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Featured Guest Author: Lovesick by Marina Ford. Includes Guest Post.


We are thrilled to welcome debut author Marina Ford to Sinfully today as she celebrates the release of her first book Lovesick, due for release tomorrow 20th January. Go check it out!


Leo’s New Year Resolutions

My main character, Leo, a neurotic university lecturer, starts his journal on the 10th January. What is missing from the book is the list of New Year’s resolutions he made just a few days before that. Enjoy!

1. Will delete Facebook account. It’s about time really. I’m almost thirty, and therefore technically an adult. I don’t remember the last time I looked in on that tool of Satan and came out of the experience enriched by any information that wasn’t either a) depressing or b) irritating.

2. Will be more in tune with reality. So, right, everything that happened, regarding Jack and all that – it happened because I live in my head rather than among real people. Truth is, Jack’s with someone, and I’m not. Yeah, it sucks, but it is what it is, and I can’t change that by imagining that he’s just kidding himself with that engagement. I’m the one who’s kidding himself, really. But no more.

3. Will be nicer. Let’s face it, I’m not the kindest person anybody’s ever going to meet. I’m the foot-in-mouth guy who says the wrong thing at the wrong time, and who finds that nothing is as he imagined it to be. But I can be better. I can be nicer. I can be a happier, more optimistic person. Rub Jack’s face in it. Okay, that was catty. I didn’t mean that. I’m totally zen.

4. Will look for new place to live. Should have done this some time ago. The block of flats I’m staying in right now is a bit of a dump. Maybe I should change jobs too. I always wanted to move to Brighton. Maybe I should do that. Live at the sea. I would miss my friends though. And where I live now – there’s a park right opposite, where I can walk my dog, and I live next to Daria, who’s always willing to dog sit. Plus, it’s cheap, for London. Okay, who am I kidding, I probably won’t move, because I’m lazy.

5. Will be less lazy. There, that’s something I can work on. I could start training, or running or something. At the very least I could learn to cook – something that involves more than the accurate location of the microwave button. One way or another, I could make more of an effort to live less like a fifteen year old who’d been left home alone by his parents. Plus, if I do want a boyfriend, cooking would help. Nobody’s ever seduced anybody with stale microwave pizza.

6. Will drink less. Maybe limit myself to once a week. Or one drink per evening. Or two drinks. A three drink maximum, I can do that. If I have between one and four drinks, once or twice a week, my liver will thank me for it. Maybe it’s not about drinking but about getting drunk? I could drink as much as I want so long as I can still behave myself. Once or twice a week.

7. Will call my parents more often. That’s something people are supposed to do, right? I always end up feeling worse afterwards though, but then that will be good training for resolution number 3. And if that fails there’s always resolution 6 to fall back on.

8. Will publish more. I could be better about getting published. My current process of submitting articles to journals, however, starts with me looking like the kid from Phantom Menace and ends with me looking like Yoda. I don’t know how others do it. Maybe I should harness the power of my PhD students, and get them to do the bulk of the work for me. Not exactly ethical, I suppose, but then look at resolution number 2. This is the real world, and if I’m ever going to get my parents off my back and be able to honour resolution number 3 I’ve got to start somewhere. Resolution number 6 will bite me in the arse this year, I can feel it already.

9. Will get a boyfriend. Yes. Someone tall and handsome and intimidating, whom I can parade in front of Jack and all those bastards who send me pitying looks around the department every time Jack’s fiancĂ©e is mentioned. He’ll be a Harvard professor who looks like Jon Hamm or Gerard Butler. He’ll be clever and funny, and we’ll go to movie festivals together, and discuss politics over breakfast. That’s if we ever have time to do any of that, on account of how busy we’ll be with all the sex we’ll be having.

Must get laid.


Lovesick by Marina Ford

LovesickFS_v1Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press 

Published ~ 20th January 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



Friday, 23 January

The cat funeral.

Yeah, that happened today. I went and participated in—aided and abetted?—a cat funeral.

London life is tough on idealists. In an ideal world, after years of flirtation, Leo would be cosily settled down with Jack, his long-time crush. In an ideal world, Jack wouldn’t now be engaged to a woman. And in an ideal world, Leo would move on.

When handsome new neighbour Alex moves in opposite Leo, an opportunity to do so presents itself. But Alex is probably straight, working class, and poorer than Leo. While Jack’s engagement unravels, and Leo’s friendship with Alex deepens, will Leo manage to find happiness with the right man? Or will he succumb to his enemies: self-doubt, family expectations, and pride? 

Told in diary form, this is both the story of a love triangle in London and the chronicle of a man’s struggles to confront his self-image and overcome his insecurity.

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Meet Marina Ford

Marina Ford is a thirty-year-old book addict, who would, if permitted, spend all of her time in bookstores, libraries, or in her own bed with stacks and stacks of books. Luckily, she has a husband and a dog who force her to interact with humans of planet Earth from time to time. In fact, she so enjoyed falling in love with her husband that she can’t resist evoking those same feelings in the love stories she creates in her head. She does not believe in love at first sight— but she does believe in Happy Ever After, though it must be earned. She likes her stories to be light and frothy, since real life can be miserable enough without making up more of it in fiction. She lives in England, loves rain (gives one an excuse to stay at home and read books, right?), long walks (when it doesn’t rain), history, love stories, classical literature, pulpy literature, Jane Austen, languages, and dogs. It is her dream to one day possess an enormous country house in which each room is a library (okay, maybe except for the kitchen), and in which there are more dogs than people. A smaller and perhaps more realistic dream of hers is to make people smile with the things she writes.

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