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At Attention by Annabeth Albert

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Lieutenant Apollo Floros can ace tactical training missions, but being a single dad to his twin daughters is more than he can handle. He needs live-in help, and he's lucky a friend's younger brother needs a place to stay. He's surprised to see Dylan all grown up with a college degree…and a college athlete's body. Apollo's widowed heart may still be broken, but Dylan has his blood heating up. 

It's been eight years since the teenage Dylan followed Apollo around like a lovesick puppy, and it's time he showed Lieutenant Hard-to-Please that he's all man now—an adult who's fully capable of choosing responsibility over lust. He can handle Apollo's muscular sex appeal, but Apollo the caring father? Dylan can't afford to fall for that guy. He's determined to hold out for someone who's able to love him back, not someone who only sees him as a kid brother.  

Apollo is shocked by the intensity of his attraction to Dylan. Maybe some no-strings summer fun will bring this former SEAL back to life. But the combination of scorching desire and warm affection is more than he'd expected, and the emotion between them scares him senseless. No fling lasts forever, and Apollo will need to decide what's more important—his past or his future—if he wants to keep Dylan in his life. 


Runaway by Nic Starr

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Dr Nathan Powell is ready to settle down near his family, and hopefully find the man of his dreams. He returns to the small coastal town where he grew up, but while life is simpler than it was in the city, there are also complications—like patients’ reactions to an openly gay doctor. And like running into Nate’s first love, Damien, an out-and-proud local business owner who is unwilling to be any man’s dirty secret. The reunion reignites old desire even while it stirs up Nate’s guilt over the way things ended with Damien.
When Nate’s nephew runs away, Damien accompanies Nate on his mission to find the young man. The drive to Sydney, and the search of the city, gives Nate time to reconnect with Damien—and to wonder if he made the right decision years ago—when he determined a future for them was impossible. Is a fresh start realistic for two men in their forties? But before he can ponder the second chance they’ve been given, Nate must locate his nephew.
World of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the globe.


Imagines (Imago, Book Two) by N.R. Walker

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Available on Kindle Unlimited


Jack Brighton and Lawson Gale have been together for six months and are very much in love. Lawson’s work ensuring the survival of the Tillman Copper is as demanding as ever, and Jack’s work with the regeneration of the bushfire-ravaged national park is just as hectic.
When Jack suggests they take a short trip, Lawson agrees. But then he is offered a two-week research position in tropical Queensland to help determine why the Ulysses butterfly is on the decline. Figuring they could combine work and pleasure, Jack and Lawson go on their first vacation together.
Working alongside renowned professor Piers Bonfils isn’t easy. But personal and professional differences aside, Lawson is offered a more permanent role in Queensland. Torn between his new life in Tasmania with Jack and a dying species of butterfly he feels compelled to save, Lawson has to decide where his fate lies.
But fate changes the rules. On a research expedition into the depths of the rainforest, suddenly it's not only the butterflies’ existence that hangs in the balance.
A butterfly’s life cycle never changes. From larvae to imago, their course is plotted by design. Jack and Lawson need to determine where they stand, if they live through it. Because the only thing more incredible than one imago is two.

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Brush with Catastrophe by Tara Lain

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2nd Edition
An Aloysius Tale
Sammy Raphael is a crappy witch, and on top of that, he can’t seem to get a boyfriend. Where other supernaturals can bring down lightning and manifest wealth, Sammy can paint. Granted, the “prophetic” paintings he creates at night always come true, but they never predict anything important. Sammy feels like a total loser with a worthless ability.
One night he paints a gorgeous guy who turns out to be his secret crush, the human Ryder, but Ryder’s changed so much he’s almost unrecognizably beautiful. Then Sammy paints an angel who turns out to be a witch. But is that witch also a devil—a devil who can bring down Sammy’s whole community and everyone he loves? And why the hell does Ryder keep changing? Aloysius, the black cat familiar, always backs a winner. So why is he backing Sammy?
First Edition published by Loose Id, 2012.


Trust No One by Shawn Bailey

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Money can't buy love or happiness, but it can get you a one-way ticket out of a bad situation.
Taylor Fields has nothing going on in his life. He works a dead end job in a bookstore, he doesn't have very many friends, and the only living relative he has is his uncle Louie, a womanizing, drug-taking alcoholic who treats Taylor like his personal bank account. Then one day Taylor wins a billion dollars in the Florida State lottery and Uncle Louie wants a share of it. Taylor, who has a fear of flying, cashes in the ticket, and gets on the first thing leaving, Miami...a plane to South Korea.
Jace Vandersmith is a wealthy and cosmetologist who does a lot of traveling. He meets Taylor Fields at the airport and he wants to get to know him better. Taylor is shy, handsome and inexperience in life...something Jace thrives isn't. Instead of making Taylor another notch in his bedpost he falls in love with him.


Threshold by Vivien Dean

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Finding a gorgeous, unconscious vampire gives ex-Marine Max a new purpose in life.
Sutter is a vampire on the run. After barely escaping the hunter sent after him, he makes it all the way to Oregon before the approaching sunrise forces him to stop. He only intends to rest until dusk, but that plan falls apart when he's found passed out on the bathroom floor.
Ex-Marine Max Rowell hasn't had a purpose in life since coming home from the Gulf. Drifting through the days, he discovers an unconscious guy who looks like an angel but has clearly been through hell and finds new purpose.
Max isn't letting Sutter go anywhere until he's healed, but Sutter needs more than a warm bedside manner to get stronger. Though they strike a deal, the clock is ticking. Sooner or later, Sutter will need to run again, or risk putting Max's life on the line when Sutter's past catches up to him...


Tell Me The Truth (Stockton Wolves #5) by Lisa Oliver

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Book 5 Stockton Wolves Series
Special Agent Niclas Draig was on a mission...well, he was supposed to be. But when sent to Stockton with his partner Jack, to investigate what looked like the work of a serial killer, he walked into the Captain's office and found himself looking at his mate. A mate, who's delicious scent was tinged with deceit as the man looked him in the eye and lied to his face.
Captain Anthony Reynolds was getting tired of the way paranormals played fast and loose with the law and his life. Eighteen months from retirement, the last thing he expected when the FBI came in was to have such a physical reaction to one of the agents. When the same agent blasts him two weeks later for lying, Tony knew his life was going to change. He'd been around paranormals enough to know exactly what the word mate meant. But that didn't mean he had to accept it.
An unguarded moment, a flash of teeth and both men's lives change. Their mating causes problems from every angle unexpected bonus. An abduction, a bomb and Nico's interfering family - will Nico and Tony ever get their HEA?
M/M Paranormal, true mates, HEA


Parker’s Sanctuary by Cooper West

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Available on Kindle Unlimited


Stalked by danger, will Parker ever find a place to call home?

Greg Lademar is an ordinary and average Army veteran who has settled down with his job as an accountant and his lingering PTSD. He lives a quiet life as a single man, alone on the former blueberry farm he bought from his parents after they retired to Orlando. When a friend who works with animal control asks him to foster Parker, a severely injured dog who has just been rescued from an abusive home, the last thing Greg expects is to be dragged into the mysterious world of the Guardsmen — the bonded pairs of humans and their weredogs, known as Protectors, who are literally the stuff of myths and legends.
Greg’s life is turned upside down by unexpected events involving Parker and the strange Guardsmen pair Marcus and Alex Stephanek, but far more dangerous to him is the man who used to own Parker and holds a grudge for having “his” dog taken from him. A game of cat and mouse ensues, with more on the line than even Greg ever thought possible: his life, and the life of Parker, who has become more important to him than Greg ever imagined a rescue dog could be.

Welcome to the world of Guardsmen, bonded pairs of weredogs and their partners who live on the edges of society -- worshipped and feared in turn, sheltered as much as they are shunned, Guardsmen mates live, love, and die together.


Saved by Karrie Roman

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Detective Jack Mitchell is not a people person. After fourteen years dealing with the monsters of society, he has learned to keep people at arm’s length. Failing is his biggest frustration, and on the case of his career, he is having no luck hunting down a copycat serial killer…or the one man who survived the original case.
Six years ago, Will Blaikie was taken by a monster who changed his life forever. Narrowly surviving, he has become a prisoner in his own home. Friendless and alone, he watches in horror as a new monster emerges who only wants to copy the murderous deeds of Will’s monster…including taking Will.
When these two men are thrown together, and the monster comes for them both, one must learn to feel safe and protected, and the other must learn to feel love and peace.


Something Like Stories: Volume Two by Jay Bell

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The Something Like… series is drawing to a close! Before it ends, reunite with favorite characters and meet others for the first time in this special collection of fourteen stories. Highlights include Something Like Champagne, in which Marcello searches for the truth behind a drunken vision. In Something Like Bunnies, a young Jace Holden struggles with his first crush. Ben and Tim return in Something Like Memories as they debate when exactly they should celebrate their anniversary, and Jason finally makes an important decision about his future with William in Something Like Sun. Joyful reunions and tearful goodbyes await you, as do many affirmations of love, in this second volume of short stories.


Cry Wolf by Greta Stone

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Peter is a kitsune. Chaos follows him wherever he goes. Good intentions, bad intentions—-it doesn’t matter. Even mimicking the howl of a friend he hasn’t seen in over a decade turns out to have disastrous consequences.
The wolf doesn’t have a name. For now, he goes by Luca. He has no past, and as an escaped slave, if he can’t stay hidden in the shadows, he’ll have no future. When someone steals his howl, he’s drawn to investigate, and ends up saddled with a mouthy fox who insists they used to be friends once upon a time.
Petty problems and a dubious reunion are pushed aside the longer they're stranded together. The Underwood is a dangerous place.
They have two choices: work together or die.
Join Greta Stone in a dark paranormal MM romance retelling of Aesop’s fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and David P. Mannix's classic novel, The Fox and the Hound.


The Wanderer by Dahlia Donovan

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Graham Hodson lives for adventure. His entire life has revolved around his obsessive wanderlust. His inner fear of staying in one place or being with one person for too long has kept him on the go. The last thing he expects is a sudden diagnosis to ground his travel—permanently.
Boyce “BC” Brooks has screwed up his lifelong dream of being the captain of the English national rugby team. He’s lost everything. When his uncle leaves him an inn and a dog in Cornwall, he has little choice but to try his hand at innkeeper.
Can two jokesters kicked around by life and their own decisions find stability when their world shakes beneath their feet?


For a Good Time Call by Anne Tennino and E.J. Russell

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A Bluewater Bay Novel
Thirty-seven-year-old Nate Albano’s second relationship ever ended three years ago, and since he’s grace—gray asexual—he doesn’t anticipate beating the odds to find a third. Still, he’s got his dog, his hobbies, and his job as a special effects technician on Wolf’s Landing, so he can’t complain — much.
Seth Larson, umpteenth generation Bluewater Bay, is the quintessential good-time guy, content with tending bar and being his grandmother’s handyman. The night they meet, Seth’s looking for some recreational sex to escape family drama. But for Nate, romantic attraction comes before sexual attraction, so while Seth thinks they’re hooking up, Nate just wants to talk . . . genealogy?
Dude. Seriously?
So they declare a “just friends” truce. Then Seth asks for Nate’s help investigating a sinister Larson family secret, and their feelings start edging way beyond platonic. But Nate may want more than Seth can give him, and Seth may not be able to leave his good-time image behind. Unless they can find a way to merge carefree with commitment, they could miss out on true love —
the best time of all.


Revelation (The Protectors #7) by Sloane Kennedy

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Available on Kindle Unlimited


"I trusted once. I won't make that mistake again..."
An ugly childhood and devastating betrayal have left 25-year-old Cain Jensen scarred inside and out. Protecting himself means keeping everyone at arm's length and protecting others means never getting emotionally involved. In the three years since he's joined an underground vigilante group, every life he saves helps ease the guilt of the ones that were lost to him so long ago. So when he's sent to a remote cabin in the Cascade Mountains just north of Seattle to follow up on the disappearance of his boss's co-worker, his only thought is to see that justice is served, no matter what the circumstances.

But nothing he's ever experienced has prepared the cold-hearted and very straight Cain for who he finds on that mountain...or the intense need to suddenly offer more than just protection.
"I've finally managed to break free, but I've never felt more trapped in my entire life..."
Ethan Rhodes has been running for six months, but it's never fast enough, it's never far enough. At 30 years old, the talented ER Doctor should be spending his days saving other people's lives, not worrying about his own. But he knows that the four years of physical and emotional abuse he's suffered at the hands of his volatile ex are nothing compared to what will happen when Ethan runs out of places to hide, especially after taking something from the man he once was sure would be the love of his life.

A violent episode that has Ethan narrowly escaping death leads to a quiet cabin in the mountains where his battered body will have time to heal before he and the young girl relying on him need to run again. But everything changes with the arrival of a mysterious stranger who threatens to give Ethan something he'd finally accepted was gone forever...hope.
"I didn't see this coming. I don't think he did either..."
To get to the truth, Cain must first get through Ethan's defenses, but watching the other man's walls start to come down forces Cain to face his own past. And as the tremulous connection between the two men grows and gives way to something more, both will need to decide if they're willing to risk giving each other the one thing that has cost them so much in the
Will two men who've vowed never to let someone close again let down their guard long enough to find each other, or will they let their pasts determine their future?
Trigger Warning: This book includes references to physical, emotional and sexual abuse so please proceed with caution


Unmasked (Hooked #6) by Charity Parkerson

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Available on Kindle Unlimited


Adam wasn’t looking for love when it fell in his lap. He doesn’t want it.

When Adam landed an internship with the makeup artist for the stars, he thought he was on the verge of having all his dreams come true. There was no way he could foresee the nightmare the position would become. By one month in, he wonders if he hasn’t made the biggest mistake of his life. That is, until he meets Kano Aramante, the founder of the largest fashion magazine in the world.

Kano doesn’t let people in. He learned long ago his position invites users and ladder climbers into his life. Not to mention, Today’s Beauty is his whole world. He doesn’t have time for lovers or friends. Meeting Adam reminds him what it’s like to have passion and drive for something just out of reach. He sees so much of himself in Adam, but giving Adam the opportunity of a lifetime turns out to be Kano’s biggest mistake.

Adam doesn’t mean to fall in love with Kano. The man is too much to resist. His giving nature and powerful presence draw Adam in against his better judgment. They click. But Adam doesn’t want to be seen as the man who slept his way to the top. He’s worked too hard to have his dreams belittled. It seems no matter how hard they fight to be closer, the gap between Kano and Adam widens. Sometimes, there is no middle ground, and love isn’t always enough to conquer all.


Seashores of Old Mexico by BA Tortuga

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2nd Edition
After a bar fight gone horribly wrong, Clint is on the run, tired, hungry, and desperate to get out of Texas and across the border as fast as he can. But more than anything, he needs a place to relax and feel safe—at least for a little while. Searching for work, he stumbles into a cantina on the beach and runs into its owner. Jack might be a little older and a little worldlier, but the two men have enough in common to form a fast friendship that soon spills over into the bedroom.
But Clint isn’t the only who’s done things he isn’t proud of, things he’d rather keep hidden. Both of them have to be ready to drop everything and run if the past gets too close, and that’s no foundation for a relationship—especially since the truth always comes out eventually.
First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2007.


Lost in You (Intoxication #3) by Remmy Duchene

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Book three in the Intoxication series

Lust is better together.

Although Jackson Stark wanted to get into dancing full time, he promised his father and Uncle Darius Stark that he would go to university first. After fast-tracking through his program while auditioning for small roles, he gets a job working at Darius’ video game company as a game designer. When Jackson gets the chance to be the face of a men’s line, he sees it as something else to add to his resume. Then he meets his boss, Ko, and everything he’s heard about love turns out to be true—it’s a giant pain in the ass.

Ko Takao never saw himself as a business mogul. After his father’s death, Ko inherits Hansamu, a clothing company that caters to the man who loves looking dashing. From handmade suits to loungewear, they are at the top of their game and Ko is looking to keep it that way by finding the perfect face to front the label. When Thaddeus suggests Jackson Stark, Ko can’t imagine it—then he lays eyes on the young stud again and all his reservations, along with his self-control, go right out of the window.


Three New Wishes (Rainbow Island #3) by Sean Michael

Amazon –>


Book three in the Rainbow Island series

Come to Rainbow Island, where all your sexual fantasies will come true.

James, Guard and Damien continue to grant the sexual fantasies of their clients, but so far have been unable to make Rainbow Island work for their own relationship. Damien misses being home more often with his lovers and Guard has been working on breaking down James’ defenses. can they make their own fantasies come true?

As always, three different fantasies are granted through Rainbow Island.

Tim is rich and bored. A sometimes sub he’s searching for something more. Full time Dom, Rain, is brought in to give Tim the 24/7 experience he’s been looking for, but Rain has a secret—he’s been watching Tim in the club for years, just waiting for Tim to get serious before making his move. Can these two men find what they need in each other?

Mike has been hired to be a submissive. He doesn’t know that much about the lifestyle. He figures he can handle it—besides, the payday is too good to give up. Dom Brendan is handsome and confident, and the things he shows Mike speak to something deep inside him. Could he have found something more than just another job in Brendan?

Angus and Robbie are a committed Dom/sub pair who want to spice things up a little and see if puppy play is for them. They’re excited and nervous to learn from Sam, the puppy master that Rainbow Island has brought in to show them the ropes. They discover there’s more to puppy play than they’d imagined and not all of it is for them. Can they separate what they need from what they want and come out stronger than ever in the end?


Starting from Scratch (Housemates #5) by Jay Northcote

Amazon –>

Available on Kindle Unlimited


Starting over isn’t easy, but Ben is ready to live his life as the man he was always meant to be.
Ben is transgender and back at university after hormone treatment and chest surgery. His new housemates have no idea about his history and Ben would prefer to keep it that way. He’s starting from scratch and his life is finally on track, except in the romance department. The idea of dating guys as a guy is exhilarating but terrifying, because if Ben wants a boyfriend he’ll have to disclose his secret.
Sid is drawn to Ben from the moment they meet. He normally gets what he wants—in the short term at least. Ben’s guarded at first, and Sid’s not used to guys rejecting his advances. He eventually charms his way through Ben’s defences and helps Ben on his journey of sexual awakening.
It doesn’t matter to Sid that Ben is trans. He’s attracted to the whole person, and isn’t worried about what is—or isn’t—in Ben’s pants. They’re good together, and both of them are falling hard and fast, but Ben’s insecurities keep getting in the way. If Sid can convince Ben he's committed, will Ben finally be able to put his heart on the line?
Although this book is part of the Housemates series, it has new main characters, a satisfying happy ending, and can be read as a standalone.


Mild to Wild by Paul Walkingsky

Amazon –>


Brett has spent twenty-seven years trying to be perfect for the Mormon grandparents who raised him. Unfortunately, doing so has meant missing out on lots of life experiences—and denying a major part of who he is. Now that his grandparents are gone, Brett is ready to make up for lost time, break out of the sedate façade he’s always presented, and do something he would have never considered before: attend a gay men’s spiritual retreat in rural Massachusetts.
While trying to infuse some spice into his life with workshops like Erotic Massage, Body Painting, and Drag 101, Brett meets Boston nurse Karl, and it’s hard to deny the connection between them. But will Brett’s lack of experience and Karl’s insecurities end their romance before it can really begin?
It might be a spiritual retreat, but Brett must learn to embrace his physical reality if he’s going to grab on to his chance at love.
States of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the United States.


New Lease by B.G. Thomas

Amazon –>


2nd Edition
Wade Porter spent his whole life in the shadow of a lover who doled out snippets of love and time as he saw fit—and who insisted that love stay deep in the closet. But now that man is gone, and Wade finds the oceanside cottage where they spent so many weekends together in the Florida Keys cold and empty. He has come one last time, not even sure he wants to keep living.
To his surprise, the house next door is occupied by another bereaved and lonely man. Kent Walker is an artist of romantic gay paintings who is open to the future—and determinedly interested in Wade. Kent wants to show Wade the beauty in being an openly gay man and the possibilities for a real relationship.
Maybe Kent can help Wade let go of the past and discover a better way to live—and love.
First Edition published in Two Tickets to Paradise by Dreamspinner Press, 2012.


FU: Fixer Uppers by Devon McCormack

Amazon –>

Available on Kindle Unlimited


I've never messed around with a guy before. Not that I haven't been attracted to guys. The opportunity just never came up.
I stand at the front door, naked. My bro's roomie, Scott, is pissed about how much noise I made with the girl I just escorted out of their apartment, but I figured we were alone, and I couldn't help that she liked to scream out to let me know she was enjoying herself. Just like I can't help that the raging boner I have right now is for Scott, not her. I don't know what it is about the angry glare he's giving me that turns me on so much, but I just want to tug on his curly brown locks and hear him call out my name as I show him a good time.
Scott doesn't want anything to do with me. At least, I think that's the case, but I learn just how wrong I am one night when we wind up tearing each other's clothes off and racing for the bedroom. He blows my mind...and well, me too. We spend the next few days messing around before I head back to California. That's supposed to be the end of it. But after my sister makes a crap investment on a rundown house near my bro's apartment in Atlanta, I jump at the opportunity to help her fix it up. I don't want her to have to stay with our parents, who I've avoided since I left for college--don't get me started.
Scott volunteers to work on the project too, which gives us plenty of time to have a little fun together. It's supposed to be about fixing up the house, but the more time I spend with him, the more I realize it's not the only fixer upper Scott's working on. He's doing something to me--making me better. And even though I'm heading back home when this is all over, I don't want it to end. Because I'm falling for hard.
FU is a steamy standalone romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a totally adorable happily ever after.


Turn Up The Heat by Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow

Amazon –>


First impressions fool recently dumped Rory into thinking Shannon's a walk on the wild side and the perfect way to get over a failed relationship. Shannon's not about to argue. Not when Rory coaxes him into some of the hottest, roughest sex of his life. But who is Rory falling in love with? A fantasy lover or the real man?
Fighting to keep Rory happy, longing for romance as well as the steamy sessions that leave them bruised and breathless, Shannon's got a lot on his plate even before family and friends complicate matters further.
There's only one solution. Turn up the heat, and hope it doesn't burn their relationship to the ground.


Between Him and a Hard Place by Kelex

Amazon –>


Archer has survived for three years after the zombie virus brought down the world, doing things he didn’t know he was capable of. When his traveling companion is murdered by dead ones, he knows his time has come. But seconds before he’s slaughtered, a combat vehicle crashes through the scene and a masked man saves the day—a man he feels inexplicably drawn to.
Only the man isn’t a man, but a vampire. Syn is a tracker, sent out by his kind to find and protect the last of the humans and the precious blood in their veins.
Archer isn’t like the others Syn’s found. He feels tied to the human in a way he can’t explain. The two come together explosively, both fighting the intense emotion they feel. After, they both run to escape the lust inside.
Can they find a way back to one another?


Codename Claymore (Deadly Seven Strike Force #3) by S.E. Anderson

Amazon –>

Available on Kindle Unlimted


There’s this thing about lying.
Those of us who are experts at it recognize when someone else is lying, too. I’m an interrogator. It's in my blood. You can’t hide anything from me.
And me?
Well, I ain’t got anything to hide.
I’m simple, really.
I’m Scottish. I’m gay. And I’m good with a knife. Maybe there’s a bit more to me than that, but you’ll never hear me telling the tale.
But someone out there thinks they know me—thinks my past is something they can use against me.
They’re dead wrong.
My name is Coogan MacNeal, Codename: Claymore, and I’m about set the record straight.


Faire Magic (The Faire Folk #5) by Madeleine Ribbon

Amazon –>


After a stint in prison and a deal with the FBI, Perry has found his way back to the magical Renaissance Faire. He desperately needs safety that only the Faire can provide, but the magic is almost gone.
When trouble follows Perry and threatens the Faire, the only person who can wield what's left of the Faire's magic is Mystery, a man reincarnated from an otherworldly flying serpent.
Mystery does what he can to help out, but there's only so much he can do when Perry's fate--and that of the Faire itself--lies in the hands of a man Perry would rather avoid.


The Price by Dominique Frost

Amazon –>


Cale is a serving-boy at a high-class brothel in the city of Havisham. He isn't one of the courtesans, largely because he's too clumsy to manage seducing anyone, but he does his best as a servant, keeping the wine-glasses filled and the guests happy.
Everything changes when the warlord Darren Kaine visits the establishment. Darren is the new ruler of Havisham and is a brusque, commanding man. Fresh from a war that's lasted over six months, Darren is in no mood for frippery, and chooses Cale to accompany him for the night, rather than any of the courtesans on display.
Indeed, Darren so prefers Cale's straightforwardness and simplicity that he decides to make Cale his concubine, and to have Cale visit him at the palace, every night. Stunned by this new turn of events, Cale is further confused by his body's reactions to Darren. Darren is darkly handsome, sexually demanding and absolutely committed to giving his partner pleasure - a fact that has Cale looking forward to his time with Darren, perhaps more than he ought to.
Darren, too, is in danger of forgetting that Cale is just a tool he uses to slake his lust. For a new ruler, every action comes with a price. Will this one be too steep to pay?

#99c / #99p Reads

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  1. At Attention by Annabeth Albert

  2. At Attention by Annabeth Albert sounds like a good one.

  3. Revelation (The Protectors, Book 7)

  4. FU: Fixer Uppers by Devon McCormack

  5. Faire Magic (The Faire Folk 5) by Madeleine Ribbon

  6. Parker’s Sanctuary by Cooper West

  7. This is a hard choice this week. Either FU or Revelation I think...

  8. I would love to win Imagines by N.R. Walker

  9. The Wabderer !
    Thank you for the chance

  10. Some great books this week but Saved really caught my eye.

  11. Thanks for the releases. I may be a city slicker, but I like my cowboys: Seashores of Old Mexico by BA Tortuga. - Purple Reader,
    TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

  12. For a Good Time Call by Anne Tennino and E.J. Russell.

  13. Hard to choose, but Brush with Catastrophe and Cry Wolf both look good.

  14. The Price by Dominique Frost

  15. At Attention by Annabeth Albert

  16. 'At Attention' by Annabeth Albert because I love the series!

  17. At Attention by Annabeth Albert

  18. I love BRUSH WITH CATASTROPHE, and the others look really intriguing!


  19. Already read & reviewed AT ATTENTION by Annabeth Albert ~> 4.3
    Also read and reviewed *DEBUT NOVEL* SAVED by Karrie Roman ~> 4.5

    ~ and ~

    Holy cow, the synopsis for Sloane Kennedy's REVELATION is like a suckerpunch in the gut! Added to my MUST READ pile!!

    Hotter than Hell Cover and a fun-sounding synopsis lands FU by Devon McCormack on my Must Read list as well!!

    Thank you for the chance and the wonderful list, including sale titles!!
    Happy Easter Weekend!

  20. Starting from Scratch (Housemates #5) by Jay Northcote

  21. AT Attention!

  22. At Attention or For a Good Time Call. Thanks for the chance!

  23. Cry Wolf looks really interestin :)

  24. Starting from Scratch and Something Like Stories are on my list. FU sounds good, too!

  25. Between Him and a Hard Place by Kelex. Haven't read about zombies before.

  26. Starting From Scratch, At Attention, or For a Good Time Call

  27. So many good one it is very hard to pick but this time I pick FU: Fixer Uppers by Devon McCormack

  28. Saved by Karrie Roman.
    Happy Easter to everyone at Sinfully.

  29. Saved by Karrie Roman.
    Frohe Ostern everybody

  30. Faire Magic (The Faire Folk #5) by Madeleine Ribbon would be mu choice for the week. Thank you!