in their faces and left willing them on to stay together, to see this next trial through. This book shows us that any relationship will have times where it’ll be tried and tested but sticking by each other through thick and thin is the only real, lasting love there is. It is in these times the resolve and love needed for each other is more important than ever and by throwing the towel in because it’s difficult never leads to a greater happiness.

Gideon is struggling with his new role in CID and longs for a simpler life by just being the village bobby of Dark. However, his police instincts are going to be needed more than ever in the current situation. I love how Harper captures the mood of the times, is there a political agenda to the book? Well maybe, but it’s definitely one that can’t be ignored and is all too real in today’s turbulent times. She manages to put her finger on the crux of the matter, something that is growing in Cornwall like a cancer and has the potential to kill people if it isn’t tackled head on. In fiction many truths can sometimes be found. This is where our hero policeman Gideon will risk his own life for others. The brave and dangerous risk that the men and women in the police face every day to protect others is saluted in this book. Gideon is also plagued by a vision of his own but how does this connect with anything playing out in Cornwall today? Well, in this book we meet many characters from previous books, good and bad, and this culminates in showing us that there will always be people ready to destroy for the sake of hate and intolerance. Dramatic? Maybe. Real? Definitely!

In this book Harper captures the Zeitgeist of our current time and I was left reading a story that had me enthralled from beginning to end. But more than that, I fell in love all over again with these two Cornish lads from my home county, battling on all fronts to keep their little family together. Will there be another book? Well, I hope so and it is hope that keeps us going.


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Meet Harper Fox


Bestselling British author Harper Fox has established herself as a firm favourite with readers of M/M romance. Over the past three years, she’s delivered thirteen critically acclaimed novels, novellas and short stories, including Scrap Metal (Rainbow Awards Honourable Mention),The Salisbury Key(CAPA nominated) and Life After Joe (Band of Thebes Best LGBT Book, 2011).

Harper takes her inspiration from a wide range of British settings – wild countryside, edgy urban and most things in between – and loves to use these backdrops for stories about sexy gay men sharing passion, adventure and happy endings. She also runs her own publishing imprint, FoxTales.

Harper is enjoying life in Cornwall after her move from Northumberland, and soaking up ideas and inspiration from the wildly lovely Cornish coasts.

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