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Review: Coming Home Again by Scott Roche

coming home againTitle ~ Coming Home Again

Author ~ Scott Roche

Published ~ 31st August 2016

Genre ~ Science Fiction M/M Romance





Captain Maximillian Blair had always hoped to discover there was life on other planets. His job at one of the government's most secure research facilities put him in the position to learn the truth, one way or another. When he met a stranger from the stars, he didn't expect to be charged with discovering the man's secrets at any cost. Or to fall in love. How deadly would the truth prove to be? And can his love be the world's salvation or will it be its damnation?


Freya’s Review

A little foray into the world of Sci-Fi extra-terrestrial romance here. The year is 2018, and Captain Blair has been assigned the mission of finding out everything possible about a man who arrived on a flying saucer. Only, his patient is no regular ET; Captain Rogers claims he was abducted from Earth in 1948.

This story is an encounter of the short kind that I’d have preferred to be longer. I liked the characters, and I’m all for moving along a plot. However, given the subject matter, I feel a little more could have been made of some areas that would have given the story increased depth and feeling. In the future, if this story were expanded, I’d be interested in reading it again.

There is an immediate attraction between Blair and Rogers that doesn’t take long to flourish. Unfortunately, the authorities want information and, if Blair can’t get it, they are prepared to move Rogers somewhere else. The threat pushes up timetables and forces Rogers to react to stop a possible war and get people to the negotiating table.

Coming Home Again is told in the third person, in the present tense. There’s the odd occasion where some descriptions are on the cusp of being editorially frowned upon. Editors regularly advocate, unless preceded by something like, as if with a mind of their own, parts of the body should not be seen to be working independently, e.g.,

Blair tilted his head down and pressed his lips to Rogers’ – Correct

Rogers’ hand slid down Blair’s back and around his waist – mmmm – Even told in the third person this would have been better as – Rogers slid his hand down Blair’s back and around his waist.

The gun blared once and it felt like someone ripped Blair’s leg off – confused POV. Would be better as – The gun blared once and Blair sank to the floor in agony, feeling as though someone had ripped his leg off.

Given the length of this story, it is nigh impossible to have anything but an overview of events and brief scenes that move the story along. That aspect is accomplished well. The main characters are delightful, and there is a background element of establishment secrecy. Therefore, if you are a person who is looking for a little something sci-fi that you can read quickly, Coming Home Again fits the bill.

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