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Review: The Love Song by Kay Simone

the love songTitle ~ The Love Song

Author ~ Kay Simone

Published ~ 5th December 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





How can you trust a second chance with the love of your life?
Casey has never met anyone like Grant: smart, mysterious, and utterly alone.
Grant walks through Casey’s life like a ghost, showing up in the middle of their senior year with no explanation, no history, and no interest in knowing anyone. Casey has plenty of friends, supportive parents to pay for college, and a solid future ahead of him. It should be easy to ignore a new outcast on campus.
But try as he might, Casey is drawn to Grant—and the more he learns, the more he wants to learn.
How do you go back to being strangers with someone who has seen your soul?
Grant left a broken life behind him in Georgia. When his mom moves them to Middle-of-Nowhere, Nebraska, he wants a fresh start, setting his sights on a future when he’ll be done with school, helping his mom make ends meet, and able to forget all of his mistakes.
The last thing he needs is someone getting in the way of that—someone feeling sorry for him. So why can’t he bring himself to stay away from Casey Dunne?
I don’t want us to be strangers again.
When circumstances tear them apart, it seems unlikely that they’ll ever be reunited. But when their paths do cross again, against all odds, their positions are reversed.
Casey doesn’t believe that Grant will recognize—or want—the person he’s become since high school.
Grant doesn’t know if he can give Casey the life he deserved all along… But he’s damned well going to try.
The Love Song is a steamy and emotional standalone romance with second chance themes, hurt/comfort, and a happy ending.


Jane’s Review

This is a second chance at love story which I thoroughly enjoyed. It is long, in a good way, and emotional and I felt like the main protagonists really drew me into their world and I lived the journey with them. I couldn’t put it down, desperate to see what was going to happen to these guys.

Grant Adams shows up half way through senior year of high school and is immediately noticed as he punches someone on his first day. Casey Dunne is drawn to Grant as he realises in their joint English class that Grant shares his love of literature and poetry in particular. The poetry is an ongoing theme of the book and I felt that it really enriched the story. The poems and quotes used throughout and especially at the beginning of new chapters, really lent a feel as to where we were in the lives of these characters. In particular the poetry of T.S. Eliot and Philip Levine, (although please note you don’t have to know anything about poetry or even like it to enjoy this book).

Casey feels like Grant is a bit of an enigma, he doesn’t seem to have any friends or eat in the cafeteria, he’s never dressed appropriately for the weather and rides his bike for miles. All of these things lead to Casey following Grant around trying to make friends with him. As they work on a joint poetry project, they do develop a friendship of sorts which does develop further. However, for Casey it seems like with Grant it is two steps forward and one step back. Grant is continually withdrawing and this just makes Casey more curious about Grant’s situation. When he sees what Grant’s home life is like he tries to help him. Casey lives a very comfortable life with loving parents and he sees that Grant’s mother is always working and Grant is alone a lot and takes on a very adult role in his household, shopping, cooking, cleaning, making sure the bills get paid etc. When Casey reaches out to help again, Grant withdraws further and Casey resolves to leave him alone.

When a snowstorm blows the power out, Grant finally reaches out to Casey for help and they re-establish their relationship. This is one of my favourite parts of the book. The emotion described is exquisite and I loved Grant getting to see how other families live and opening up about his past in Georgia to Casey. The boys resolve to keep things going but an unfortunate incidence brings things to a crashing halt. With circumstances beyond their control, they disappear out of each other’s lives for the next decade. Cue heartbreak for them and me.

Fast forward ten years and we have the roles reversed. Casey is now at a place in his life with his self confidence at an all time low and not trusting himself in anything but his job. He is shattered. They meet at their school reunion with Grant attending with the express intention of seeing Casey. He has become financially very successful, but still has a Casey shaped hole in his life and wants to see if they can pick things up again. This time it’s Casey and his insecurities that lead to his constant withdrawl from Grant and it takes some work from both of them to allow Casey to trust again. I loved that they were both at a time in their lives that they could try to be with one another again and there are some very poignant moments and memories here. Second chance at love stories always seem to really touch me.

I loved Casey and Grant and their journey. Their character development was very naturalistic and the writing is beautiful and heartfelt. I love this author’s style and the fact that so many literary references are peppered throughout the book. A really beautiful love story.

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Meet Kay Simone

kay simone

Kay Simone is 31 and lives in Florida where she blogs, podcasts, and writes full time. In her past lives, Kay was editor in chief of a newspaper, managing editor of a lit mag, a librarian, a website voodoo expert, and a cupcake baker.

In 2014/15, she accidentally wrote a romance novel in her spare time (along with more short erotica than she’d care to acknowledge), which gained her a small but lovely readership.

After months of insomnia, countless bottles of whiskey, and much encouragement from readers, Simone made the plunge into the world of publishing short, erotic ebooks in December 2015 under the pen name “Kay Decker.” For more about these stories, visit

In April, she launched a separate pen name, Kay Simone, for long-format fiction.



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