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Book Brief: Soldier of Fortune by S.J. Frost


Title: Soldier of Fortune

Author: S.J. Frost

Release: 25th November 2016

Publisher: MLR Press

Genre: M/M (contemporary)


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Conrad Dane is a mercenary of many talents, but Lucas Hartman brings out his softer side, reminding him of good in the world, and to protect him, Conrad's willing to use all his skills, including his most deadly.

Mercenary. Gun for hire. Soldier of fortune. That's Conrad Dane. Maybe he hasn't always done things the right way in his life, but that doesn't mean he's a bad guy. And sometimes, it takes doing the wrong thing, to get the right results. These days, he's backing out of the underworld, taking more jobs in the open in personal protection. He's contracted to protect a rising politician and gets more than he expected. Not from bad guys, but from the politician's son, Lucas.

Lucas likes the good guys, both in his favorite comic book superheroes and the men he forges relationships with. Conrad isn't the kind of man he goes for, but that's not stopping Lucas from being drawn to him, wanting to be closer to him.

Conrad and Lucas can't deny their attraction toward each other. When someone targeting Lucas's father pulls Lucas into danger as well, Conrad will do whatever it takes to keep Lucas safe.


Freya’s Book Brief

A bodyguard story. Protect the father, love the son. Mmm, delicious.

With his son, Lucas at his side, Arthur is campaigning to enter the Senate on an idealistic ticket. He’s marketing - care, world peace, green living and honor thy neighbor. He also lives what he preaches. After an assassination attempt Conrad in brought in to protect the father and by extension his son. Neither Lucas or Conrad expected the contract to take a twist of affection.

I was so engrossed, reading, that I rarely made notes. Hence the short review. Arthur is the kind but not so squeaky clean dad. Lucas is the idealistic son that has his eyes opened. But, for me, Conrad stole the show. He’s confident, tough, straight-talking, cynical and sarcastic. I loved him. There is plenty of smart, amusing dialogue too. I laughed aloud at his analogy of Golf as “playing fetch with yourself,” awesome. There are more better one than that, but I’d end up giving the plot away.

Upon hearing the character outlines, I imagined certain scenes and I wasn’t disappointed. Even better was the non-existence of any of the phrases that make me squirm and act like something out of Alien.

There is a connection between the boys. Lucas is the Yin to Conrad’s Yang, and there is emotional upheaval when Lucas say’s something, making Conrad distance himself – returning to bodyguard mode and wondering if their worlds could ever meet in the middle. On top of that is the drama of the investigation, bodyguard mode, and imminent second bite at the assassination attempt.

Soldier Of Fortune is an excellent action/drama story with a heat rating that made me need a cold shower.

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Meet S.J. Frost

SJandJake_01Storytelling has always been a part of my life. Even before I knew how to put a pen to paper, I would make up stories to tell myself as a child. I’ve dabbled in different genres, but gay erotic romance is where my heart’s at. My stories are focused on the love, passion, and romance two men can have for each other. As I say on my homepage, I’m a strong believer in love and equality. I believe no one should ever be scorned, abused, or discriminated again for something that’s natural and true to who they are.

As for my non-writing self, I’m the mother to the world’s most loving and beautiful little boy. He’s a child with special needs, he has Down Syndrome, and with him showing me the way, I’ve learned how beautiful the world can be. I’m also a horsewoman and animal lover, and am blessed to share my life with some very special pets.

Thank you to everyone who has taken their time to learn a little more about me and my work!


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