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Release Day Review: The Other Five Percent by Quinn Anderson

TheOtherFivePercent_500x750Title ~ The Other Five Percent

Author ~ Quinn Anderson

Publisher ~ Riptide Publishing

Published ~ 10th July 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Logan Vanderveer has a joke he’s been telling since college: he’s ninety-five percent straight. He did some experimenting in school, but none of the men he fooled around with inspired him to abandon “the plan”: meet a nice girl, get married, and settle down, just like his parents always said.

None of them except Ellis Floyd, who aroused desires and feelings that scared Logan. So much so that he abandoned their burgeoning relationship just as it might have become something. But four years later, Ellis is back, and Logan finds himself questioning his sexuality in a big way.

Ellis doesn’t fit into Logan’s plan. He’s happy being a starving artist, whereas Logan has sold his soul to corporate America. Ellis is ripped jeans, and Logan is tailored suits. And, most notably, Ellis is out. But seeing him again is dredging up memories—like how it feels to kiss Ellis, and that time they almost went all the way. With chemistry like theirs, Logan isn’t sure he can—or should—keep ignoring the other five percent.


Freya’s Review

On the Kinsey Scale, Logan vocally puts himself well up on the ‘straight’ side of the scale, but not 100%. Ellis, a college friend he experimented with, was the guy who stopped him having the perfect percentage. Nevertheless, Logan had a plan. He was going to have a wife and family. But, the best-laid plans…..

On the way to work, while facilitating his coffee addiction, Logan runs into Ellis, who has always been an artistic free spirit, and his world comes to a halt.

After their initial meeting, Ellis is keen to meet up. Despite his body saying otherwise, Logan resists and would prefer to be friends without any gay interactions. He’s at war with himself. He is saying one thing (often classist, awkward, na├»ve gay remarks easily taken the wrong way,) and his body is contradicting him. Ellis represents a time in Logan’s life that he wants to forget, but can’t – hell, he wants Ellis. Both men need to clear the air before they can move on, and Ellis has some things to get off his chest.

It seems like Logan and Ellis, in personality and life choices, are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Yet, all too often, opposites attract. Logan is confused about his feelings for Ellis, and has to sort out his identity. Logan has his hang ups, but so does Ellis. Ellis is harbouring a lot of anger at the way Ellis left him and, over the years, it’s gnawed away at him.

The story is sweet and enjoyable. The way this classic scenario plays out makes for a read that had me liking Logan despite some foot in mouth comments. Neither are perfect. Ellis is no wilting flower either. The young man has some spunk and a good way of articulating what he’s feeling. Highlights for me include some amusing turns of phrase like “I’ve been changing diapers for ten years now, I can smell shit from a mile away.” And, “Is he taken?” “Worse. Closeted.” Also, “Being convincing doesn’t appear to be high on your list of priorities”. There are others, the majority of which are spoken and thought by Logan. It’s his internal ramblings that made me smile the most. I’d also like to party with Logan’s sisters – they’re a hoot and the kind of sisters I’d like to have.

I found The Other Five Percent to be a short, entertaining read with some heat and very snappy dialogue.

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