Friday, November 11, 2016

Release Day Review: Unshakeable by Beau Bishop

unshakeableTitle ~ Unshakeable

Author ~ Beau Bishop

Publisher ~ LoveLight Press

Published ~ 11th November 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





When Archer Hughes came back from serving his country, he didn't come back quite like he went in. The pain and trauma he saw all around him gave him scars that only few chose to see.
Shane Dixon knows about the pain and trauma of returning veterans. He runs a soup kitchen to help them in their time of need.
But when Archer and Shane meet and find themselves in a makeshift friendship, they fall for one another much deeper than either of them suspect. Can Shane help Archer overcome his flashbacks? Can Archer show Shane an honest love that he's never had before?
By the final page in their story, they'll both realize that despite what life deals them, they are unshakeable.


Freya’s Review

In the Soup Kitchen, Shane is determined to get to know Archer and make him feel at ease. He is unshakeable in that mission. Unfortunately, Shane’s efforts make Archer more reluctant to engage in conversation. They are almost at opposite ends of the interactive social scale.

Archer has PTSD and is trying to rebuild his life. To that end, he decides that he can give a little. Once the walls come down Shane and Archer, come to rely on one another. When Archer discovers Shane is gay, it changes his perception of the man. Archer had always considered himself straight, yet he can’t deny how comfortable he feels around Shane.

Unshakeable is a sweet story of an ex-military man needing help. It’s a storyline I found endearing and it was lovely to see the comfort people find when others care.

However, occasionally, I found it difficult to tell who is talking, and some of the conversations/plots seemed forced. What I mean by that is that although there is an initial natural strain in the relationship between Shane and Archer - some of the scenes aren’t what I would call naturally occurring, it’s deliberate, contrived, not off the cuff – it’s like the author is forcing the issues rather than the characters develop on their own. Does that make sense? There are also a few jumps in the story where one must assume an action or time has lapsed.

It’s these small things that make me often shy away from self-published stories, favoring those from a publisher. The extra set of new eyes from a good editor often identifies and smooths out blind spots filled by the author’s extensive knowledge of the scene.

There isn’t a big cast, but they range from the sugary good to people having flashbacks and in genuine need of help.

I felt for Archer. The guy is suffering. But, when you are down, and there is someone that has the personality of a large cup of sugar, you don’t always want to let them in, yet inside you know that meeting them half way would be a good thing. All the same, I liked the fact that Archer doesn’t let Shane railroad him into doing things he doesn’t want to do.

Shane comes into his own when Archer has flashbacks and panic attacks. That’s when I realized that Shane is good to the core. What develops between then is built on trust and friendship first.

At the start of this story the boys are the 007 Martini, shaken, sometimes stirred and requiring the occasional cherry. Between, there is a portion of second guessing, flight or fight, a vindaloo (hot) moment or two, and some whiplash scenes with WTF moments. Then again I know that when a person is depressed, there are such times when actions are not explainable. It’s what I’d call, unpredictably predictable. In your heart, you know what’s going to happen, but it doesn’t necessarily occur in the way you think.

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Meet Beau Bishop

Beau Bishop has always enjoyed men; tall men, short men, thick men, thin men. It's in the way that they move, the way that they command a room, and the way they capture you completely with a glance.
He lives in a small southern town with a variety of small dogs with large appetites.
While he's just getting used to the whole "author" tag, he does love interacting with fans and readers.
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