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Book Brief: Scar by Baylin Crow

scarTitle ~ Scar

Author ~ Baylin Crow

Published ~ 19th December 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





I just wanted to be left alone. After the disastrous turn my life took four years ago, I swore that I’d never let me guard down for anyone ever again. I left everything I knew behind and started over again. Things were going just fine until nearly six feet of pure temptation walked through the doors of my bar. It’s been a year and I’ve done a pretty good job of avoiding him. Things change when his friends get him drunk and leave him stranded on his birthday. I shouldn’t have given him a place to crash because now I can’t shake him.
He intrigued me from the moment we met, and I haven’t exactly been subtle about wanting him. The green-eyed bartender seems to want nothing to do with me, but I don’t miss the way he watches me when he thinks no one will notice. I’ve let him pretend long enough, and it’s definitely time to make my move. On the field, I face tough competitors every week, but this one will make me work harder than I ever have before. If I want to win, I’m going to have to up my game because he is a pro at pushing me away.
This is a standalone novella with no cliffhanger.


Freya’s Book Brief

Beard, is called Beard because he has one. Soccer is called Soccer because that’s what he does at college. Beard and Soccer is what they know each other as. They like each other, but no matter what signals Soccer sends out, Beard won’t entertain a relationship.

This isn’t going to be a long review because the story is a shorty and a sweetie and I don’t want to give too much away.

Beard is the bar owner, and whenever the soccer team celebrate after-match success, he avoids them - one individual specifically. What the team aren’t aware of is that Beard’s gruffness hides his inner turmoil. His past prevents him going after anyone that teases his heart. To that end, Beard avoids Soccer until he has no choice. On the other hand, Soccer knows what he wants and isn’t prepared to give up. He wants to know what is stopping Beard.

Scar is a story of self-acceptance and believing in people enough to reach out for that piece of happiness. Not moseying on through life afraid, watching everyone else be happy. The characters are delightful. Beard has a wonderful caring side to him that meshes beautifully with Soccer’s intellect.

This is a sweet story that isn’t high on octane drama, but it will warm your heart.

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