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The Broken Butterfly by Caitlin Ricci

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2n81zfq
Review –> http://bit.ly/2muOXSb


Carter is closer than ever to solving his latest cold case, but his disturbing dreams seem to be a warning to stay away from the truth. The victim, Jacob, deserves justice, and Carter can’t let a few bad dreams get in the way of that. When he goes to Malphas and Jamison for help, Carter learns that his dreams are more than they seem. What he learns is enough to send Malphas running, and as much as Carter wants to go with him and Jamison, he knows he can’t abandon Jacob so easily. Malphas says Jacob is being held by a powerful demon, and Carter knows he’s not in the business of doing favors for humans who aren’t Jamison. But to free Jacob, Carter is willing to do just about anything to convince Malphas to help him, even if it means making a deal with the devil.


Talking in Code by Ariel Tachna

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mxZqNe
Review –>


Some things crumble under pressure. Others are tempered by it instead. For three former soldiers, a tragedy might be the catalyst that binds them together—stronger than ever.
Richard Horn and Timothy Davenport met in the SEALs twenty years ago and have been lovers ever since. Now running their own paramilitary organization, Strike Force Omega, they work in the shadows to protect their country and its people. When Tim falls for Eric Newton, a deadly sniper and strategist on their team, Richard accepts that Tim’s heart is big enough for two men. He respects, admires, and even desires Eric enough to accept him into their relationship—and their bed—but he’s never been fully a part of what Eric and Tim share.
Then Eric is captured by terrorists and Tim is gravely injured in an op gone wrong, bringing Richard’s world crashing down around his ears. Even if he gets his men out alive, Eric must face the aftermath of months of physical and psychological torture—and without Tim to lean on, Eric’s PTSD is tearing him apart. Richard has to figure out the third leg of their triangle fast, or Tim won’t have a life to come back to.


Darkness (Common Law #3) by Kate Sherwood

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2my0a4S


A murdered prostitute. An obvious suspect. Clear evidence. For once, Jericho Crewe has a straightforward crime to investigate, and Wade Granger isn’t involved.
It all seems so simple, but Jericho’s instincts won’t let him rest. As he investigates, he finds troubling suggestions that the murder is a part of something larger and more sinister. But working within the boundaries of the law may keep him from finding the truth. If Jericho doesn’t break the rules, an innocent man may rot in jail while a killer remains free to strike again.
Inevitably, it all comes back to Wade. Because who else knows as much about breaking rules? And who else knows Jericho the way Wade does—not wisely, but far, far too well?
* * * * * * *
This title can enjoyed on its only or as the third book in the Common Law series.


The Servant Prince (Ice Dragon Tales #1) by Hurri Cosmo

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2my5IfL


Prince Joron of Blade Rain was kissed by a man he had no idea was King Aric of Claymoor Doom. Of course King Aric had no idea the one he kissed was even a man since Joron was dressed as a woman. Disguised to escape the newly crowned king of Blade Rain who just happens to be Joron's brother, Joron is swept off his feet by Aric when he is rescued by him from an assault. Aric is also swept off his feet by the beauty of the "woman" and that one amazing kiss. Aric, who is led to believe the beautiful woman he kissed is actually the princess, immediately goes to the king of Blade Rain and offers for the princess’s hand in marriage and his offer is accepted. Unfortunately, King Aric is now betrothed to Liarta, Joron’s sister. But an emergency has King Aric racing home without finding out the mistake he has made and now Joron must ride to Claymoor Doom to renegotiate the offer since Liarta is in love with someone else and does not want to marry King Aric.
Imagine Aric’s surprise when he discovers the Prince is the one he thought was the Princess! So Aric does the only thing he can think of. He will release Liarta from her obligation of marriage, but only if Joron takes her place... in the marriage bed.


Just the Right Notes by Sean Michael

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2muSKPI


2nd Edition
Elliot is an up-and-coming architect who just opened his own firm—which is a lot more work and pressure than he expected. His partner, Graham, is a respected composer and conductor. They share their love and lives in a beautiful house designed by Elliot, and whenever things get too hard to handle, they retreat to their cabin getaway where Elliot becomes Dom to Graham’s needy little sub.
When things at Elliot’s firm begin to crumble, Graham needs to be the tough one, the one to suggest the cabin and the games they play there, knowing Elliot’s role as Dom will give him strength and that their games will recharge his lover. Together, they keep working to find that precarious balance in their lives—until an accident threatens to change everything. Elliot and Graham’s love faces its greatest challenge yet, and only the resilience they draw from each other can see them through hardship and keep the music in their lives.
First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2010.


Unarm (A Hooked Novel) by Charity Parkerson

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mP0P2D

Available on Kindle Unlimited


All it took was one night with Jace, and Tyler was hooked. Too bad it took less than one night for him to ruin any chance of being with Jace.

Twenty years of working with endangered and exploited children has left Tyler tired and jaded. Even though he’s solved hundreds of cases, saving children all over the country, the countless he couldn’t save haunt his dreams. He’s yet to meet a man who can tolerate his dark moods for long. That is, until he meets Jace.

Jace has spent his life used and mistreated by men. Even though he keeps up a strong face, he’s exhausted and his self-esteem is non-existent. Something about Tyler is different from the rest. For Jace, Tyler checks every box. However, the instant he gives Tyler a chance, the man crushes him, proving he’s exactly like every other man Jace has ever met.

Tyler hates he hurt Jace. Although he immediately regrets his actions, he also doesn’t know how to build a real relationship when he doesn’t think he has anything to offer. How can two men who’ve never known love recognize it, even when it’s staring them in the face? They’d better figure things out quick, because their relationship is heating up fast. Neither man wants to get burned, and there’s already one person who can’t wait to destroy what they have.


A Matter of Duty by J.C. Long

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mybtu3


Noah Potter has come to Hong Kong to find his missing sister, Lianne, who disappeared after leaving him a voice mail pleading for his help. Unfortunately the Hong Kong police are unwilling to help him, so Noah has to find her himself.
Noah’s search for his sister brings him across Wei Tseng, leader of the Dragons, a group of dedicated men and women willing to do whatever it takes to keep their district safe from the violence and triads that plague the rest of the city’s underworld. Wei is a man of violence but also one of incredible compassion, and his history is one that resonates with Noah, igniting a passion neither man expects.
Together they search for Lianne, a search that will lead right into a conflict with the Dragons’ greatest rivals in the city.


A Token of Time by Ethan Day

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mYQu0O

Available on Kindle Unlimited


On the run from his family, Zachary Hamilton was cursed with a gift he neither wanted nor asked for. The recent murder of his lover unleashed a chain of events revealing Zachary's connection to the recently deceased legendary matinee idol, Marc Castle. Attempting to unravel the mystery behind the movie star, Zachary encountered an ancient relic shrouded in history and folklore, leading to a discovery so shocking it altered his very existence – challenging everything Zachary knew to be true – to believe that the impossible, was possible.


Moving Maverick: A Made Marion Novel by Lucy Lennox

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2lVA5cw

Available on Kindle Unlimited


“Do you remember what you promised?”

Maverick: I haven't been back to Rabbit Island, South Carolina, since my parents died and my grandmother, Mimi, rejected me. I'm only returning now to attend her funeral and sell an estate I never wanted. But the moment I step foot on the island and fall into Beau’s arms, I realize it might not be so easy to say goodbye after all.
Beau Talmadge was always the boy next door, but now he’s no longer a kid. The man is hot as hell and pushes all my buttons in the very best way. I'm supposed to leave in a week. Sell everything, close the door on my past, and walk away forever. So why am I letting myself fall for someone who lives thousands of miles away? And how the hell am I going to break it off when it's time to go?
“That I’d come back.”
Beau: It took one short summer to fall in love with Maverick Mitchell and fifteen long years to forget him when he left. I’d never expected to see him again, but when he shows up at Mimi’s funeral looking lost and lonely I can’t resist doing anything I can to comfort him. Falling into bed with Maverick is easy and the nights we spend together are as hot and steamy as a South Carolina thunderstorm.
I know it's not smart. I know it's not what he planned. But dammit, Mav belongs in my arms, in my bed, and in my life. So how the hell do I get him to stay?
“Took you long enough.”
Fair warning: Moving Maverick is a 73k word gay romance novel featuring sweet tea vodka, fancy salt and pepper shakers, guys catching crabs (not that kind), Aunt Tilly with a knife, and multiple detailed instances of man parts touching.
Moving Maverick is the fifth book in the best-selling Made Marian series. It can be read on its own but is much more fun read as part of the series. The series begins with Borrowing Blue and each book follows a Marian brother's search for his HEA.


Seducing Professor Coyle by Darien Cox

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mYUEG6


College senior Ben LeClair has always been driven to perfection, so when a grade mix-up threatens to keep him from graduating, he confronts the problem head on. When he meets with his handsome professor, he finds him to be arrogant and unyielding, and their argument leaves him furious. But during a chance social engagement over the weekend, he spies his teacher involved in a shocking display of debauchery. Suddenly, Ben's feelings for his teacher take an extreme turn, and now his inherent determination is channeled in a new direction: Seducing Professor Coyle.

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Jody: Kennedy Ink #3 by Jenny Wood

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2lPHbP8


Jody is big, broody and intimidating to be around. You'd never guess that in his free time, he volunteers down at the children's center and has a soft spot for his little sister, Kady.
Just when we thought he could never redeem himself, for a mistake that he made between his brother Kingsley and his boyfriend, Morgan; we get to see a whole other side to Jody Mars that makes us think twice.
Cameron is a nurse at the hospital where Morgan had surgery; that's how he met this big group of tattoo artists.
One of them caught his eye. Unfortunately, Cameron is in a situation and see's no way out. Not ever.
What would a guy like Jody want with a small, makeup wearing twink with his own secrets? He wouldn't...
Or would he?
If one thing is clear from every story in my arsenal; I'll take you on an emotional ride before I give you the happiest of happily ever after's. It might take a while, but we always get there.
Emotional wedding vows, included, in this one. :)
There are some triggers here that might make some of you uncomfortable. Strong language, domestic abuse and sexual situations.

New Release 99c / 99p


An Invitation by Jay Northcote

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mcKzp0

Available on Kindle Unlimited


"I should put you over my knee and spank you for teasing me..."
Jake's new boss, Cal Mackenzie, is hotter than hell. Fortified by a little liquid bravery on a work night out, Jake makes his move and finds out that Cal is interested too. To Jake's dismay, Cal makes it clear that nothing is going to happen as long as they work together. Fortunately for both of them, this is just a temp job and there's only a week left in the contract.
Cal admonishes Jake to behave while he waits, but as the week drags on, Jake can't resist flirting and teasing. When Friday finally arrives, Cal shows Jake what happens to people who can't follow his rules. Jake learns a surprisingly enjoyable lesson over Cal's knee--one that he won't forget in a hurry.
Length: 5870 words
This short story was originally published in the Juicy Bits anthology from Dreamspinner Press. It has been re-edited but no major changes have been made.



Freshman Feint by Elaine Ashford

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1HeyN5v


My best friend is the only man for me…and he’ll never be mine.

I can’t have him…
I’m Liam. My freshman year at college is giving me a tough time. It’s not just the classes … it’s knowing I’m in love with my straight best friend, Nathan.
I can’t leave him…
We’ve been friends forever, and that means I have to help him get ready for his date with Charlotte, the girl we know from high school. It kills me to think he’ll never feel the same way about me that I do about him.
Unless something changes…
Owen, the guy from my hockey team, is into me … and maybe it’s just my imagination, but that seems to bother Nathan. Is there really a chance for us, or am I just kidding myself?
Freshman Feint is a 21000 word new adult contemporary MM romance novella with no cliffhangers and a HEA. It's the first of the Straight College Guys series, but can be read as a standalone. Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature themes and explicit content.


Just Like Heaven by Suki Fleet

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2kcgGGM


First Published as part of the Wish Come True Anthology (December 2015)
One rainy night in December, David helps a busker with pretty eyes get his stolen money back. He doesn't imagine the strong attraction he feels is mutual. But after overcoming his shyness, David discovers Jess is definitely interested.
Jess just isn’t interested in anything but a one night stand. Or maybe two. Falling for David is definitely not part of his plan. But when David gets trapped in a snowstorm the night before Christmas Eve, Jess realises a night or two is never going to be enough.
Proceeds of this sale will be divided between two UK charities working to support homeless youth: Shelter and Centerpoint.

#99c / #99p Reads

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