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Imago by N.R. Walker

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2m1Z818
Review –> http://bit.ly/2lAlvKp

Available on Kindle Unlimited


Nerdy, introverted genius lepidopterist, Lawson Gale, is an expert on butterflies. He finds himself in a small town in Tasmania on a quest from an old professor to find an elusive species that may or may not even exist.
Local Parks and Wildlife officer, Jack Brighton, is an ordinary guy who loves his life in the sleepy town of Scottsdale. Along with his Border collie dog, Rosemary, his job, and good friends, he has enough to keep from being lonely.
But then he meets Lawson, and he knows he’s met someone special. There’s more to catching butterflies, Jack realises. Sometimes the most elusive creatures wear bow ties, and sometimes they can’t be caught at all.
Lawson soon learns there are butterflies he can’t learn about it in books. They exist only in a touch, in a kiss, in a smile. He just has to let go first, so these butterflies can fly.
Imago is the story of finding love, bow ties, and butterflies.


Paint the Stars (Free Fall #3) by Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mfIFmq
Review –> http://bit.ly/2kFmYQk


Ezra Greene has made a pretty decent life for himself. He has a nice apartment and spends his days doing the one thing he’s always loved—creating art. Despite being somewhat of a grumpy recluse, he’s even made a few loyal friends. When he takes a side job painting a mural at a local holistic center, he can’t help being curious about a certain friendly and self-assured yoga instructor, even if he doesn’t buy into any of that Zen crap. His holier-than-thou family already tried fitting him inside a box, and he swore he’d never be molded into anybody’s belief system again.
For Daevonte Randall, adulthood has worked out pretty well. He’s close to his parents and lives with an awesome roommate. He’s content with weekend hookups, teaching yoga, and taking college courses. What he doesn’t expect is to be so intrigued by the brooding and reserved painter he’s been tasked to stay after hours with at the center. Something fascinates him about Ezra, even after Daevonte’s attempts at flirting gets him friend-zoned on the spot.
As weeks pass, Ezra and Dae get to know each other, and soon their friendship catches fire. But Ezra’s been burned pretty badly before so trust and intimacy has to be earned. Daevonte feels up to the task, but it proves difficult as Ezra continues to keep his emotions in check. Dae’s only willing to wait so long, and when they’re dealt a surprising blow, Ezra needs to decide if love is worth the risk, that is…if it’s not too late.

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Dating Ryan Alback by J.E. Birk

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2lEElAc


Ryan Alback has almost everything he’s ever wanted: a successful acting career, a dog who adores him, great family and friends, and a life outside the closet. The only thing missing is a boyfriend—but Ryan’s been burned by Hollywood relationships before, and he’s not eager to try one again.
Jason Santos has almost everything he's ever wanted: a fulfilling career teaching middle school, a house in a city he loves, and parents who support him in every way. Too bad he can't seem to forget the ex-boyfriend who rejected his marriage proposal.
When a talk show host launches a dating contest to find Ryan a boyfriend and Jason accidentally wins, neither of them expect anything to come from it. Yet somewhere between a disastrous massage and a mud sinkhole, they both start to wonder if this date could be more than just a public relations stunt. But before they can move into the future, they'll both have to learn to let go of the past.


Hoofin’ It To The Alter (Law and Supernatural Order #4) by Silvia Violet

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2lF5d31


Book 4 of Law and Supernatural Order
Previous Book: Dinner at Foxy's
Deer shifter Jason Fleetfoot and vampire detective Drew Danvers have been together for a year. When Drew proposes, Jason is thrilled but shocked—vampires aren’t usually the marrying kind, even the few who side with the good guys.
As Jason and Drew fend off well-meaning friends and family, a far more serious problem threatens their union. A killer targeting vampires is on the loose. He effortlessly subdues his undead victims and finishes them off by literally curdling their blood. Drew has no idea what could kill a vampire so easily, and everyone suspects he’s next on the killer’s list. Drew must stop the killer in time for “Dearly Beloved,…” to start his wedding instead of his funeral.


The Cautious Valentine by April Kelley

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2lfBA7n


Anthony ‘Grunge’ Hartmann always wanted a mate, he just never thought his mate would call the cops on him.
Cooper Mahran doesn’t make the same mistake twice, and for that reason, he’s learned to be suspicious of everyone, not trusting them until they’ve earned it. After all, he judged someone wrong before, and he got hurt because of it. Grunge has a lot to prove as far as Cooper’s concerned and he has no problems letting him know just how to do that.


Tropical Depression by BA Tortuga

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2kSrSV5


2nd Edition
Sequel to Rain and Whiskey
Stormy Weather: Book Two
The weather in the Florida swamps is looking a little rocky for retired football player, Galen, his laid-back lover, Shane, and their gator, Vic.
When Galen buys into a football team, promoting and wheeling and dealing are the name of the game. He’s so busy he hardly gets to see Shane anymore, which means a lot of lonely naps on the couch.
Shane is tied up with managing the bar, covering for unreliable bartenders, and serving drinks to good-time party boys. Used to be Galen couldn’t get enough of him. Now he can hardly pry Galen away from the phone, and Shane starts to wonder where he stands in Galen’s life. Will things ever be the way they were?
When Galen starts to forget their dates, the pressure builds, jealousy and hurt swirling into a tropical storm. Galen and Shane need to seek shelter in each other before everything they’ve built is washed away.
First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2006.


Cross my Heart by Catt Ford

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2lfwjNs


Do you believe in love at first sight?
Roland Reynolds—or Lana Renault, as she’s now known—knows that life is no fairy tale. Fortunately she has her trusted friends, nicknamed “the dwarfs,” to keep her company. She lives her life to the fullest while keeping what’s beneath her skirt to herself.
American painter Daniel Hunter is no stranger to adversity either, and it’s left him with not only strength but secrets. Unlike Lana, he remains aloof, content to observe life and beauty from the sidelines… until the first time their eyes meet on a crowded Paris street.
Cupid’s arrow finds its mark in Daniel, but while Lana longs for romance, she knows there’s no prince in her happy ever after. If their story is to have a fairy-tale ending, Daniel will have to convince Lana to let down her walls—and, in the process, reveal what he fears sharing the most.


Piaffe: Dancing Circles Vol #1: (The Legacy of Three by Rhi Etzweiler

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mfQict


Five years after his forced conscription, Eldrenji Sorenne and his insignis, Davyn, are present to witness the Emendati forces receiving Jaedyn Myfala into their ranks. As the squad's medic, it's his responsibility to ensure the already wounded man makes it to the training facility in one piece.
Jaedyn is a disenfranchised orphan with nothing to his name but that--a name, and a stone as smeared with blood as his memories. He's watched his sire die twice in the span of a decade, and he's determined to make someone pay. Ethos and respect have intrinsic value that those around him seem only ready and willing to exploit. Conscription and the consensus that comes with it are all he has left. The prospect of an insignis means he won't be alone; at least there'd be someone watching his back. It's the best he could hope for.
But Jaedyn presents a danger: to himself and Modalynde, his insignis; to Eldrenji and his well hidden secrets; to the forces nearest him, regardless of their prowess or skill. He has vengeance on his mind, a strange amulet resting on his chest, and five kinds of trouble on his heels.
First volume of Dancing Circles, in the Legacy of Three series.
About The Legacy of Three
When the Paen revolted, they toppled mardonken civilization from its pinnacle back into an agrarian struggle for survival. They destroyed all but a remnant of the powerful summa who once served the three races as immortal leaders.
Though generations have passed since the Revolt laid waste to half a continent's ecosystem, left every metropolis in crumbling, skeletal ruins, and extinguished the flame of Aedis Idolon's bloodline, Alea's thirst for summa blood is not yet quenched. In order to find the final three and free the Paen forever from the oppressive rule of those who would control the endless line of ancestral knowledge, Alea must hunt down those mardonken who hold the keys to awakening them.
The mardonken and insigni sworn to guard the legati, the last of the summa, will stop at nothing to ensure their preservation. No cost too great, no sacrifice too large, no wound too deep.


One Last Try by Kari Gregg

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2kFvT4c


When Nox was fourteen, his brother Joth murdered their older brother, their mother, and a human girl. Nox survived, but the attack wrecked his womb. Shattered, Nox rejected the pack who fumbled helping a barren, grief-stricken omega cope. He built a new purpose for himself as a master craftsman. Mating? No thanks. He’s better off alone.
Humans studied Joth in prison until his father’s death ended the weekly visits. Joth demands Nox in their father’s stead in exchange for resuming therapy and tests… thereby risking the destruction of Nox’s carefully ordered world. Again.
The pack drafts alpha fixer Dio to untangle the mess. One sniff of the wary omega convinces him Nox is his mate. New medical treatments offer a slim possibility Nox could bear children, but if the past years taught shifters anything, it is an omega’s value is greater than his fertility. Reconciling Nox with his pack is more important. Laying to rest the ghosts haunting Nox is too. Learning to trust? Vital.
Dio just needs to coax Nox into one last try.
Content Warning: Omega mpreg and fertility themes, dubious consent, shifter knotting, an omega who rejects labels, and a bewildered alpha who wouldn’t have it any other way


The One Who Taught Me Everything by John Harris

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mfRpZN


In The One Who Taught Me Everything, John is a Midwest young man unsure of where his life is taking him. He has a girlfriend he doesn’t love, and he works for his father even though he’d rather be writing. The story is told through John’s own words, taking the form of a diary he begins to keep as his spirit darkens.
That same spirit seems to soar however after he meets Richard, a caring, smart, and good looking gay man who makes John realize he may just be gay himself. He gives in to his true desires, and his relationship with Richard is the backbone of the new man John hopes to be. He goes to college with plans to become a writer, and he and Richard seemed destined for a long and wonderful love.
But things don’t always turn out the way we may hope. Richard doesn’t want to keep their relationship a secret, and John isn’t willing to come out to anyone. And when tragedy strikes, John realizes that a man always has things that are expected of him, even if they’re at odds with the things he wants for himself. Can a great love survive heartbreak and loss? Or will The One Who Taught Me Everything also be the one who got away?
Disclaimer this book is intended to evoke high emotions in those who read it. Very steamy M/M eBook for a mature audience ONLY


Pieces by Shawn Lane

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2kSwTwT

Available on Kindle Unlimited


Patrick Donovan has spent the last three anniversaries of his lover's suicide getting drunk at Josh Stevens' bar. It's at the bar he feels closest to his lover and to the man he has loved since high school, Josh, his dead lover's cousin.
The summer after he graduated high school, Patrick spent one hot night with Josh. When it was over, Josh maintained it was a casual one night-stand, breaking Patrick's heart.
Troubled by Patrick's annual visits to the bar, Josh encourages Patrick to move on from his grief.
After a disastrous near-encounter, Patrick decides maybe he should move on and forget his love for Josh. But Josh changes his mind when Patrick decides to date other men.
After nights of scorching sex, Patrick wonders where he stands once more, but Josh pulls back as he did the summer after high school. Josh doesn't want to be a substitute for the man he believes Patrick still loves.


Submerged by Susan Reeves

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2m5K2ou

Available on Kindle Unlimited


Sometimes, to make it back to shore, you need to take the hand that's offered.
Jared Simpson had his feet swept out from under him, and eventually found himself living on the streets. When Gavin Wells and his daughter come into Jared's life, he's fighting to keep going, struggling to keep swimming towards something that will let him stand tall and steady again.
Gavin Wells is fighting his own battles: in-laws, bureaucracy, and the guilt that overwhelms him every time he closes his eyes to sleep. He now has a new challenge to face: his sexuality. He's attracted to someone for the first time in months, and not only is that person a man, but he's homeless, with the potential to derail Gavin's already complicated life.
But fate has brought these two men together. If they can hold tight to each other, they can weather the storm, and find their way home to become a family.


Step Brothers by Adrianna Vincent

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2m60dBV


To Ian Bradford, love seems unattainable. Women find him irresistible, but he only has eyes for one—his stepbrother, Kurt Ward. Kurt is also a huge hit with the ladies and has spent years chasing and catching many, much to Ian’s dismay.
Knowing Ian’s secret, Kurt enjoys watching his stepbrother, pretending ignorance while witnessing his torture, flaunting his body just to see Ian blush. But despite his womanizing, Kurt also finds love elusive. It isn’t until an unexpected encounter that Kurt starts to think there may be more to his desire to tease Ian than he realized.


Hot Air: A Villainous Love Story by T.J. Land

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2loiCKc

Available on Kindle Unlimted


Bluster is the most incompetent supervillain around. He’s a klutz. He’s forgetful. His schemes never work. He never remembers to plan his escape, which doesn’t matter given that most superheroes don’t even bother sending him to prison anymore. Hardly anyone takes him seriously. That’s why he decided to retire a while ago. It had nothing to do with the fact that his handsome nemesis, Judge Justice, was forced to hand in his superhero license after finally breaking one too many rules. And Bluster’s decision to give up his retirement on the same day Judge Justice gets his license back is purely coincidental.
Judge Justice is the toughest superhero around. He’s edgy. He’s grim. He wears a lot of leather. As far as he’s concerned, supervillains are criminals, nothing more and nothing less. They deserve everything that’s coming to them. Sure, maybe he’s got a reputation for being harsh. So what? His methods work. When you’re dealing with a town full of caped crooks, no amount of force is excessive…except maybe when it comes to Bluster. That guy’s hopeless. It’s not that the Judge has a soft spot for him, but anyone can see that Bluster’s a bigger threat to himself than to the city. Which isn’t to say the Judge isn’t outraged when Bluster come out of retirement the same day he gets his license back. He’s furious. Not even a tiny bit thrilled, because he’s not one of those imbeciles who actually likes his nemesis. He’s a professional. That’s why, when the Judge learns that Bluster’s in danger, he immediately appoints himself his guardian. After all, it’s a hero’s duty to protect the weak.
Bluster, however, has other ideas…
M/M, standalone

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A Touch of Rain by Mel Bossa

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2l1u0e7

Available on Kindle Unlimited


Tristan used to be top salesman at his firm, but when his friends suffered a tragedy, he stepped in to support them. Their ordeal over, Tristan turned to partying to ease his new solitude. Now his job is at risk and he stands to lose his home.
Rain spent years putting up with his husband Milo's bad behavior before moving out. Single again and insecure, Rain dreams of creating a marionette show to celebrate kids on the autism spectrum in honor of his son. When Rain meets his neighbor Tristan, he's drawn to Tristan's sex-appeal and protective nature.
But Milo keeps pulling on Rain's strings and messing with his head.
Tristan loves everything about Rain, including the strange sandwiches, mismatched socks, crazy marionettes, glitter makeup, and messy apartment. And Rain wants to give Tristan everything, but can he cut lose from Milo's hold?


Conjunction by Merryn Dexter

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2m1PLPb


Once a pirate, always a pirate?
Cullen Rex, former space-pirate is now Head of Security on the transporter – Medusa. The captain of the Medusa will move anything (and anyone) if the price is right. Their latest mission is to deliver a passenger to the blighted planet of Elexon in time for the Conjunction.
Once a prince, always a prince?
Exiled ten years previously, Mycel Laast has hired one of the toughest crews in the nearby galaxy to get him home to Elexon. The Conjunction approaches, a time of myth and wonder for his people, and he longs to witness this once-in-a-decade event. At least that is what the crew of the Medusa believe…
The best kind of trouble
Getting involved with a stuck-up royal is the last thing Cullen wants, but it’s lust at first sight and their new passenger goes out of his way to make his interest clear.
What starts as a fling soon grows serious, but a relationship built on a foundation of secrets and constructed from lies is no relationship at all. Can Mycel trust his brutal, beautiful lover with the desperate truth about his mission home?


Find Me (Rent Me #5) by Brina Brady

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2lg6zjV


Dmitri and Brennen have been happily married for five years, raising their five year-old daughter. Brennen practices law and mob-free Dmitri works with his brother Mischa at their night club. Dmitri enrolls into some BDSM workshops with Master Ethan as his mentor.
An order from an old drug lord friend disrupts their lives. Brennen worries about Dmitri’s life, his law career, and the safety of Dominika. Antonio Cortez’s request takes them to Germany to fulfill Dmitri’s last obligation to his gangster friend.
Once they arrive in Germany, Dmitri plans to spend time with his husband in the evenings. During the day he and Mischa do Antonio’s bidding. Everything changes when an unexpected event rips their family apart.
Brennen meets many challenges as he tries to deal with his new responsibilities. To make matters more complicated, Dmitri's ex-wife Nika sues for custody of their daughter.

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Unzipping 7D by J.C. Long

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2l1kdog


Jordan Price is used to the boring wait in airports, given that he practically lives on business trips. He's all set for this to be more of the same, until he meets a self-described power bottom on Unzipped—a guy who happens to be in the same airport. It seems like a perfectly good way to kill time until his flight, but soon Jordan realizes that Heath, his newfound friend on Unzipped, will be taking the same flight, and the wheels in his head get spinning. Jordan is determined to test Heath's bottoming skills himself, and if he has his way, the flight will be anything but boring.


College Discipline by Caitlin Ricci

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2m5OSSC


Four stories of sex, romance, and college boys learning to kneel.
Hitachi is a police officer reduced to being a glorified babysitter for a rich man’s son. He resents his assignment, but Gabriel isn’t the brat Hitachi believes he is. He’s a man who likes pain, and who wants Hitachi to let loose with him too.
Leo fantasizes about having sex with a complete stranger, but when he gets his chance it isn’t nearly as wonderful as he imagined it to be. His dad’s boss tries to teach him a lesson about making stupid choices, but his education in submission doesn’t end there.
Jensen is horrible at math, and now he’s in a calculus class that he’s barely getting through. His parents get him a tutor, but this tutor is interested in teaching Jensen about far more than just math.
Timothy comes back home, to a tiny town he can’t stand, when his mother’s illness gets worse. He’s made a string of bad decisions, and his mother’s friend is determined to turn his life around before Timothy gets lost entirely.



Fool’s Gold by Sarah Madison

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2mgjdgr


Eight years ago, Jake Stanford had it all: a spot on the U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team and the love of his life, Rich Evans. A tragic accident wipes out everything in the blink of an eye. Hard work and sacrifice get him another shot at Olympic Gold, but only if he puts his past behind him and agrees to work with Rich again.
Bound by secrets he cannot share, Rich was forced to give up Jake eight years ago. Now he has a second chance to help Jake realize his dreams. But the secrets that drove them apart haven’t changed, and Rich must face them or risk losing Jake forever.

#99c / #99p Reads

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