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Review: Beau and the Beast by Kay Simone

beaubeastTitle ~ Beau and the Beast

Author ~ Kay Simone

Published ~ 26th February 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Fairy Tale





Can beauty really tame a beast?

For ten years, former Wall Street executive Wolfram—along with his staff—has been magically imprisoned in his midtown penthouse after his firm pissed off the wrong witch.  Now, only one thing can free him from the curse.

Unfortunately, they're not sure what that one thing is.

But mercy for the man with none, he still can be released:
Light can lift his shadowed soul when beauty frees the beast.

When a young reporter named Beau accidentally stumbles into their midst, the staff thinks he might be the answer to the witch's riddle—if only they can convince him to stay.

Beau has his doubts when he’s asked to write the mysterious billionaire’s biography, but he can’t say no to the huge sum of money being offered. Resigned to his fate, Wolfram hates the idea of a stranger intruding in his life.

What neither man expects is the deep connection that forms between them. As they work together, Wolfram and Beau form a passionate bond that threatens to boil over into something more.

The only problem? Thanks to the curse, Wolfram is a seven-foot-tall monster with eight weeks left to live unless the spell is broken.

Can Beau save a love he’s only just found, or is it too late for one man to set Wolfram free?

Beau and the Beast is a steamy, 125,000-word contemporary gay May-December romance set in the real world with some magical themes and an HEA.


Jane’s Review

Wow! I loved it! This book had the potential to be a parody or clich├ęd rip off of Beauty and the Beast, gladly neither is true. It is a brilliantly reimagined telling of the classic fairytale, but set in modern times and with a uniquely original twist. Very clever and also very compelling.

It begins with an original poem which I thought must have come from some archive of the film or a previous book, but it hasn’t. The witch’s riddle was written for this book and is perfect for this story.

“But mercy for the man with none, he can still be released:  Light can lift his shadowed soul when beauty frees the beast”

In this charming retelling, Isodore Wolfram Junior and a handful of his staff have been imprisoned in his apartment, trapped by a witch’s curse for nearly ten years, knowing if they try to leave they will die. Cursed for his corporate greed and flippancy with people’s lives, Wolfram lives in the shape of a beast. He and his staff are desperate to break the curse and when the beautiful, sweet Beau turns up on their doorstep, they are hopeful that maybe he can be the one to do it.

Beau is such an endearing character, a beautiful, gentle soul but one who has an inner core of steel. I fell in love with both him and quite quickly with Wolf too. Once we see past Wolfram’s layers, we see that he has a good heart and is a good man. The relationship that develops between Beau and Wolfram is beautiful to watch. It is romantic, intimate and passionate. The lovemaking between slight Beau and seven foot furry Wolfram, with horns and a lion’s tail is really sexy! The secondary characters in this story are all well rounded and I loved the story of Beau’s brother Noah that is seamlessly woven throughout. The author’s use of language is exemplary and something I have come to love from her writing. It makes the reading way more pleasurable.

This is a tale of many morals; we learn that appearances can be deceiving, in more ways than one, nothing good comes from corporate greed and that making small accommodations for people with any kind of impairment can have a great impact on a person’s self image and that acceptance should be universal.

The ending has such an inspired twist, one that I didn’t see coming but which I thought was genius and I loved it. The epilogue was perfect too and I found myself not wanting the book to end, always a good sign of the quality of the writing. I could effuse endlessly about this book, so if you can suspend belief for a little while and believe in magic, this charming tale as old as time will delight you and fill your happy heart.

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Meet Kay Simone

kay simone

Kay Simone is 31 and lives in Florida where she blogs, podcasts, and writes full time. In her past lives, Kay was editor in chief of a newspaper, managing editor of a lit mag, a librarian, a website voodoo expert, and a cupcake baker.

In 2014/15, she accidentally wrote a romance novel in her spare time (along with more short erotica than she’d care to acknowledge), which gained her a small but lovely readership.

After months of insomnia, countless bottles of whiskey, and much encouragement from readers, Simone made the plunge into the world of publishing short, erotic ebooks in December 2015 under the pan name “Kay Decker.” For more about these stories, visit

In April, she launched a separate pen name, Kay Simone, for long-format fiction.


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