Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Release Day Book Brief: Better with Bacon by Matthew Lang

better baconTitle ~ Better with Bacon

Author ~ Matthew Lang

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 22nd February 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





When Patrick’s long-term girlfriend Li Ling dumps him just as he’s working up the nerve to propose, he ends up drunk on David’s couch—and later in David’s bed. Although initially reluctant to pursue anything beyond a one-time drunken tryst, David throws caution to the wind during an intimate dinner, where the two men also discuss Patrick’s dream of entering the food industry. Just as the friends-turned-lovers are settling into their new romance, Li Ling calls Patrick—she’s pregnant.
Convinced the announcement spells the end of their love affair and a return to their platonic friendship, David flees to Sydney to escape his heartbreak. But upon his return to Melbourne, David discovers the situation hasn’t gone the way he’d expected. There might still be a chance for David and Patrick’s dreams to come true if they can forgive each other’s mistakes and move forward.


Freya’s Book Brief

The title of this story is soooo inviting – bravo.

The blurb covers the story outline efficiently. Patrick got dumped by his girlfriend (Li Ling) and ended up with his best friend, David. The revelation of a pregnant Li Ling, sends David running to Sydney, and away from, what he is sure will be, heartache, because David is positive Patrick will stick by Li Ling.

This story starts right at the crux of the matter with Li Ling announcing her pregnancy. Then, there is a time-shift to – previously. This is where the reader is introduced to the dynamic between Patrick and David, who fit seamlessly together. After waking up spooning, it’s Patrick that makes advances on a shocked David. Delivering the scene this way made a nice change, as it is often the openly gay guy doing the chasing. So, it appears that Patrick kept some secrets from David, too. As it’s in the blurb that the boys intimately consummate their friendship, it is no surprise that the heat rating is high.

The boys are in their late twenties. David has a superb job (in banking) that pays well, has perks and prospects. Patrick is still trying to find his niche, therefore, believing himself a failure, has issues.

After David does a runner to Sydney, with an opportunistic crisis from work - he participates in the rebound thing. I gotta admit; I was a little disappointed in David for this. Having said that, before returning to Melbourne, he is told a few truths about himself. But telling you what those are would give away spoilers.

Told in the third person, Better With Bacon, is technically good, and is a combination of show and tell – mostly tell. Occasionally, characters are a touch… convenient, but, hey, it’s fiction, and these things happen. The story must move along.

There are fuck ups, apologies, and understanding, with sex occupying a good portion of the plot. One thing this story highlights is that although no one is perfect, there is a perfect partner out there who will be what we want and need.

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