Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Release Day Review: Yes, Professor by Renae Kaye

yes professorTitle ~ Yes, Professor

Author ~ Renae Kaye

Published ~ 14th February 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Twenty-two-year-old Avery Stewart has a crush on his neighbour. Always attracted to older men, Avery is tantalised by Mr Redding's professorial looks and obvious obsession with perfection.
When he finally gets the courage to speak to Christopher Redding, Avery manages to get invited back that evening on the pretext of bringing a cake for Christopher's birthday. But things don't work out how Avery had planned, and he finds himself sent home with the cake and without any intimacy.
Christopher is everything Avery has ever desired—older, self-assured, dominant, and intelligent. Avery needs someone in his life to take charge—in and out of the bedroom. He wants Christopher to be that man. However, Avery must first convince Christopher to take a chance on him.


Jane’s Review

This is a short novella, a sweet, slightly humorous and enjoyable read.  Avery Stewart is young and like many twenty two year olds is struggling with his life choices and direction. He is undecided about a lot of things, having changed his degree course three times. He is indecisive and has a tendency towards submission. He’s always been into older guys, usually with a professorial look. He wants someone to take charge and tell him what to do both in and out of the bedroom. Left to his own devices, he flails and is prone to panic attacks. He lives with his best friend Nick and is obsessed with his slightly older neighbour. I found him endearing.

Christopher Redding is a smart, older guy who dresses impeccably in a three piece suit and trims his hedges very neatly. Avery spies on his neighbour and when he sees him out in the garden, finds a pretext to introduce himself. He finds out that it’s Christopher’s birthday and says he will bake him a cake so he has the excuse to see Christopher later. However, things don’t go according to plan and Avery returns home without any of the intimacy he desired. Not one to give up though he pursues Christopher. Avery is drawn to Christopher, in awe of his self assuredness and self confidence. Christopher has a slightly dominant nature that is hugely attractive to Avery, coupled with the professorial looks that Avery desires and they agree to a date. Both of the guys have hang ups, Christopher thinks Avery couldn’t want to spend time with an older guy when he could have someone his own age and Avery feels like he’s not dressing appropriately to date someone like Christopher or that he’s ‘not together enough’. It takes some meddling (the good sort) from Christopher’s best friend, his ex wife and two children and extended family to actually get them together.

The will they, won’t they, can they both get their acts together and overcome their issues was really interesting. I wanted to see if they could resolve things and move forward together. Both guys had self created issues. They really needed to communicate more and sometimes I found myself telling them to get a grip and go and talk to the other. Luckily the interventions of family and friends manages to do that, though I’m not sure how far these guys would have gotten if they hadn’t. The book has a running cake theme too which was enticing. If you have a spare couple of hours you should definitely curl up with this tasty morsel.

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