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Featured Guest Author: Living on the Edge (Caribbean Tales) Taylor V. Donovan. Includes Guest Post & Giveaway.


We are thrilled to welcome Taylor V. Donovan today as she celebrates the upcoming release of the long awaited first book in her Caribbean Tales series, Living on the Edge, due for release on the 15th September. Go check it out and don’t forget to enter the amazing giveaway of a Kindle Fire, plus a chance to win an advanced readers copy of Living on the Edge.


Hello everyone! My name’s Taylor and I’m an author of gay romance and suspense. Today I’m here to talk about writing and a new release from me, finally, that I’m ecstatic about. Thanks to Sinfully for having me over! J

Those of you who recognize my name know I haven’t been active in the past…four years I believe. I did attempt to release Heavy Hitters well over a year ago, but that was a mess of epic proportions with Amazon. In the end, I took everything that went wrong as a sign that the book wasn’t meant to come out yet. I’m Puerto Rican, what can I say? ;-) Long story short, I pulled the book and sat on it, then I decided to work on it some more. That took months and months…but here I am.

Now, you might be wondering about my other series. Am I ever going to finish By Degrees? And what about the second instalment in the Bylaws series? I recently wrote a News and Updates post on my blog where you can find the answers to those questions, but here’s the gist of it: yes, ‘Six Degrees of Agony’ will be released next year through my publisher. In the meantime I’ll be releasing titles through my very own press.

My Caribbean Tales series is top priority right now for several reasons. First and foremost, it is set in my hometown of Puerto Rico, and writing Puerto Rican guys doing things Boricua style in settings I love has my creative muscles flexing like crazy. Secondly, I am passionate about these guys. They motivate me, and that means the world to someone who was blocked for a long time. I honestly can’t wait for you all to meet Damián and Gael from Living on the Edge on September 15th. Their story spans several years, and they’ll be your introduction to our culture, traditions, food, to our way of doing things…to the good and the bad, to what it is like being gay in a bicultural country heavily influenced by the United States but extremely attached to its traditional values… Can you tell how excited I am? :-D Damián and Gael will also pave the way for Santi and Luca, as Heavy Hitters will be released (finally!!!!!) shortly thereafter. J

I could go on forever about this series, but I’m just going to quietly walk away and leave you with an excerpt, a request to leave a comment for a chance to win an arc, and a reminder to enter my Kindle Fire giveaway. Good luck, and enjoy!



Living on the Edge

(Caribbean Tales)

Taylor V. Donovan

LivingOnTheEdge_web500x750Publisher ~ Desecheo Press

Published ~ September 15th 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary gay Romance



Meeting his soulmate, falling in love, and starting a relationship is only the beginning.

Lieutenant Damián Laporte Ortiz is well acquainted with deception. He’s also an expert at leading a double life. Most people know him as a war veteran and highly decorated cop working for F.U.R.A., a specialized police unit in Puerto Rico. Others know him as a crook. His family sees him as an honorable man and an exemplary single dad. The truth is he’s anything but. That’s why half of his friends believe he goes home with a different woman every chance he gets, while the other half knows for a fact he’s in a long-term relationship with a guy. His peace of mind, happiness, and survival depend on keeping his worlds apart. It isn’t until his professional career takes a series of unexpected turns that he’s forced to reconsider his priorities and stance.

Gay rights activist Gael Cisneros Beltrán dedicates his life to representing the marginalized LGBT community in a place he otherwise considers to be paradise. Fighting for their rights consumes his days. Going home to his closeted boyfriend replenishes him at night. Balancing their needs, goals, and responsibilities is a complicated act, but their commitment to each other continues to stand the test of time.

No challenge is too great to overcome. Nothing can tear them apart. Not until the past comes knocking and their carefully built parallel lives finally collide. Now they must decide what matters more—the common good or their love. 



Discreet to a fault, neither family, friends, nor co-workers had the faintest idea his secret endeavors were with dudes, but Damián loved cock. He was a through and through maricón. He didn’t care what the church or the government said, and he refused to go without the pleasure of banging men.

In the past four years, he’d become well acquainted with the Down Low lifestyle, and had had plenty encounters with strangers he’d found online. It was as easy as pie.

Men felt tremendous pressure to look and behave like real men. If a guy wasn’t perceived as dominant, aggressive, and one-hundred percent masculine, his social standing went to hell. That was why most gays—himself included—upheld traditional gender roles and values. They were convinced coming out was akin to asking for a life of abuse, discrimination, and disadvantage, and the island’s closet was bursting at the seams as a result. Secret bottoms looking for tops in chatrooms were a dime a dozen, and Damián took advantage of it as often as possible. He didn’t like that too many of those guys were ashamed of wanting it up the ass, but that never stopped him from fucking some of them six ways to Sunday.

Unlike some of the guys he’d interacted with online, Damián didn’t have a burning desire to free himself by letting the entire world know about his same-sex attractions, and he’d never been an anxious mess over his sexuality. He was loved. Happy. Practical. Pragmatic. He knew wishing things were different for gays in the island was a waste of time, so he never had. It was the same reason he hadn’t become seriously involved with another guy. Getting discovered would jeopardize his employment opportunities, his son and wife’s lives, and most likely his paternal rights if his in-laws got involved, which would turn things into a war, because fuck those guys. It would be explosive, and Damián didn’t want to get burned.

His acceptance of the situation didn’t mean he didn’t have emotional needs that his family and friends—amazing as they were—couldn’t fulfill. Truth be told, limiting his every-day interactions to straight people was depressing. All he did was watch his tribe from afar, and he felt lonely and socially isolated as a result. He wanted friends he could relate to in a deeper level, and he’d love to be in a relationship. Hell, he yearned for someone he could be one-hundred-percent real with so often and so much, his damn chest hurt from it.

But he was afraid turning that wish into reality would be irresponsible, and now he could add untimely to his reasons to resisting the urge, so that was exactly what he’d done. Until he walked into the club next to his job and saw Gael…until the space-time continuum ripped…until he spent only God knew how long watching him interact with other people in Areito Café.

Total game changer.

Damián had already known Gael was ballsy as fuck from following his activism work and reading his articles in the island’s LGBT online forum, but as he hid in a corner drinking his Screwdriver, he learned Gael was also friendly. Confident. Hot. Seductive. A force of nature. Fucking magnetic.

And Damián wanted him.

All of him.

He decided right then and there that he would have him.


Meet Taylor

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Taylor V. Donovan is a compulsive reader and author of gay romance and suspense. She is optimistically cynical about humanity and a lover of history, museums, and all things 80s. She shamelessly indulges in mind-numbing reality television, is crazy about fashion, and passionate about civil rights and equality for all.




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