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Review: All I Ever Wanted (Firsts & Forever #14) by Alexa Land

GaysTitle ~ All I Ever Wanted (Firsts & Forever #14)

Author ~ Alexa Land

Published ~  11th June 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





I’ve been given this amazing gift: a second chance.
I have to get it right this time.
Because Cole Ealy is all I ever wanted, and this is our last shot at forever.
River and Cole fell in love and moved in together, and then it all went wrong. A year has passed, but River can’t move on. He’s still in love, but after all that time, and all that hurt, can he convince Cole to give him another chance? And if he does, can they get it right this time, or will the same mistakes tear them apart?
All I Ever Wanted is the fourteenth book in Alexa Land’s best-selling Firsts & Forever Series. Each book is written to stand alone, so jump in anywhere. This contemporary, second chance gay romance is approximately 101,000 words. Please note: contains graphic sex and adult language, and is only intended for adult readers.


Debra’s Review

Alexa Land’s stories, even when it’s my first time reading them, are comfort reads for me. There is something about her writing that lulls me in and keeps me reading until the end, usually with a big smile on my face. This is River and Cole’s book. They’ve been on the sidelines having a difficult time and I know a lot of fans like me have been waiting for their story.

I love second chance romance, especially when someone really has to work at getting back the one they let go. Here, I expected there to be a bit more of a fight for River and Cole to get back to where they were since what little we saw of their parting in previous books seemed so antagonistic. To that end, I was a bit disappointed, but their love story still worked for me. What I got was two men who realize they were both responsible for the end of their relationship and dealt with it like adults. They never stopped loving each other and wanted nothing more than to fix what was broken, taking what they learned in their year apart and devoting themselves to making things work.

This story was really a quiet, gentle romance. Even though Cole and River were already in love, there was so much they never learned about or shared with each other; it was almost like they were starting from scratch in some ways. River sets out to woo Cole, sappy pronouncements and all. It was nice to watch them really work at things, learn to communicate and in the process become the men they had been holding themselves back from being.

There isn’t angst between the men, but there is drama when Cole has to face his past as he returns to the hometown both he and Hunter ran from. There is a taste of what they went through, from both family and their neighbors, but they manage to come out ahead with some help from the men in their lives.

As usual, past characters drop in and I was beyond thrilled to see Dmitri and Jamie back. There are also several new secondary characters introduced and plenty of humor, something Alexa Land excels at writing, especially from River’s incredibly lovable roommate Quinn (who I am praying ends up in an odd couple story with Cole’s uptight roommate Duke). There are wedding guests from hell, a demon cat in a tuxedo, men in rompers and lots of glitter. Nana’s role is smaller but she still manages to make a scene, filming an episode of her cooking show – good thing it was on firehouse cooking – and doing anything she can to help out her boys.

Although I was hoping for a bit more in the angst department this was a fine second-chance romance with a happy ending that was just perfect for them. I would say that other than being confused by cameos from other characters, this is definitely one book in the series that would work very well as a standalone. Both Cole and River have been around for a while, but they were mostly background players and their story plays out in full here so if you’ve been wondering where you can jump in without being lost, here’s a place to do it.

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Meet Alexa Land

I'm a true believer in happily ever after, and writing is my passion. My character-driven books include the best-selling Firsts and Forever Series, which is set in San Francisco. I grew up in Southern California, spent over a decade in the Bay Area, and now call a small town in Oregon home. My son and I share a vintage cottage with an indifferent cat and a hyper dog, and I spend my days writing about men falling in love. My books will make you laugh and shed an occasional tear, and they always deliver a satisfying HEA.




  1. I enjoyed this series and always read in one sitting only to then go back to the first and start all over again. I'm glad Cole's and Rivers story was given their own book. I too have high hopes for Quinn helping loosen up Duke

    1. Quinn is just too adorable but he definitely needs a keeper. :)

  2. Thank you so much for reviewing my book, Debra! The good news is, Quinn's book is next up, and it will be an odd couple romance with Duke, Cole's former roommate. :)

    1. Just what I was hoping for. I'll be looking forward to that Alexa!

  3. I've read the first 13 books in this series and love them so much! I'm glad the series is continuing! You can't go wrong with reading these books. The characters are so interesting and the family one you wished you belonged to.

    1. Agreed Diane. I love the way she seamlessly adds new characters and they instantly become part of the family.