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As M/M Reviewers, between us we have read thousands of m/m romance novels over the years and we would like to share our favourites with you, those reads that have been 4+ stars for us. So every Monday we bring you our Quick Bites, short reviews of our recommended reads.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We have five great Quick Bites to brighten up the start of your week from Jeff Adams, Kay Simone, Harper Fox, HJ Perry and Carol Lynne. Don’t forget you can also enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a Kindle eBook of your choice from this weeks Quick Bites.


Hat Trick (Hat Trick #1) by Jeff Adams

91SoEsU yUL._SL1500_[2]Rating ~ 4 Stars 

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Simon Roberts’ plan for his senior year is simple -- help his high school hockey team win the state championship and earn a college scholarship so he can get away from his dysfunctional family, especially his belligerent father and obnoxious older brother.

When the Central High Falcons open their season with an away game, Simon is forced to deal with the problem he’s struggled with for months -- his crush on teammate Alex Miller. After the game that night, Alex makes an unexpected announcement -- he’s gay, and in love with Simon.

Simon’s elated but scared to openly acknowledge that he’s gay, especially with so much at stake in their senior year. Now that they’re out to each other they have to decide what to do next. Should they date? Should they keep things between them secret? What about the team? Can Simon and Alex hide that they’re more than friends from the guys they spend so much time with?

Then a simple kiss is witnessed and their secret is out. The team fractures, and Simon’s family explodes as news about the gay hockey players quickly spreads. The guys must figure out how to move forward with everyone watching. Being the center of attention was in no way part of Simon’s plan for the year.
Can Simon juggle school, commitments to the team, his new relationship, and an unexpected tragedy all before the end of the hockey season?

Debra’s Quick Bite

I don’t read a lot of Young Adult stories, but I found myself really enjoying this one so much that I followed it with the rest of the series.

Seniors in high school and hockey teammates Simon and Alex are wonderful together. Alex has been out to his family for a while and is confident in himself and his sexuality, while Simon is just coming to terms with his, having had some feelings for Alex, but considering himself straight. I adored the honesty between the boys as the two start secretly dating. When their relationship is exposed, they find both support and disgust from friends, teammates and family, and eventually there is a landslide of events that turns horrifyingly tragic (and then yet another that was a bit over the top but not enough to dampen my like of the story).

The story is focused on Simon finding his way and facing an uncertain future. While there is happiness for the two at the end, there is still a lot to overcome and some unfinished business that will have you hungering for the next installment.


One Giant Leap (Audiobook) by Kay Simone

61VKsCmviuL._AA300_Rating ~ 5 Stars 

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Curtis "Launchpad" Larkin's career as an astronaut has had its share of ups and downs.

Alternately lauded as the single-handed savior of NASA and condemned as a reckless, hot-headed bully, Curt has been through the wringer of public opinion and come out on top. When he embarks on his final mission with NASA, Curt figures there's no curveball that life has left to throw him.

But when the role of spacecraft communicator is passed to a young engineer back in Houston who he's never met, Curt's mission takes on a new trajectory.

Patrick Harte's life is turned upside down when he's called to fill in at mission control, working directly under his hero, Curtis Larkin.

Falling for Curt is just a small step for Patrick - but it's one giant leap to think that the astronaut could ever return his feelings.

After Curt connects with Patrick from worlds away, he can't imagine life on earth without the other man...Despite the fact that he's never laid eyes on Patrick. And their problems won't stop once he's cleared for landing.

The bad-boy astronaut is no stranger to controversy - but will the genuine and soft-spoken man of his dreams be able to keep up with the trouble Curt seems to stir everywhere he goes?

Jane’s Quick Bite

At the introduction of this audiobook it starts “One Giant Leap written by Kay Simone and ‘performed’ by Greg Tremblay” and it really is an amazing 5* performance. Like a few of my favourite narrators now, it is elevated from just narration to something akin to theatre or cinema. The story centres on Curtis Larkin, a bad boy astronaut who unexpectedly has another space mission and he develops the most endearing relationship with the new spacecraft communications officer ( Capcom) back at Houston mission control. Patrick Harte is thrust into the role of Capcom and gradually falls for his childhood hero crush, but doesn't know if what has developed between earth and space can be sustained when Curt lands. This is a beautiful, slow burn May-December romance and the narration of their exchanges between earth and space and listening to them fall for each other is what made this so captivating to listen to. A 5* story brought to life with a stellar 5* performance. Can't recommend it highly enough.


When Christmas Lights are Blue

51i5OUQ7v8L[3]Rating ~ 5 Stars 

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Rob and Karan are a great couple, but they’re tearing apart under the pressures of modern life. They both work as paramedics for the NHS, and just before Christmas, their plans for the future are in jeopardy.

Rob knows he’s on thin ice with the man he loves more than anyone else in the world, and he’s at a loss to fix it. The job is getting tougher, and Karan, who’s of Sikh descent, is facing violence on the streets in the wake of Britain’s decision to leave the EU. Financial problems, hostile families on both sides... Their troubles seem insoluble.

An emergency callout stops them on the brink of a final and heartbreaking row. In a forest on the bleak northern hills, Rob loses control of the van in the snow. The only gleam of light comes from a strange, lonely house among the trees. Lost, cut off from the world they know, can they find their way back to one another? It’s the longest night of the year, and spirits are abroad among the pines...

Mark’s Quick Bite

You’re all probably wondering why on earth I’m featuring a Christmas story in the middle of summer. Well, to be honest neither do I (lol!) but this story is so beautiful and has a message that can be read any time of the year, it doesn’t need to be Christmas to read this one.

Some of the most wonderful things come in the smallest of packages and Harper pushed all my buttons with delightful Christmas tale packed into 45 pages. Rob and Karan are engaged and planning to get married, they are so in love that it pained me to think that outside pressures maybe their undoing. However, it takes a small Christmas miracle and they are more in love and stronger together than ever before.

This book is a dedication to all the men and women who sacrifice so much, putting their own lives at risk to save the lives of others. In a little under a two hour read, Harper had touched on so many emotions within in me. Anyone who is aware of what is happening around us today and wishes to see this through the eyes of Harper Fox then I can’t recommend this book highly enough.


A Secret Boyfriend (Sky High Scaffolders, #4)

by HJ Perry

51mmiS58PHLRating ~ 5 Stars 

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Opposites attract and when the macho construction worker meets the sexy guy from the supermarket it changes both their lives.

Kevin is bisexual.
He knows the truth: He’s had girlfriends and craves experience with men. He'd never tell anyone his sexy or romantic fantasies. And could never imagine coming out to his dad or his mates. They are all blue collar workers like him. He's a super romantic and sweet guy who just hadn't found anyone to fall in love with until...

Opposites attract.
Out, loud, and proud: Perry is at a stage in his life when he doesn’t need a boyfriend just casual fun. He avoids hookup apps. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to meet guys. Some of those are not things you’d admit to your coworkers in the supermarket.
When you don’t want a boyfriend, fate will send along the perfect candidate. Sometimes several to choose from. This time lady luck has sent a couple of guys for Perry to choose from: Kevin and Kevin's brother.

Unlikely circumstances bring Kevin and Perry together. The chemistry between them inevitable means they can’t keep their clothes on. And they must make physical connections involving hands and mouths.

There is a great deal of kissing and man loving man in this story.
No cheating and a happy ending.
Kevin & Perry's story is another low angst, feel-good, gay romance in the Sky High Scaffolders (Our Secret Wedding) series.
A first-time gay romance.

*** This can be read as a standalone title. ***

Sue’s Quick Bite

I loved this sweet, sexy, low angst tale of two lovely guys who meet up almost by chance as they both do something out of character. They are the same age, yet very opposite in physique and personality, but they are instantly attracted to each other. Kevin hasn’t had a boyfriend before and his sexual experience with guys is limited. Perry has trouble with finding the right guy when hooking-up as no one online seems to want a ‘femme’ guy.

The storyline drew me in from the first scene and held my attention, as did the various characters. This is a feel-good romance with only a little angst. Kevin is in the closet at home and at work and because of Perry he wants to find the right time to come out.

The writing is excellent. It’s a style I really like. I also liked the short, swift-moving chapters and the alternating point of view. There’s some humour and the sex scenes are sizzling. It was refreshing to read two characters who were not keen on anal sex and preferred 'other means' to show their affection. Their romance and relationship develop wonderfully and the ending is just perfect for these two sweet guys.

Although part of the Sky High Scaffolders series it can be read as a standalone title.


Kiss Me Cowboy by Carol Lynne

kiss me cowboy[3]Rating ~ 5 Stars 

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It isn’t easy to cling to teenage promises when you become one of the forgotten.

For Eli Barron, Jesse Clooney has always been the one. From their first day of kindergarten through their high-school graduation, the pair were inseparable. So, when a situation arises that splits the two men apart, it’s up to Eli to keep the home fires burning as Jesse sets off to follow his dreams on the rodeo circuit. But how long can a man continue to stoke the fire before the flames die out?

Publisher's Note: This book has previously been released as part of the Unconventional in Kansas City anthology with Pride Publishing.

Freya’s Quick Bite

Eli and Jesse have been in love, like, forever. Both boys had plans to join the Rodeo circuit, but the death of his father made Eli head of the ranch with younger siblings to look after. Eli stayed at home. Jesse followed his dreams to the circuit. Years pass with only the odd get together with Jesse, and Eli wonders if it’s time to give him up.

The loyalty Eli has for Jesse is Beautiful and heartbreaking. When the boys are together, it’s sweet and touching, and the love between them is absolute. Though, only Eli’s family witness the effects of Jesse leaving each time. There sure are several lumps in the throat moments. Over the years some events bring them closer and others widen more than physical distance.

The author has kept this story compact by not drawing out periods between the boys meeting up. It’s a case of they meet, here, here, and here, and this is what happens. Kiss Me Cowboy is a shorty that does not disappoint. I found it to be an emotional rollercoaster for both Eli and me.



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  1. Thanks for the bites. I'd go with One Giant Leap. I grew up during the early years of the space program, so an astronaut/NASA story sounds interesting. - Purple Reader,
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