Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Release Day Book Brief with Giveaway: 245 Days by Isabelle Peterson

__ 245 COVER __ KINDLETitle ~ 245 Days

Author ~ Isabelle Peterson

Published ~ 7th March 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Ashley Brennan, son of a luxury hotel chain billionaire, is happy consulting and teaching business. Moving from California to an opportunity in Connecticut at the prestigious New England University, Ashley takes it to escape a string of bad luck in the romance department. Meeting Taylor at the off campus bar, The Library, Ashley feels his luck may be changing.

Taylor Davis is nearing the end of his college career and looking forward to moving out west, escaping the cold winters of the North and possibly the judgement of his parents, who don’t yet know his sexual orientation. After only a handful of brief “relationships,” Taylor’s not so sure love is in the cards for him, until he meets Ashley. Everything with Ashley feels so comfortable, so natural. 

When Ashley and Taylor put together that Ashley is Taylor’s professor, how will they make it 245 Days to the end of the school year when Taylor graduates and is no longer off limits? And even if they can make it to the end of the year, will everything else in their lives still line up?


Freya’s Book Brief

Ashley and Taylor meet at a bar and leave together. Only, on the first day of his new class, Taylor discovers that Ashley is his new tutor, which is completely against college policy. But, the hook had already been thrown into the water, and the fish had bitten.

There is a pull between them that neither can explain. So, they plan to put their relationship on hold until the end of the academic year – 245 days. The story then follows those painful times. The pages are filled with memories of failed relationships, college days, family, internal ramblings, and cursing their student/teacher status. All of which present the world and characters around them. Also, it doesn’t take either of them long to realise that they can’t go that many days without some contact; which is wonderful, but also, puts them in jeopardy.

Taylor and Ashley are HOT and adorable. Taylor likes distance sports, Ashley knows the NASDAQ. Taylor comes from a homophobic family. Ashley’s are accepting multimillionaires. Despite their backgrounds, both recognise that they have something special. However, they are surrounded by a combination of people who would support and deny them.

Written well, with a varied cast, and told from Ashley and Taylor’s POV’s, this story has a term or two that are in my room 101. But, the tutor and the ‘almost out of college’ student setting is soooo delicious. Cos let’s face it; there aren’t many who haven’t had a crush on a teacher and wondered what would happen if those affections were returned.

Once I started this classic scenario, I had to continue. I had to see if Taylor and Ashley, would, could, should, be together and what would happen in those 245 days.

The anticipation of something going wrong was immense. And yes, some things go wrong. Thankfully, Ms Peterson doesn’t drag the angst out. So, no need to have 911 ready to go.

245 Days, is a sweet story of - where there’s a will there’s a way - with a few humpty back bridges to traverse along the way.

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  1. This book is SO good! It's taboo and very HOT! The storyline is great and full of twists and moments that will have you holding your breath! Taylor and Ashley are both swoon-worthy!

  2. This book is SO good! It's taboo and very HOT! The storyline is great and full of twists and moments that will have you holding your breath! Taylor and Ashley are both swoon-worthy!

  3. Thank you for your review!!! ♥️💛💚💙💜