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Lisa’s Hotpick

Gone for You by Riley Hart

GONE-FOR-YOU-1600x2400 (2)[3]Rating: 4.5 Stars

Lisa’s Review

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Oliver Hayes wears his heart on his sleeve, and his friends never let him forget it. Every Friday night spent at Wild Side, their favorite West Hollywood bar, Oliver’s lack of hookups becomes the hot topic. It’s not that he doesn’t want a good time. He just wants it to mean something, which is a lofty goal when he’s still pining after his childhood crush, Matt, who left ten years ago to start a new life in New York City.
Matt Daniels has always felt most at home seated at a piano. He might not have entirely fit in with his family and friends, but he was always able to find himself in music. Or at least he did before he gave up his dream a lifetime ago. Now, he has a successful modeling career and should be enjoying every second of it. Yet nothing feels right, and Matt fears he’s losing himself.

Just when Oliver decides to get over Matt for good, Matt waltzes back into LA. As Matt struggles to understand what he’s missing in his seemingly perfect life, he falls right back into leaning on Oliver for support. Things aren’t what they used to be between them, though. They tumble into bed together, and it’s hard not to continue ending up there. For the first time in years, Matt’s inspired to compose again, reigniting a spark he thought long extinguished.

But as always, Oliver can’t keep his heart in check, and soon Matt realizes he’s gone for Oliver too. The biggest question is, can he fully give himself to someone if he still hasn’t figured out how to love himself?

Lisa: Gone for You is a contemporary new adult MM romance and also book one in Riley Hart’s newest series entitled Wild Side. I have read books by this author before and was very excited to see how this newest creation would turn out. There was never any doubt that I would end up loving this one. This author certainly has what it takes to pen a seriously awesome MM romance. A tale about two young men who find their way to one another.

Gone for You is a beautifully written book that will certainly touch your heart. I highly recommend this read for all lovers of MM romance. I am definitely looking forward to more books in this series!


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Debra’s Hotpick

Reunited (A Rescued Hearts Novel) by Felice Stevens

Reunited-400x600-13Rating: 4.5 Stars

Debra’s Review

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Ryder Daniels and Jason Mallory seem to have it all but even the most loving marriage takes work. Ryder's past leads him to remain silent yet resentful in the face of conflict while Jason strives to prove he can take care of his family without Ryder's wealth, even if it costs him precious time with his husband and daughter.

When a devastating illness leaves them shaken and helpless, Ryder is forced to face the one person he never thought to see again with a life or death request that even he isn't sure will be granted, but his decisions have far-reaching consequences. Believing he and Ryder have no secrets, Jason is distraught to discover otherwise, revealing yet another crack in their once-perfect relationship.

Adrift and uncertain, both struggle to hold onto a love previously thought unshakeable. A forbidden past is exposed, shocking Ryder to the core, but it means little without Jason by his side. Marriage is a partnership and both men must learn that only by working through their pain and heartbreak together can they achieve a lifetime of love.

Debra: It’s not often that the second book in a series grips me more than the first, but Felice Stevens succeeded with Reunited, the continuation of Ryder and Jason’s story from Rescued. When a medical crisis arises, Ryder and Jason band together stronger than ever, but there are other things that threaten the stability of their relationship.  It’s clear how much the men love each other, but issues that had previously been pushed aside are magnified now, including Ryder’s fear of abandonment and Jason’s desire to give Ryder and their daughter a secure life even if that means spending less and less time with them.

I was completely drawn in and fell for these characters even more. It was an emotional story about dealing with the real struggles that a long term couple can face as they settle into a routine. Jason and Ryder are as sexy together as ever and their love is strong and I enjoyed every bit of their continuing story.


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 Freya’s Hotpick

Broadway Babe by J.C. Long

broadway babe[3]Rating: 5 Stars

Freya’s Review

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Tate O’Connor has worked hard to realize his dream of dancing on Broadway, and it’s about to pay off with a premier in his first show. He doesn’t expect the distraction of sharing the stage with his celebrity crush: Broadway superstar Mike Chang. Drama ensues both onstage and off as Tate and Mike work closely and realize there could be something between them. However, there are those who don’t think an up-and-coming dancer is good enough for someone with Mike’s talent and fame, and rumors and misunderstandings might lead to broken hearts if Tate and Mike can’t work through their confusion and insecurity.

Freya: Tate and Mike, a Broadway dancer and Star to lover’s story with a bunch of insecurity thrown in.

There were many excellent books to read this month. So, why did I pick this? Because it took me on a time-warp back to my teenage years of leg warmers and prancing around my living room yelling “FAME I wanna live forever.”

Broadway Babe isn’t a long story, but I loved every word of it.

Written in the first person, it was a joy to read about the theatre, the joy of getting through auditions, rehearsals, the bitchiness, opening night, and love.

While the heat rating isn’t high, the story doesn’t need it. This is one of those tales where less is more. There’s emotional anguish and miscommunication aplenty without throwing in any extras.

This is a must for the musical guru and for those who, even after all these years, remember leg warmers with great affection.


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Jane’s Hot Pick

Switched by N.R.Walker

switched[3]Rating: 5 Stars

Jane’s Review

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Israel Ingham’s life has never been easy. He grew up in a house devoid of love and warmth. Nothing he ever did was good enough. The fact Israel is gay just added to the long list of his father’s disappointments.
Then a letter from Eastport Children’s Hospital changes everything.

A discovery is made, one of gross human error. Twenty-six years ago two baby boys were switched at birth and sent home with the wrong families.

Sam, Israel’s best friend, has been his only source of love and support. With Sam beside him every step of the way, Israel decides to meet his birth mother and her son, the man who lived the life Israel should have.

Israel and Sam become closer than ever, amidst the tumultuous emotions of meeting his birth family, and Sam finds himself questioning his feelings toward his best friend. As Israel embraces new possibilities, he needs to dissect his painful relationship with his parents in order to salvage what’s left.
Because sometimes it takes proof you’re not actually family to become one.

Jane: Switched at birth is an intriguing concept yet this book is way more than just this. It is a tale of best friends realising they’re in love and navigating from friendship to becoming lovers. It is also about family in all of its many guises. Israel Ingham has always felt emotional detachment from his parents and this is compounded when he finds out he was switched at birth. He turns first and foremost to his best friend Sam to help him. Sam is one of my favourite characters ever. I just adored him from the outset. He cares so deeply for Israel, always there for him. Throughout the story we get to see just how much he loves Israel and I just adored their relationship. As with most N.R.Walker books I was left with a very happy heart. Totally recommend this 5* read!


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Sue’s Hot Pick

Watching and Wanting (Housemates #4)

by Jay Northcote

watchingandwanting[3]Rating: 5 Stars

Lisa’s Review

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Watching Jude's cam show stirs desires Shawn's always denied...

Shawn is adrift. Recently graduated, he's stuck in a dead-end job that barely pays the bills. His girlfriend dumped him, his friends have moved on, and he's still in Plymouth--going nowhere.

Jude is a student living in the same shared house. Out and proud, he's everything Shawn's been running from since he hit puberty. When Shawn discovers Jude works as a cam boy, he can't resist the urge to watch one of his shows. It makes Shawn want things that scare him, yet his fascination forces him to confront his attraction to Jude.

Keen to explore his bicurious side, Shawn suggests they do a show together. Jude agrees, and things get complicated--and kinky--fast. But Jude isn't looking to get involved with someone so deep in the closet. If Shawn's going to get what he wants, he needs to find the courage to stop hiding from himself and be honest about who he is.

Although this book is part of the Housemates series, it has new main characters, a satisfying happy ending, and can be read as a standalone.

Sue: This has been a very enjoyable series with four hot and dirty storylines. Each book can be read as standalones, but it’s great to get a feel for the various main characters that pop up in this story as housemates by reading the previous stories. And it’s definitely worth going back to check up on Shawn again if you’ve already read them all! No wonder he was always grumpy! He’s certainly different in this story and now we find out why.

Much of Watching and Wanting  takes place in the house (and bedroom) these guys share. The focus is on Shawn and Jude this time and we are given both points of view as they fall for each other and share some sizzling scenes together—on and off the camera—with a little bondage and domination mixed in. These are some of Jay’s hottest to date and with an added edge to them. Shawn eagerly lets Jude guide him in the joys of man on man sex, along with plenty of dirty talk and exhibitionism. Phew!

I liked how the tension built around Shawn’s denial and gradual self-awareness of his sexuality and the need to keep their relationship secret. Both characters are endearing as they try to work out if, and how, they can be together outside of the bedroom. Although I thought Jude became a little too pushy too soon for Shawn with regard to coming out as bi. I could appreciate how Shawn was torn and felt fearful. I always like the angsty times, but they didn’t go on for too long here.

I also liked that previous characters were involved—Mac and Jez especially, plus Dev and Ewan—not only to see how their relationships have developed, but also for their interaction with Shawn and Jude and the humour they add to the story.

The story flowed effortlessly and kept my attention throughout. All scenes and dialogue are there for a reason and nothing felt superfluous. The ending works well and is HFN. I hope we revisit this pair in the next instalment.


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  1. I would choose Switched or Gone For You. I have loved everything I've read by N.R. Walker and Riley Hart.

  2. Broadway Babe sounds good to me. I'm always in the lookout for new authors and I've never read anything by J.C before so I'm intrigued now

  3. I would enjoy Reunited by Felicia Steven's as this is the only one I don't have yet.

  4. Switched by N.R.Walker. I have read all of the others!

  5. Broadway Babe by C. J. Long! A new-to-me author. I've read 'Switched' already and it was fabulous!

  6. It would be hard to chose just one book out of this group, they all sound good!

  7. I would pick Watching and Wanting because I recently listened to the first in the series and really enjoyed it so would like more

  8. I think I would pick Gone for You by Riley Hart. It sounds like a good book. They all sound like good books.

  9. Gone for You by Riley Hart because I love Riley's books and this one sounds fantastic.

  10. I'm torn between GONE FOR YOU and WATCHING AND WANTING!


  11. omg..i have read all of them and loved them

  12. They all look good but I think I'll pick Reunited: A Rescued Hearts.

  13. Thanks for the picks to look over. I'd go for Switched - I liked the premise and Jane's comment about how it even goes beyond that. - Purple Reader
    - TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

  14. I would love Reunited (A Rescued Hearts Novel) please.

  15. My choice would be Broadway Babe by JC Long.

  16. I think maybe Reunited or Gone For You. :-)

  17. Gone For You or Switched. I like friends to lovers and both are now going on my to-read list!


  18. Maybe Broadway Babe by J.C. Long...

  19. Watching and wanting or gone for you