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Until You (At First Sight #3) by TJ Klune

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2l5vjNq
Review –> http://bit.ly/2mnccOO


Sequel to The Queen & the Homo Jock King
Together with their families and friends, Paul Auster and Vincent Taylor request the honor of your company at the celebration of their marriage.
Paul Auster and Vince Taylor just want to have a simple wedding. Really, is that too much to ask?
As the big day approaches, they struggle to keep everything from spiraling out of control. From meddling friends and intrusive family, to a certain drag queen's idea as to what constitutes a normal bachelor party, Paul and Vince have their work cut out for them.


Single Malt by Leyla Reyne

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mxnYmF
Review –>  http://bit.ly/2ls6lUj


Eight months after the car crash that changed everything, FBI agent Aidan Talley is back at work. New department, new case and a new partner. Smart, athletic and handsome, Jameson Walker is twelve years his junior. Even if Aidan was ready to move on—and he's not—Jamie is off-limits. 

Jamie's lusted after Aidan for three years, and the chance to work with San Francisco's top agent directly is too good to pass up. Aidan is prickly—to put it mildly—but a growing cyber threat soon proves Jamie's skills invaluable.  

Jamie's talents paint a target on his back, and Aidan is determined to protect him. But with hack after hack threatening a high-security biocontainment facility, time is running out to thwart a deadly terrorist attack. They'll have to filter out distractions, on the case and in their partnership, to identify the real enemy, solve the case and save thousands of lives, including their own. 

Book one of the Agents Irish and Whiskey series


We Met in Dreams by Rowan McAllister

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2lhoH9G


In Victorian London, during a prolonged and pernicious fog, fantasy and reality are about to collide—at least in one man’s troubled mind.
A childhood fever left Arthur Middleton, Viscount Campden, seeing and hearing things no one else does, afraid of the world outside, and unable to function as a true peer of the realm. To protect him from himself—and to protect others from him—he spends his days heavily medicated and locked in his rooms, and his nights in darkness and solitude, tormented by visions, until a stranger appears.
This apparition is different. Fox says he’s a thief and not an entirely good sort of man, yet he returns night after night to ease Arthur’s loneliness without asking for anything in return. Fox might be the key that sets Arthur free, or he might deliver the final blow to Arthur’s tenuous grasp on sanity. Either way, real or imaginary, Arthur needs him too much to care.
Fox is only one of the many secrets and specters haunting Campden House, and Arthur will have to face them all in order to live the life of his dreams.


Ghost (Sanctuary #9) by RJ Scott

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mnlY3P


Sometimes the only way to stay alive is to shoot first.

Brandon Hoselton was running scared. With his sister’s lives threatened he felt he had nowhere left to go and even considered ending his life to keep them safe. Until Sanctuary, in the shape of the enigmatic Daniel Karnes, gives him a reason to stay alive and offers the possibility of a future free from fear.

Former SEAL Daniel is new to Sanctuary, tasked with watching Brandon, a brilliant geek with a wicked sense of humor. Falling in love with the man is way too easy, now he just has to make sure they can stay together.

Word Count: 44,000


A Betting Man: The Men of Manhattan by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mngohP

Available on Kindle Unlimited


How bad could one harmless bet be? Kent Samson is about to find out. Raised in Alabama, Kent has hidden his past and now loves his life as a big time ad exec for a prestigious advertising company in New York. But when he makes a bet with his best friend, Blaine, Kent is thrown for a loop—for Kent has to make the next person to walk through the door fall in love with him.
Terry Barron is hiding out in New York. Raised in England in a wealthy family, Terry escapes to New York to avoid arranged marriages and the lifestyle he’s grown to hate. When he delivers a package to an advertising firm, he meets the unbelievably sexy Kent Samson. Suddenly, secrets and lies complicate everything and both men find themselves in uncharted waters. How will Terry feel when Kent is revealed as a betting man?


The Libertine by William Holden

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2lrXq5w

Available on Kindle Unlimited


Adam, an assassin for the Dutch Army, has specific instructions to infiltrate the pirate ship The Libertine at any cost and ensure the pirates will be defenseless when the army attacks.
Using his body and his seductive charm, Adam captures the attention of Captain Blair. With the battle of Willemstad days away, and The Libertine's weapon expert suddenly murdered, Adam is placed aboard the ship to assure their arsenal can outlast the Dutch Army.
As the battle draws closer, the Quartermaster Gregor, who has an agenda of his own, befriends Adam. Their friendship quickly develops into something more. Playing a three-way game of fire, Adam has only a few hours to decide what to do. Assassinate the Captain and Gregor and return to the army a hero? Or betray the army for the love of Gregor, a man he doesn’t know and isn’t sure he can trust?


Class Distinctions by Rick R. Reed

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2lNnqKY

Available on Kindle Unlimited


Kyle and Jonathan were perfect for each other, the two halves that, once together, made a whole. And then one snowy night just before Parents’ Weekend on the campus of Hamilton University, Kyle drops a bomb: he’s breaking up with Jonathan.
Follow the couple through the stormy (in more ways than one) night that ensues. Why has Kyle suddenly decided to throw away something so precious and good?
The answers lie in their backgrounds, and will gradually come to light as a winter blizzard rages around the young couple.
Their tortured paths bring them to the covered bridge where their love had sprung to life on a hot summer day. But will the warmth of that memory and the heat of the love they once shared be enough to outclass the storm, and more importantly, bring them back together?


This Fire Inside (Home is a Fire #3) by Jordan Nassar

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2m4cJoB

Available on Kindle Unlimited


Luke Walcott may have finally come out of the closet, but that doesn't mean there aren't shadows still lurking in the corners of his past.
Luke has never been happier now that his relationship with Derek is out in the open and their small Southern town has accepted them for who they are. But in an effort to get away from the commotion that arose after their relationship was revealed, Derek and Luke head to New York City for a well-deserved break. Little do they know that turmoil is waiting for them in those steamy city streets--and it will test the strength of their love.
This Fire Inside is the delightfully entertaining third installment of the Home Is a Fire series and invites readers back into the heartfelt world of Derek, Luke, Uncle Barry, and the Southern charms that shaped them all. Written with wit and warmth, This Fire Inside inspires readers to re-examine their own personal journeys.
As Derek and Luke find themselves redefining who they are together and what they might want apart, both men must fight for their own authentic truths. But through these trials, will their love survive? Will Derek and Luke find their happily ever after?


A Fighter’s Heart by Vanessa Sims

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mxjmx6

Available on Kindle Unlimited


Dominic “The Animal” Bennett
Dom is currently the MMA’s World Heavyweight Champion and is on top of the world. His world is rocked when an ex comes into the picture with a surprise that will change his life forever.
As Dom adjusts to being a fighter and father, he will learn what is important in his life when the chips start to stack against him.
Riley Hall
Riley loved his job at Manny Services until one of his best friends took a client from him behind his back. And to top everything off, his year-long boyfriend decided to call it quits.
Riley confused, and angry decided he will start new, and find his forever family. Riley hits the jackpot when he answers an ad as a live-in nanny for a new father.
Now all he needs to do is stop fantasizing about the father, and he could have his happily ever after.


At The Corner of Rock Bottom & Nowhere by L.A. Witt

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2l5SBT7

Available on Kindle Unlimited


Blackjack dealer and stripper Adrian West has lived in Las Vegas long enough to be numb to beggars on the Strip. Their destitution is a sad, ugly part of reality in a city where people win or lose it all at the tables every single day.
So he’s at a loss to explain why the homeless man in the suit catches his eye. Why he can’t just keep on walking like he always does.
Former advertising executive Max Reynolds is a Las Vegas cliché. After a run of bad luck costs him his boyfriend, his job, and his home, he’s decided to go out with a bang—a week of high-rolling capped off with a peaceful overdose in a luxury hotel room.
When a last second epiphany keeps him from finishing the job, he’s ready to live again… but he doesn’t have a dime to his name. He has nothing.
That is until a stranger takes him in off the street. Max may have hit rock bottom, but now he has a glimmer of hope and an unexpected friendship.
A friendship that just might turn into everything neither man knew he was missing.
This novel is approximately 51,000 words.


Fallen Angel (The Angel of 13th Street Book 2)  by Eden Winters

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mDUfaU


Who can save the rescuer of lost souls?
For ten years ex-rent boy Noah Everett has fought the good fight, offering second chances to those still in the life. Now he’s cracking under the stress. What began as a two-man mission is now going corporate, meaning rules, regulations and inexperienced volunteers needing guidance in a field Noah makes up as he goes along. Who can he turn to when his mentor’s strength is all but gone and his lover is leaving for college—possibly for good?
Four years at State with a full ride scholarship will launch Jeremy Kincaid’s future, but his present includes Noah, Doc, and the closest he’s ever had to a family. And a meth addict who’s become Jeremy’s own personal mission.
An attack sends Noah spinning out of control. Jeremy has to find the way to reach Noah before the man he knows and loves disappears forever.


Black Market Blood (New Canadiana #2) by Francis Gideon

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2l5NMJB


A New Canadiana Novel
In a world where monsters are known to—and despised by—humanity, vampire Chaz Solomon hides in plain sight as a detective on the Toronto police force. But freedom from prejudice does nothing to alleviate his guilt over the lover he betrayed to gain his label of “normal.” He spends his days living a lie and his nights in a brothel, seeking company and black-market blood.
When a serial killer preying on both vampires and sex workers leads Chaz and his department on a twisted chase through New Canadiana’s supernatural underground, one of the brothel employees, Sully, becomes the only person Chaz can trust. There’s much more to Sully than a pretty face, and he’s slowly breaching the walls around Chaz’s heart with his intelligence and kind nature.
But as the body count rises and conspiracies come to light, the past Chaz has been trying to escape comes rushing back. Sully might accept Chaz as a vampire, but will he forgive Chaz’s other deceptions? And what will become of Chaz’s life if his secret is revealed? Before he can worry about a future with Sully, he’ll have to find the vengeful murderer threatening everything he cares about.

Tuesday 28th February


Momo my Everything by Posy Roberts

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mxAwui

Available on Kindle Unlimited


William Harris is a reserved man, private and guarded. He has no one to go home to. He’s never found a man worth sticking around for. He’s never been in love. And he’s convinced he’s happy with his lone-wolf life.
Nate Kelly is William’s opposite, social and easy going. He comes into William’s life as the elegant geisha Momo. When William realizes Momo is a man in drag, he’s captivated.
From their first date, William’s world changes. Nate is nothing like his usual type. And William soon finds out being with this carefree man means always being on display and attracting attention, which makes him want to retreat. He tries to keep Nate at arm’s length, but it’s no use. Nate’s transformed his life in a matter of months and keeps drawing him back in.
If they stand a chance, William has to be comfortable standing next to someone so at home in the limelight. Their future together and William’s happiness depend on it. Is Nate the man finally worth giving up William’s solitary existence? Is he worth sticking around for?
*Extensively reworked from the short story, The Measure of a Man.


Admissible Behaviour by Jenna Byrnes

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2lZX49n


Book two in the Marked Men series

Take one smart, sexy lawyer with tattoos covering his body. Add a macho, handsome Texan with a liquid-gold accent and enough hang-ups to drive a lawyer to commit a crime.

When Alex West told his parents he was gay they said, “Okay. What do you want for supper?” He grew into a happy, well-adjusted man and a sharp-as-a-tack lawyer. He has it all—except someone to call his own. Meeting Kyle Harbor for the first time, lots of thoughts run through his mind. Most of them dirty. Finally, someone sexy and available, and what a catch.

Kyle Harbor grew up with a homophobic father who spent years convincing him what ‘real men’ did and didn’t do. They definitely didn’t fool around with one another, and Kyle got a summer at Bible Camp to convince him. Married for nearly twenty years, he finally decided his beautiful wife deserved better and divorced her. Now he’s looking for love in all the wrong places when he stumbles upon Alex and sparks fly. Can he battle his demons from the past, or is their relationship doomed before it even gets a chance?

New Release 99c/99p

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Beau and the Beast by Kay Simone

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mgwIAD

Available on Kindle Unlimited


Can beauty really tame a beast?
For ten years, former Wall Street executive Wolfram—along with his staff—has been magically imprisoned in his midtown penthouse after his firm pissed off the wrong witch. Now, only one thing can free him from the curse.
Unfortunately, they're not sure what that one thing is.
But mercy for the man with none, he still can be released:
Light can lift his shadowed soul when beauty frees the beast.

When a young reporter named Beau accidentally stumbles into their midst, the staff thinks he might be the answer to the witch's riddle—if only they can convince him to stay.
Beau has his doubts when he’s asked to write the mysterious billionaire’s biography, but he can’t say no to the huge sum of money being offered. Resigned to his fate, Wolfram hates the idea of a stranger intruding in his life.
What neither man expects is the deep connection that forms between them. As they work together, Wolfram and Beau forge a passionate bond that threatens to boil over into something more.
The only problem? Thanks to the curse, Wolfram is a seven-foot-tall monster with eight weeks left to live unless the spell is broken.
Can Beau save a love he’s only just found, or is it too late for one man to set Wolfram free?
Beau and the Beast is a steamy, 135,000-word contemporary gay May-December romance set in the real world with some magical themes and an HEA.



Memories of the Heart by Felice Stevens

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1pwfcpe


Ruthless, Controlling, A Loner. All words used to describe Dr. Micah Steinberg by the hospital staff for their next head of surgery. When a letter arrives from his grandmother’s friend at the assisted living facility, his orderly world tilts dangerously out of control.
Josh Rosen had everything until it was revealed much of his world was a lie. Forced to re-evaluate his life, Josh gives up his career and returns home to New York City to care for his beloved grandmother. What Josh didn’t figure on was an attraction to a man who on the surface, appears to be exactly like the life Josh chose to leave behind.
As Micah struggles with the reality of his grandmother’s illness, the bond these two share deepens, as Josh helps Micah heal, then open his heart. Micah discovers there is more to life than work, control and success. Josh is in deep but has yet to tell Micah who he really is.
When the fight for the hospital’s head of surgery turns ugly, Josh’s past and present collide. Micah must let go of the past and accept who he is, if his life is going to move forward.
Life is full of surprises, and as both Micah and Josh learn, love can happen whether you plan for it or not.

#99c / #99p Reads

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