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Release Day Review: The Prince & the Omega by Penelope Peters

prince and omegaTitle ~ The Prince & the Omega

Author ~ Penelope Peters

Published ~ 25th May 2017

Genre ~ Fantasy M/M Romance, Mpreg





Rowan’s not royalty – and that’s fine by him.
Omega Rowan Thornton has never been so glad he’s not considered royalty. Especially since his best friend Princess Celia is stuck bonding with a foreign prince she’s never even met. Celia’s solution? Ask Rowan to flirt with someone, anyone, during her engagement ball so she can live a romantic entanglement vicariously through him.
Well, that’s what best friends are for, right?
Gus is royal to the bone – and he's never regretted it before.
Prince Gaspar – better known as Gus – isn’t the type of alpha to fall in love at the drop of a hat, or at the staged farce of a romantic ball. He’s agreed to an arranged marriage because it’s his duty – not his desire. When his half-brother suggests he take a last chance at having what he really wants before getting tied down to a foreign princess, Gus has no intention of following through… until he meets the handsome omega commoner with the adorable smile.
It’s not like Gus is going to lose his heart or anything, right?
It was only a single night – but the consequences could be greater than their lifetimes.
Gus and Rowan both know that a lifetime spent together is impossible – but for a single hour, they just don’t care. One night of giving into their passion has consequences neither of them anticipated… but will it dismantle the fragile truce between their countries? And will one courtier’s jealousy end up destroying everything they both hold dear?
The Prince and the Omega is a stand-alone m/m mpreg omegaverse non-shifter romance with an HEA ending. It has secret passageways, loyal friendships, garden labyrinths, and a prince in disguise.


Cheryl’s Review

This wasn’t a “great” book. There were flaws. The writing was immature in places and there were parts where it was trite and the reality of the situation was somewhat strained. However, it was a good book, and an extremely entertaining read.

I suppose the realistic rating for this book would be 3.5* but I’m giving it 4* purely because of its entertainment value. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and read it in one sitting, although it caused me to stay up until the early hours.

I loved Rowan from the very first page to the last. His character is consistent, honourable, sweet and a little na├»ve at times. He tries his hardest do the right things by his friends and where did it leave him – abandoned and pregnant. Fortunately, he had Amelia to pick up the pieces.

Amelia was my second favourite character. She’s a kickass bitch with a snarky humour and a liking for knives – just my kind of girl. You always know where you are with this girl. She shoots straight from the hip and doesn’t give a shit. I suspected her role early on but was still taken by surprise and had an “Aww” moment.

Gus, I wasn’t so keen on. He allowed his brother to talk him into having a fling the night of his engagement and although he tells Rowan from the start it can only be a one-time deal, he deliberately misleads Rowan about his identity and then won’t leave him alone. Poor Rowan struggles with his loyalty to his friend and wants to keep Gus at a distance, but Gus keeps yanking him back. I appreciate Gus is in emotional pain, but given his opinions at the beginning about his father’s indiscretions I think he’s being an ass.

What can I say about Celia. She sounds as if she was a fun friend as a child, but the way she behaves in the book, I can imagine she would be a difficult person to spend any amount of time with. She professes to being Rowan’s best friend, but she doesn’t act like it. A best friend would have seen he was in pain and instead of bitching about how he doesn’t keep in contact, would have spent time with him and actually talked to him about what was bothering him. Okay, it would have made things a lot more difficult for Rowan but it would give me a better impression of her. At the moment I don’t think she deserves Rowan’s devotion.

That being said, the characters gel well and complement each other. The story itself is a nicely woven tapestry of strange, but nicely drawn world that is a mix of fantasy and contemporary. There is darkness, but it’s a subtle thread rather than an “in your face” band of black cord. Even Rowan’s pain is bittersweet.

All in all I loved this story  despite it’s flaws. If you like quirky fantasy with princesses and castles, as well as cars, computers and guns, this is definitely one for your TBR list.

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