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Review: The Adrift Collection by T.J. Land


Title: The Adrift Collection

Author: T.J. Land

Publisher: Ninestar Press

Release: 14th November 2016

Genre: M/M (science-fiction)


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The Captain’s Men

The Prayer and her crew have been lost in space for four years. Thomas is lonely and homesick; Zachery is angry and mutinous; Rick is just terrified. And all of them are really in need of some hands-on time with their captain.

The only thing holding them together is their captain, whose methods are unconventional but extremely effective. But now the captain has a choice to make: do they continue their fruitless search for a way home or try to start a new life in this strange galaxy?

The Captain’s Encounter

The captain’s luck is finally changing. They’ve found an inhabitable planet to land on. The whole crew—and his lovers—are happy to set foot on terra firma again. But the fertile landscape hides a secret. When the captain finds himself abducted by an alien life form, he’s got limited time to get back to his crew before they succumb to infighting. Only the alien is so very attractive…

The Captain’s Calamity

Having welcomed an alien into his crew and his bed, the captain has more than enough to worry about without the looming threat of a birthday he’d rather forget.

When his ship develops a catastrophic malfunction and crash lands, he and his men follow Rux to an abandoned city in search of replacement parts, one disaster follows another. Worse yet, Zachery, is developing a crush on the one member of the crew he really shouldn’t…

The Captain’s Promise

Now that the crew of The Prayer have settled down on an alien world, their captain intends for them to forge a new life for themselves. But his plans are interrupted when the ship receives a distress call from a nearby planet. While most of his lovers are excited, First Officer Antoine argues that responding might endanger the crew. As it turns out, his fears are well placed…


Freya’s Review

This Adrift Collection is a series of four linked short novellas’. It’s time to venture into the world of Syfy space travel where libido is the number one storyline.

The Captain’s Men

Prolonged time in space made the most pleasurable of tasks, seem mundane. In fact it takes four years before wrist action becomes boring and the gentlemen aboard The Prayer look to each other. The Captain’s men, as a title, means more when you take it in the literal sense. It’s about the men the Captain takes to his bed.

As for the captain, he is sarcastic, stern, damned good looking, Arabian and has one hell of a sexual appetite. He and his crew, while in the middle of a battle, were transported to a remote part of the universe. Adrift, the team, believed them all screwed. One by one many are.

In this short, I was introduced to the ways in which the men became ‘the captain’s.’ Someone gets lucky; someone gets into a row, one a fight, etc. The scenes are entertaining, and there is an abundance of sexual activity but no Full Monty – there’s the build-up, then it skips to the cigarette moment. This section is all about what spurred the sex, not the sex itself.

The Captain is like the proverbial bumblebee, flitting from flower to flower to get what he needs, occasionally playing with the whole flowerbed. The libido of the captain made me wonder if he’d have sex with a cabbage, if it were the right shape.

The Captain’s Encounter

In the second of the collection, sex remains the prime storyline and the descriptive content increases. However, the captain has secrets that only Antoine, his second in command (and verbal sparring partner), knows. Some of those secrets are revealed when the crew lands on a planet as close to earth’s atmosphere as they’re going to get.

The captain meets an alien – at least alien to a human. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised seduction was the name of the game. The term, First encounter, took on a whole new meaning. Meanwhile, The Captain’s men decide they want to be each other’s men too and engage in activities decided hotter than those in part one, The Captain’s Men.

One thing I smiled at more than anything was the great banter. I am somewhat partial to sarcastic dialogue.

The Captain’s Calamity

Part three almost has more plot than sex - almost. The crew is put in danger, and there is action, not all the sexual kind. Although, no matter the situation copulation of one form or another isn’t far away. Even when danger is afoot, there’s time for nookie. In this installment, the crew encounters a shape-shifting building which has looked after itself for hundreds of years. Also, more of the captain’s secrets are revealed.

The Captain’s Promise

Part four is my favorite of the whole collection. The story has more plot than the others and I felt more for the characters. The last installment sees the crew venture off-planet to answer a distress call. While there, they discover things that not only set them on edge but have them making decisions about their long-term future. Sex, of course, isn’t far away, but its frequency is reduced, and its meaningfulness escalated. It is the coming together of the crew as a family.

Overall, the Adrift Collection is page to page sex with a touch of plot thrown in. After reading the first two in the series, I did wonder if there was anything other than sex to the plot. Stories three and four saved my brains from the onslaught. There is no way that I can say I didn’t enjoy it because I did. Technically, it is well written. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a good romp. In this case, close to 156 pages of it. There’s even a little BDSM thrown in for good measure. I couldn’t help caring for the characters, of which there is a good range of personas. But, emotionally, I didn’t get that much of a workout. I found the Adrift collection to be a fun, fluffy space frolic, and if that’s the itch you’re looking to scratch, this is just the ticket.

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  1. My favourite Sci-fi seires is not M/M, it is the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. I found it fascinating and really engaging. As for M/M, I really like the Claimings series by Lyn Gala

  2. Not really a SCI FI fan but i loved Star Wars (movies)

  3. I really got into Keegan's NARC series. It was when I first began reading gay genres, and I was thrilled to see gay SF, and I subsequently read most of Keegan's historicals, etc. An SF series I read recently that rivals this is Ahsanuddin's Interscission Project series.
    Purple Reader - TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

  4. I honestly don't watch/read a lot of SyFy; it's a genre that it's low on my priority totem pole. BUT I've been following the SyFy series Killjoys -- because bounty hunter in space plus Luke MacFarlane!

  5. I'm not well-versed in sci-fi, but Aidee Ladnier's KLOCKWERK KRAKEN series is quite good.


  6. I'm not much into SyFy... Especially in books!
    I did watch the TV series Sliders and Stargate SG1, because I liked the alternate universes.

  7. Has to be "Star Trek" in all it various off shoots Voyager, Deep Space 9. In books "Hellgate" series by Mel Keegan

  8. I haven't read too many sci-fi series yet however I loved Lyn Gala's Claimings!

  9. I would have to say that mine is Start Trek.

  10. I'm not much of a sci fi person and don't have a favorite sci fi series. l did read and love Downtime by Tamara Allen, though, my first time travel story. It started out slowly for me but the writing, romance, plot, and intrigue turned it in to a very memorable read.

  11. OMgoodness, I like so many. Kind of a toss up between Star Trek the Next Generation and Farscape, two totally different types of SciFi shows. Next Generation because it blew the original series out of the water yet kept a similar feeling, Farscape is visually stunning with crazy plot lines.