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Book Brief: The Protector by N.L. Gassert

the protectorTitle ~ The Protector 

Author ~ N.L. Gassert

Publisher ~ MLR Press

Published ~ 25th July 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Suspense/Thriller





Soren Buchanan feels trapped by his controlling father James, a businessman who's clever at masking illegal financial dealings on the tropical island of Guam. When James finally asks too much of him, Soren flees to the FBI for help.

Until Soren's information pans out, the Bureau can't protect him -- so the task falls to Mason Ward, security specialist and former US Army Ranger.

Protecting Soren should be easy enough, but Soren is young, seductive, and not entirely forthcoming about the trouble following him. Mason must fight his growing attraction to the young man as well as thugs sent to bring Soren Buchanan home ... dead or alive.

This finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for best gay romance is perfect for fans of LA Witt's Okinawa series.

This title is a re-release.


Freya’s Book Brief

A friend in the FBI asks Mason to babysit Soren, a young man whose father has dodgy connections. When Soren walked into the FBI offices, he wasn’t sure what he expected to happen, but ending up with Mason on a boat wasn’t it.

Mason and Soren are opposites in looks, habits, likes and dislikes. Yet, they both share a love of carpentry. I greatly enjoyed the phrasing used to describe them.  There is an immediate attraction between the two. And although Soren has never been with a man, he’s curious. Therein lies many a thought like, want but can’t have, or no way can it work.

Family dynamics are such complicated things. Soren’s father is a powerful man, and he wields that power in many ways. One such way is he has beaten loyalty into Soren. Soren has eyes though. He knows things about his father’s business and his associates, but he doesn’t want to rat on his dad. At the same time, what’s happening is too much for him to handle. Hence, he runs to the FBI.

I found it refreshing to read of a protectee that wasn’t a budding angel. His vices would take some managing. After all, they were tried and tested methods of dealing with his life.  Mason too, is flawed. He tries his best but is fallible. Unable to be a one-man walking army, the message that is given to Soren is – stop hiding behind excuses and start to help yourself, too.

Told in the third person, while reading I experienced a number of emotions, frustration and exhilaration among them. There’s no question that the boys are hot. Though, a few autonomous body parts and a small obsession with freckles worm their way into the story.  There is some engaging banter between Mason and his brother Stoney, who was somewhat of a scene stealer and my overall favourite character. I also found it amusing to see how two such butch blokes were afraid/had a healthy respect, for their mother.

If you like a story where there are guns, fights, a seriously screwed up family and where heroes have their flaws but try their best, this is for you.

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