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Release Day Review: Murder Once Seen (The Oddities) by J.T. Hall

murder once seenTitle ~ Murder Once Seen (The Oddities)

Author ~ J.T. Hall

Publisher ~ Riptide Publishing

Published ~ 12th December 2016

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance, Thriller, BDSM





In the city of Nis, things often aren’t what they seem.

Derwin is a bounty hunter gifted with the Oddity of superhuman strength and agility—perfect for hunting down fugitives and demons who roam the streets. One killed his boyfriend two years ago, and Derwin won’t stop until he finds out who. Police suspect it was someone he sent to prison, but he can’t shake the idea that they’re missing something.

Elliot is a rentboy who’s been living on the streets since his parents disowned him. He mistrusts everyone and, given his uncontrolled ability to Read Objects and a client list that includes a major gang boss, despairs of ever having a normal life.

Derwin and Elliot meet in a storm of lust. Derwin’s Oddity is fed by the pain of others, but he only wants what’s freely given. Elliot loves pain, but needs safety and a way off the streets before he can allow it. They may be able to solve each other’s problems . . . if they can survive long enough to work together.


Freya’s Review

Derwin is a bounty hunter with superhuman strength and agility. Elliot is a distrusting rent boy from the streets with an ability to get memories from objects and has an interesting client list. They meet in a storm of lust and what follows is a tale of murder, love, and drama.

Murder Once Seen starts in the city of Nis with Derwin chasing a criminal. He receives a text from his lover, Grady, to come home. Derwin does as asked, only to find Grady dead. After that, Derwin is out for revenge. The timeline then jumps two years.

This story has a Blade Runner (1982 movie starring Harrison Ford) type feel about, only instead of pursuing replicants our hero has a talent for chasing criminals with ‘oddities.'  Murder Once Seen contains demons, and monsters where the monsters don’t always have tails, horns or superpowers. There are corporate and thug style monsters, too. As already pointed out, Derwin has superpowers, and Elliot reads objects. If that’s not enough, being gay on top of having an oddity means, in some places, you are socially fucked.

Derwin and Elliot are two leading men whose character types I’ve not encountered before. Their sexual appetites are primal, and both are into BDSM with a masochist element. But, where both have needs, one has trust/safety issues. On some occasions, sex rules and there is a high heat content, both in frequency and detail. When they meet, it doesn’t take long for them to realize that Elliot’s abilities are the key to solving the cold case of Grady’s murder. But, would love follow. You’ll have to read to find out.

Told in the third person, this story is well written and edited, consistent with all stories emerging from Riptide. The characters are primal in their urges and intelligent in many of their actions. MOS has all the elements of an excellent story. I loved the parts where perps were caught, as I am a fan of mixing action and emotion. There was also mystery, adventure, drama, angst, a touch of gruesome, drug lords, murder, attempted murder and the essential one lot of shitty parents, one of good.

Yet, there was something that I didn’t connect to that stopped my heart jumping and getting vested in the characters. Maybe it was the violence. I’m not a prude when it comes to viciousness – certain scenes require it. Perhaps, it was the harmful scenes that were written as erotic and enjoyable. Reading this I’ve discovered masochistic eroticism isn’t my bag. But, if it’s anyone else’s out there – have at it and enjoy. In fact, if all those elements appeal, then this will be one hell of a read.

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Meet J.T. Hall

J.T. Hall was a strong voice in fanfiction and moderated one of the largest slash rpg games online for over three years. J.T. has been an active member in Phoenix’s local BDSM scene for over ten years, as well as the LGBT community, and has had work appearances in Excite’s erotic fiction anthologies. Among the themes you’ll find are BDSM, Domination/submission, gay and lesbian fiction, paranormal erotica, and group orgies. There are few kinks J.T. won’t touch!



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