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Review: Love Struck by Alex Pietsch

love struckTitle ~ Love Struck

Author ~ Alex Pietsch

Published ~ 27th November 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, New Adult





Chase is used to fighting to survive. Dante is used to fighting in the ring. When a chance meeting brings them together can these two fight their attraction?
Chase is homeless, hungry, and just about broke. While trying to think of a way off the streets he’s attacked by a mugger and things turn ugly fast.
Dante is rich, fit, and dead set on boxing his way to being the next champion. While out for a run he happens to see Chase and can’t help but step in to protect him.
Sparks immediately fly between these two and over time they can’t help but admit their attraction to each other.
But Chase never wanted to fall in love, just wanted some fun while he made enough money to get out of town.
And Dante swore he'd never let himself get distracted from his goal of being champ.
Things only get more complicated - and more steamy - the longer they’re together.
If you like steamy gay romances with lots of emotion and a hint of sports, you’ll love the sweet and sexy journey these two characters go through!


Cheryl’s Review

This book was a bit of a departure for me as I don’t usually read sport oriented books. However, it’s the second sport book I’ve read recently, the first being Luchador by Erin Finnegan, which I also enjoyed very much. In the period of a few weeks I’ve learned a lot about luchador wrestling and boxing.

I think men will enjoy this book as much as women because I think the boxing is equal to, if not more important than the love.

There were a few little editing errors, especially at the beginning, and in Chapter 4 Dante somehow knew Chase was a virgin without ever being told. A bit of an assumption, I thought.

The relationship between Dante and Chase is a slow build, and in the meantime we learn a fair bit about boxing and running a gym, which was definitely not a bad thing. It’s more than I expected, but I’m not complaining. They’re so intense, each in their own way, and proud, too which does not go in their favour.

One thing that made me grind my teeth, and it is something that I have noticed in so, so many books I’ve read lately so Alex is definitely not in the minority, was the misuse of the lay/lie rule. It is incorrect to say “we laid on the bed” or “I went to lay down.” I really wish more people knew that.

Apart from those few things this is a good read, with plenty of surprises, lots of action and a nice sprinkling of intense sex. I liked that the fight was relayed through Chase’s eyes. He knew nothing about boxing, and neither did I. I think it would have been too intense and technical if we had it from Dante’s point of view.

The Happy Ever After was so much the sweeter because they had to work hard for it.

I would recommend this books to any fans of romance with slightly more meat. No fluffy bunnies here. I’m not sure if it would appeal to boxing fans or not because I have no idea if the technical stuff is right and frankly I don’t care. It was a cracking good read and that’s all I care about.

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