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Book Brief: Ghostly Investigations by Edward Kendrick

ghostly investigationsTitle ~ Ghostly Investigations

Author ~ Edward Kendrick

Publisher ~ JMS Books

Published ~ 7th January 2017

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance, Mystery





Jon Watts heard stories about ghosts but never believed in them ... until he becomes one. Now, if he wants to move on, he has to solve his own murder.
At least he'll have help from three new friends: Brody, an undercover cop who was killed five years earlier by an unknown assailant; Sage, a medium who can see and speak with ghosts; and Mike, the detective investigating Jon's murder, who doesn’t know ghosts exist until Sage convinces him otherwise.
Will the four men solve both Brody’s and Jon’s murders? The possible attraction between Mike and Sage only complicates things. Or are Jon and Brody doomed to remain ghosts forever?


Freya’s Book Brief

The story starts at a murder scene. It immediately grabbed my attention.

In life, Jon was a waiter. On his way home, he is murdered and soon finds himself looking upon his body from the sidelines. He is joined there, by Brody who has been a ghost for five years. In life Brody was a detective – fortunate huh. Together they set about solving Jon’s homicide.

Initially, Jon doesn’t remember much about his life or death, but, the longer he’s a ghost, the facts slowly come back to him. Through the assistance of Sage (a medium), they assist Mike (the living detective) in his pursuit of justice. It turns out there’s more than one murder to solve.

From the start, this story had a nice tone to it. The words easily flowed with all the scenes happening naturally, and no forced jumps in the plot. I especially liked the combination of light, ironic dead banter and serious detective work. The more Jon and Brody are together, the more they become a ghostly unit. It’s the same with Mike and Sage. Though the focus stays on the investigation – budding romance is secondary to the main plot.

The case itself progresses, delivering some drama along with good old fashioned detective work and some other-worldly twists.

Ghostly Investigations has a delightful charm to it. I liked the idea of human/ghost team solving crimes. The scenario opens a world of possibilities, both serious and amusing.

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