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Book Brief: Freedoms Shore by Adam Arkin

freedomsshoreTitle ~ Freedoms Shore

Author ~ Adam Arkin

Publisher ~ MLR Press 

Published ~ 28th June 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Erotic Romance





When a shy student decides to spend a summer on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, he has no idea of the life-changing adventure that awaits. For years Adam has denied his true yearnings, until a visit to a gay-friendly nudist beach inspires him to act on his naked impulses. Slowly his mind is coaxed open to a world of new pleasures, in the experienced hands of the uninhibited hunks that frequent the cruising zone beyond the palms-a place where nothing is taboo.
As Adam learns to embrace his sexuality, he develops intense feelings for the enigmatic Javier, a young man with a secret of his own. Infatuated by his friends smouldering allure and striking Latin looks, Adam falls recklessly in love. As passions flare over the course of a long, sultry summer, both men must risk it all, if they are to satisfy their deepest desires.


Freya’s Book Brief

To get away from his old life, the quintessentially British Adam accepts a post teaching English in Spain. His student is the beautiful Javier, a young man the same age as Adam. Javier, like Adam, is hiding a secret. But unlike Javier, Adam intends to explore the side of him that has been long emerging.

Firstly, this story comes with a warning. To read, you will need a cold shower or fan to hand. It is detailed, sensual and arousing. This is not one to be read on the train on the way into work – unless of course, you want to give someone in the carriage a view to talk about!!!!

With no gay sexual experience, Adam doesn’t know if he wants to top, bottom or a bit of both. He uses the local nudist beach, and internet, to experiment and follow his desires. With each visit, he gets bolder. It is this section of the arc that is followed for most of the tale.

Told in the first person, there is no doubt that this story has its charm. After all, it is about a young man exploring his sexuality and getting confused in the process. However, the frequently occurring autonomous body parts and often passive style of writing is a technical thing the beta in me found hard to ignore. There is also the odd slip between tenses.

Adam enjoys experimenting with his kinkier side, albeit rather risqué due to the nature of the encounters and often a lack of provisions and preparation. As fun as he finds his dalliances, he discovers that his brief encounters are emotionally meaningless, and what he wants is a relationship. Enter Javier. But as Adam is his teacher, he is considered off limits. The sexual tension between them grows and grows, through a combination of partially nude encounters in the garden and misinterpreted signals. While the sexual element of the story is titillating, I enjoyed the arc between Adam and Javier the most.

Despite the allure of the blurb, there were no real surprises. There are also some viewpoints about the perceptions of the world in general that many will agree with. I found Freedom’s Shore to be an extremely sexually dominant story more about the experience than anything – and sex sells. 

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