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Release Day Review: The Storm Lords by Ravon Silvius

storm lordsTitle ~ The Storm Lords

Author ~ Ravon Silvius

Publisher ~ DSP Publications

Published ~ 8th August 2017

Genre ~ Fantasy M/M Romance





The heat took everything from Rowen: his parents, his voice when the local cure for heatstroke poisoned him, and the trust of his fellow villagers, who branded him a water thief. It would have claimed his life when he was deemed unworthy of precious resources and left in the sun to die, had not a strange man named Kristoff ridden in on the wind and told Rowen he had power.

Rowen works hard to become a Storm Lord, one of a secret magical group that brings storms to break the heat waves overtaking their world. But Rowen is starting his training at a disadvantage since he cannot speak and is much older than the other novices. The desire to please Kristoff inspires him to persevere even more than the threat of being sent back to his village to die should he fail. Still, he cannot gather rain, and when his abilities manifest, they are unlike anything known to the Storm Lords. Unless Kristoff can help him control his deadly powers, the entire world will be in danger.

Kristoff might be among the mightiest of the Storm Lords, but he’s never been a mentor before. For a chance to be with Rowen, he’s willing to risk everything.


Freya’s Review

The effect of the heat spells has taken its toll on Rowen and his primitive village. With each heat spell, people lose their lives, including Rowen’s parents. Rowen only survived because he ate pit seeds. Unfortunately, he ate too many in one gulp and is now mute.

The story starts with a gut wrenching bang, as the villagers decide to sacrifice Rowen to appease the gods. Enter Kristoff, the Storm Lord who saves him from certain death – mainly because he senses something different in Rowen. Hence, he takes him away to train as a Storm Lord. But, Rowen isn’t like any other Storm Lord. And that’s where I’ll leave you hanging to read the rest for yourself.

This story is unlike anything I’ve read before, and I got totally engrossed in it. Technically, The Storm Lords is good. The cast is also small and varied. So, I was able to sink into the world created and took the journey along with Rowen and Kristoff. Rowen has to learn how to communicate when he can’t read, write or speak – though he isn’t as na├»ve as some expect. Kristoff is of a similar age to Rowen and must adjust to taking on the responsibility of a student, and do his best by him while fighting his attraction to the man.

I became fascinated by the process of weather manipulation and the responsibilities that come with it. Even with the Storm Lords, fear of the unknown can lead to interesting decisions, and it takes courage to seek another path. I really felt for the characters, especially Rowen and Kristoff, and came to care for them.

As with all stories, some parts are more engrossing than others. But, one of the things I liked was that the sexual elements complemented the story and were not written for gratuitous purposes. I was also chuffed to see how Rowen stood up for himself against those who would treat him like a child, or run roughshod over him, just because of his handicap and sexual preference.

I found The Storm Lords to be quite the literary ride.

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